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Dear all I am planning a solo trip to Rajasthan sometimes in December 1st half. I am thinking to cover Delhi-Udaipur (by train) although Udaipur will be just the beginning point of the region and from there, by bus to nathdwara, kumbhalgarh, Ranakpur. Itineray in my mind is
Day 0- Night train from delhi to udaipur.
Day 1- reach morning udaipur and then head to Nathdwara. Check in to the hotel and then cover the area, night stay there. (All travel by bus or hired bike, if possible).
Day 2- Nathdwara to kumbhalgarh fort, visit the fort and then head to Ranakpur, check in to the hotel and then night stay there. (All travel by bus or hired bike).
Day 3- Full day at Ranakpur, leave in the afternoon for Udaipur. (travel by bus or hired bike). In the night, catch train back to delhi.
Day 4- Reach Delhi in the morning.

Now would it be easy to find budget hotels in Ranakpur and nathdwara. The distances I found on Google map is-1. udaipur to Nathdwara-46 kms. 2. Nathdwara-Kumbhalgarh-Ranakpur-85kms. 3. Ranakpur to udaipur-94 km. Looking forward for some help...:):)
Hired Scooty / bullet from Udaipur to Kumbhalgarh Fort & Haldi Ghati of Hill Area !
Cost is more for outer area.

Check tyre of 2 wheeler, if it is round type like zapper tyres then it is difficult to speed more than 40 km on cemented roads of highway. Tarred road have no such issues.

You can go to Kumbhalgarh, Haldighati & Nathdwara.

Udaipur Travel Vlog | Udaipur to Haldighati | Haldighati Trip Ep 02 | Road Trips from Udaipur

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Jan 12, 2021

Hello Everyone, Welcome to Intelligent TRAVEL Talk In this Udaipur Travel Vlog we have covered Road Trip to Haldighati. Friends recently we went on a trip to Udaipur for 2 days and Here's the vlog about everything we did there. We have also Provided all the necessary information regarding Udaipur Travel during Covid.

GPS shows Haldighati and Kumbhalgarh both but go first to Haldighati


Check perfumes also on Haldighati Road :

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कुम्भलगढ़ से रणकपुर शॉर्ट-कट रास्ता, कच्चा ड्राईवर न जाये इस रोड पर❌ || Rankpur by Road

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Sep 27, 2019

कुम्भलगढ़ से रणकपुर शॉर्ट-कट रास्ता, कच्चा ड्राईवर न जाये इस रोड पर❌ || kumbhalgarh to Rankpur by Shortcut Road || Most Dangerous Road

Rankpur Jain temple ke bare me to aap sab jante hi honge, jain Dharm ko manne walo ka thirth hai ye sath hi parytan ki drashti se bhi Rajasthan or India ka mahtvpurn temple hai. Agar apko jana hai Rankpur mandir or apke pas time kam hai to hi aap is raste par jaye . Video mai bataya gya rasta mewad or marwad ko jodta hai , Aravali ki pahadiyon ke bich me bani yah sadak behad khatarnak hai.
रणकपुर जैन मन्दिर आस्था ओर पर्यटन की द्रष्टि से बहुत ही महत्वपूर्ण स्थान है हर वर्ष लाखो पर्यटक ओर श्रधालु इस मन्दिर को देखने आते है। यहां रणकपुर मन्दिर को देखने विदेशी भी बहुत बडी संख्या मे आते है । इस मन्दिर की वास्तुकला बहुत ही अद्भूत हे । अगर आपको भी यह मन्दिर देखेना ओर आप उदयपुर से आने वाले है तो आप इस रोड को चुन सकते है । कुम्भलगढ़ से रणकपुर का यह शार्टकट रास्ता बहुत ही खतरनाक है, इस रोड पर जानकर ड्राइवर की ड्राइविंग करे। ओर रात्रि के समय इस शार्टकट से दूर ही रहे।
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Kumbhalgharh Fort Rajasthan | Udaipur Travel Vlog Ep 03 | Udaipur to Kumbhalgarh Fort

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Jan 15, 2021

Hello Everyone,
Welcome to Intelligent TRAVEL Talk I
n this Udaipur Travel Vlog we have covered Road Trip to Kumbhalgarh Fort Rajasthan. Friends recently we went on a trip to Udaipur for 2 days and Here's the vlog about everything we did there. We have also Provided all the necessary information regarding Udaipur Travel during Covid.
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Ep 6 Udaipur to Kumbhalgarh | Nathdwara | Haldighati | Eklingji Temple | Rajasthan Tourism


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Nov 6, 2022

After exploring Udaipur city for three days we started for Kumbhalgarh. Route that we followed was ;Ekling ji then Sahastra bahu temple, followed by Shree Nathdwara then we went to Haldighati and finally reached Kumbhalgarh in the night.

Date of this journey: 30th Aug 2022.

We hired a taxi from Udaipur for this journey drive name Bhanu , contact number +91 82097 66315

We paid Rs 5000 per day for the vehicle - Innova.

Below is the brief description of activities we did during this day.

Eklingji Temple - It is an ancient temple located 20 km from Udaipur, dedicated to Lord shiva.

Sastra Bahu Temple - 11th Century temple’s architecture is so beautiful, There is no Deity in the temple, located at distance of 2 km from Ekling ji.

Shri Nathdwara Temple - Check out darshan timings before you visit this place, so you can plan your visit time to this famous temple of Lord Krishna.

Swasthik alpahar - We had breakfast from a nearby temple - Rs 25 for 100 gms Moong dal vada.

Purushottam Bhai Dudh Jalebi Vala - This is a 120 year old shop, serving several sweets, we had Rabdi Malpua, Hot Milk - 30 per glass, Jalebi - Rs 20 for 50 gms.

Chetak Restaurant - This restaurant is adjacent to Haldighati Museum, we had rajasthani thali - Rs 210 limited quantity thali.

Haldighati Museum - Ticket - Rs 120 per person. You will get to see learn about what happened during the Haldighati war and some key information about Maharana Pratap life.

Maharana Pratap memorial - 10 min walking distance from the museum, located on hill top.

Chetak Samadhi - memorial built in memory of Chetak famous horse of Maharana Pratap.

Haldighati Darra - This is basically the ghat section, Where maharana pratap army restricted the mughals army to go forward.

Rakt Talai - This is where the actual Battle of Haldighati was fought.

In the next episode you will see the Kumbhalgarh Fort.

We have another new channel by the name Harish Bali Travels, you may also check that out through below link, it has some of the videos of Udaipur which were shot during the tour.

Hope you are enjoying watching video of our Udaipur tour, just in caes if you have missed watching this series from starting, you may check out episode 1 of Chittorgarh , so you don’t miss on continuity.
Every Indian Must Visit This Place - Battle of Haldighati | Maharana Pratap | Udaipur

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Feb 4, 2022

In this video we will take you all to Eklingji Temple, Maharana Pratap Museum, Chetak Smarak and Haldighati. This video is going to all about the Great Mewar King Maharana Pratap who sow the seeds of Freedom Fighting in India from foreign Invaders. Watch full video to know all the details and if you respect this great warrior do like the video and share it with as many people as you can.
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I would suggest him to explore nathdwara on day 1 then head to kumbhalgarh for night stay (nothing much to explore in nathdwara except Shrinath ji temple)... explore Kumbhalgarh on day 2 and the head to Ranakpur for stay, explore ranakpur on day 3 then return to udaipur for catching train....

I had only three days in my hand with no proper destination or purpose in mind, I would explore only udaipur, may be with kumbhalgarh...nothing else

since in dec days will shorter so travelling after sunset on hired bike may also be a problem.

A BCMTian from Rajasthan
Best Offbeat Places In Udaipur | Explore Natural Beauty & Villages


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Jun 22, 2022

Here are the best offbeat places in Udaipur if you wish to explore real natural beauty and local villages of Udaipur.