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Hello All,
I am planning to do Rajasthan circuit in November with a tentative plan as below:
-Route via Gurgaon-Bikaner-Jaisalmer-Jodhpur-Jaipur-Gurgaon
-Travelling by Vitara Breeza with wife and kid (20 months old)
-Tentative dates and Itinerary (18 Nov till 23 Nov)
Day From To Distance (KMs) Time (Hours) Via
1 Gurgaon Bikaner 417 8 Jhajjar-Dadri-Loharu-Jhunjhunu-Fatehpur- Ratangarh
2 Bikaner Jaisalmer 321 5.28 Kolayat-MadasarNachna-Mohangarh
331 5.13 Kolayat-Kanji ki sird-Phalodi-Pokhran- Chandan
3 Jaisalmer Sam 40 40 mins Kanoi
3 Sam Jaisalmer 40 40 mins Kanoi
4 Jaisalmer Jodhpur 283 4.24 Pokhran-Dechu-Baori-Keru
5 Jodhpur Jaipur 336 5.44 Piparcity-Merta-Dodiyana-Roopgarh-Bagru
6 Jaipur Gurgaon 233 3.44 Kotputli-Behror

Seeking experts suggestions on above plan, if that is OK or require any amandements.
I have done the above route 6 years back when I traveled with one of my friend.
Any pointers to good hotels in Bikaner, Jaisalmer, Sam, Jodhpur and Jaipur would be helpful to me.

Nitin Saini


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1. Gurgaon - Bikaner: Gurgaon - Jaipur - Bikaner Much better road.
2. Bikaner - Jaisalmer: Bikaner - Kolayat - Phalodi - Pokhran - Jaisalmer. Stick to NH 15 but construction work is still going on.
3. Jaisalmer - Jodhpur: Jaisalmer - Pokhran - Dechu - Jodhpur. Jaisalmer - Pokhran is bad. Pokhran bypass to Jodhpur is very good.
4. Jodhpur - Jaipur: Jodhpur - Barr - Beawar - Ajmer - Jaipur
5. Jaipur - Gurgaon: NH - 8

Bikaner doesn't have much to offer. You can head to desert for camel, jeep safari near raisar village. It's 20 km before bikaner on Jaipur - Bikaner highway.
You can also try Bikaner to Maruthi. Maruthi is last BSF post on INDO-PAK Border. But road is in very bad condition.

Hotels (just suggestion):
1. Bikaner: Narendra Bhawan,
2. Jaisalmer: too many options. Gulal, Fifu,
3. Sam has mostly camps. You can also try khudi, much better than sam.
3. Jodhpur: Marugarh (outside city but good), ratan vilas, raas haveli


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Hi Nitin. Hope you had a great trip. I am planning same trip in Jan. Could you please share the hotel details and recommend Sam stay options. Also how were the road conditions.

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Nitin Saini

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Hello Sir,
Apologies for late reply here, Yes I had a great trip altogether, below are hotels lists in which we stayed:
Bikaner: Hotel Bhairon Vilas (good as far as Bikaner is concerned) one night stay
Jaisalmer: Hotel Fifu (not recommended for family stay, it has small rooms, though hospitality is good)
Instead, I recommend to stay in Sam in the Golden Sand Resort (Ph: 97784846296, 9414327470, 9057540454), we had a stop by there, enjoyed evening cultural program, had a chance to look their rooms, they are good, ample space and nothing less than a 3 start stay. Very good hospitality.
They charged 350 per head which includes snacks, dinner, cultural progam which is good enough.
Jodhpur: Hotal Amargarh resort (Average, could explore more options in Jodhpur, as it was 8 KM away from city center)
Jaipur: Hotel park prime (good in terms of services, rooms are having less space)

Now for roads part, the route I took is below:
Day 1: Gurgaon-->Kotputli-->Neem ka thana-->Sikar-->Bikaner
From Kotputli till Sikar the strech was patchy, rest all good.

Day 2: Bikaner-->Jaisalmer
Road is good, some midway constructions is going on, so you may find bad patch for 3-4 kms (3,4 times approx)

Day 3: Jaisalmer-->Sam
Good road condition

Day 4: Jaisalmer-->Jodhpur
Good road condition

Day 5: Jodhpur-->Jaipur
Good road condition

Day 6: Jaipur-->Gurgaon

Let me know if any further information is required.