Rain-marred Rambling in Eastern Arunachal - Hunli, Namdapha, Parashuram Kund, Nampong


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Day 5 continued : The Kamlang river and Wakro

As we were disheartened a little bit not being able to see the peaks any more, we came to the bridge over the Kamlang river. The beautiful river forced to stop the car.




Then we moved past the sleepy town Wakro.


Wakro is also the orange capital of Arunachal, although the season was over and we could not find any orange on the trees.


subhankar paul

And miles to go before I sleep
Amazing photos
Beautiful story.
Thanks Mousourik for sharing the gem .

Started only today after almost a month as I was mostly outstation in this period.

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Even I am surprised about photography restrictions in the Golden Pagoda (I went in October, 2017) and found the people to be quite chilled out. Waiting eagerly for the next part.