Ramadhan Special 2017 | Mohammed Ali Road | Khau Galli


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The best part of being an Indian is the diversity this country offers. And the next amazing thing is its diversity in food which makes this country heaven for foodies like me
:). Eid of 2017 was no different. Aur bhai Mumbai ki Eid hai tho Mohammed Ali Road tho banta hai na bacchii
:p. Please do watch my experience on one of Mumbai’s delicious Kau Galli (Street Food) during this amazing festival Ramzan. Cheers !!!

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Mohammed Ali Road come to live during Ramzan! The Khau Galli at Mohammed Ali Road offers a wide variety of mouth-watering dishes like Kebabs, Shawarmas, Nalli Nihari, Mutton Keema Pav, and other dishes. It also offers a very unique variety of jalebi known as Mawa Jalebi, which should not be missed.

Thank you for sharing the video and images of delicious food!

On your next trip to Mohammed Ali Road, now we definitely know what not to miss!