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Recently when I visited Guwahati railway station to ship my bike back to Trivandrum , I realized that if I had some known contact in Guwahati railway station things would have been simpler and more relaxing. And its always better to know that you can trust someone based on previous experience when compared to paying money to a total stranger.

In Guwahati railway station I met a guy who helped me & my friend in getting our bike shipped in correct train even though we were not present when the train arrived , having flown back by air.

This thread is designed so that based on our ( all BCM members) experience , we can share information and contact numbers of such people so that its relaxing for other members who has to undergo such ordeals

Requesting moderators to keep the main page updated based on inputs by other members

Documents Required

Copy of your Insurance & RC book
Letter of authority if the bike is in someone else name

Railway Parcel office contact list


Contact name : Ramesh
Mobile : 9706379679

Comment : Was pretty helpful, he used to call us and give us update on status of our bikes including confirmation of dispatch even before us calling him. He must have done his job well because our bikes reached Trivandrum without any major damage. Negotiate on money part properly. We paid Rs 1500/- As his service charge including packaging cost. ( we paid additional Rs 300/- for the railway babus to this guy)

Ps: requesting other members to share similar contact from all over India


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For Delhi!

I met an Agent named ]Nazir Ph. No. 08459524027. You got to go to the Ajmeri Gate terminal to find him. He normally sits just outside the Metro Exit on the right side as you enter.


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Thanks Vivek Bhai for the Help.
Arrey mention not Sirji.. its always a pleasure to help even in the smallest way. Ill try to go to the Howrah station and get numbers of a couple of agents too. I hope it will be helpful to someone who's using Howrah as a junction to transport their bikes.


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Lokmanya Tilak Terminus (LTT)
Ashok Gupta

I had visited LTT a couple of days ago to inquire about transportation to NJP (for my Bhutan Ride :)), I have no first hand experience with him. I'll be transporting my bike on 25th Oct and will share my experience later.
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