Quit our jobs, sold our home, riding around the world!!!

We decide to take another rest day to explore Obama. Because it's raining once again. :(

Not fog. The city is shrouded in steam on this cold spring day.

It's like the entire place is sitting upon a lid covering a cauldron of boiling water. Steam escapes through vents and short chimney stacks set right on the sidewalk. It even seems like it billows out through open windows in the buildings around us. All of it hangs heavy in the air around us, indistinguishable from fog.

It all feels so... volatile...

All the businesses here make good use of this geothermal activity. Here we walk by restaurants using it to steam cook their food.

We find a nice seafood restaurant. Kind of ironic with all this geothermally cooked food everywhere, we're opting for sushi. So goooood!!!

After lunch, we continue walking through the steamy city. More vendors, keeping their food warm by geothermal heat

We head down to the shore, to Obama Marine Park. So funny seeing Obama everywhere,
it almost seems like they are milking the relationship to the US President

I just found out that in front of Obama Onsen, there is a mannequin of Barack Obama welcoming visitors in. Totally milking it!

At Obama Marine Park, we stumble upon a long roofed structure...

It's a 105 meter long foot bath called... Hot Foot 105 - of course! There's a little stand where you can rent a bucket and a towel

The geothermally-heated water is piped in from the ground and it feels super hot when you first dip your feet in. But on this cold spring day, it takes no time at all before you get acclimatized to the heat, which then radiates up through your entire body making you feel warm and cozy all over!

Haha! What a way to spend a cold rainy day outside! We didn't want to leave!
Back in our hotel room, Neda chows down on a cup of noodle soup while reading her Kindle. This is our go-to quick-prep meal here in Japan. My personal favorite is the Big Curry Noodle Cup - I'm addicted to it! Everytime we stop for the evening, we make a pit-stop at the konbini and pick up a couple of noodle soups for dinner. Cheap and delicious!

The theme for this blog post is "Steam", like on Neda's glasses! :)


Senior Billi
That's awesome! :-D Hot Foot 105
I suppose they all have geothermal hot water and heating, like those places in Iceland.
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The fog has turned to rain as we pack our stuff onto the bikes to leave Oabama-cho. We could stay another day, but the clock is ticking on our motorcycle rentals and we're only half-way through our travels across Japan.

Neda surveys the light drizzle from the shelter of our warm and dry hotel :(

Our route today will take us out of Nagasaki Prefecture, north to the neighbouring Saga Prefecture. Due to the rain and fog, there aren't many pictures of our wet ride up.

In just over an hour, we arrive in the town of Kashima. And cherry blossoms are everywhere!!! :)