Rajasthan travel in Dec 2020

Hello BCMTians

Am planning a Jaisalmer vacation in Dec 2020, but with the recent Covid news from Rajasthan and night curfews, am developing cold feet. Can any BCMTians living or travelling via Jaipur, Jodhpur, Ajmer, Jaisalmer etc. comment on the conditions there. Would it be ok to travel in these times and are the hotels, restaurants and cultural places open?
All places are not open.
Night curfew is also there.
I was in Jaipur on Sunday.
Didn't try to venture out.
As heard, hotels were also strict about Govt Rules, Covid Guidelines etc.
Better avoid this winter in such strictness.
Go to nearby places only where same day return is possible.
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BCMTians are going to Rajasthan.
Only Night Curfew areas are restricted.
Small cities are open.

Covid has its own tills.
New Corona Virus in London may develop some strict rules to prevent spreading in India too.
Check News regularly.
Plan A, B, C D


Plan H also.
Plan H is
Home Custody !