Raipur - Lucknow Road conditions


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Dear members, it will be my first post on this wonderful forum.
First of all thanks to everyone for keeping BCMtouring one of the most informative platform for us travellers.

So it happens that I will be traveling to Lucknow from Raipur on August 1st week.
I looked into Google Maps and it's showing me couple of routes as follow
A. Raipur-Bilaspur-Amarkantak-Shahdol-Rewa-Prayagraj(Allahabad)-Raebariely-Lucknow
B. Raipur-Chilphi-Bichiya-Shahpura-Umaria-Chandia-Barhi-Maihar-Satna-Chitrakoot-Raebariely-Lucknow
C. Raipur- Bilaspur- Shahdol- Maihar-Nagod- Naraini-Atarra- Fatehpur-Lalganj-Bachrawan-Lucknow

I would request the respected members to please share their thoughts on the above mentioned road conditions. Even if it's an information about a section of the route it would be really helpful.
Looking forward your support.
My preference would be a good road surface anyday over a short route.


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I would advise Raipur-Bhandara-Nagpur bypass-Seoni-Lakhnadon-Narsinghpur-Sagar-Jhansi-Orai-Kanpur-Lucknow. Majority of the roads are in super 4 lane condition barring a brief patch between MP/MH border near Pench NP. Night halt can either in Pench NP/Seoni/Narsinghpur or Sagar depending upon your speed.
@suyash_tripathi Sir I can't thank you enough for the quick reply and thank you again for your valuable input. I will follow this route for sure and definitely I would love to put a travelogue for the same very soon.
Happy motoring

P.S. @adsatinder Thanks to you gentleman.