Rajasthan 2006


Hi guys

check out the pics from my last weekend ride to Rajasthan...had to cut short the the ride for a range of reasons...this is what we finally achieved


Day 1. Dec. 23 - Delhi - Jaipur - KishanGarh - Jodhpur - 625 Kms.

Day 2. Dec. 24 - Jodhpur - Osiyan - Phalodi - Pokhran - Jaisalmer - Sam, 350 Kms

Day 3, Dec. 25 - Sam - Jaisalmer - Phalodi - Nagaur - Pushkar - Jaipur, 639 Kms

Day 4. Dec. 26 - Jaipur - Delhi, 310 Kms

Trip Log Coming Soon....


Master of the OT Universe
Dont know what to say - Fod Ditta, or Disappointed :)

Rocking all the same. Should've taken the bharatpur route to ensure you complete 2000km :)


never quite thought about that...neways...there would be more days and more trip to notch up the nos... ;-)

Yogesh Sarkar

Just went through the photos (connection issues for the past few days), fantastic ones especially the antelope ones.

Got a message from Bhuwan, he had visited Dwarka and Bhent Dwarka and today he would be finishing his trip