Ranikhet, A Colonial Retreat

Yogesh Sarkar

Early Morning to night. There is an alternate walking route from Nainital to Ratighat (before Kainchi) and then Bajol to Chaubatiya. Took a lift on the motor road part of the journey.
That must have been quite a journey. If you haven't written a travelogue of it, please do, it would be quite inspiring.
Ekta Kapoor is Happy now in this trip too !

The auto driver dropped on the opposite side of the CCD i.e. in front of the mall, then took a U-turn from in front of CCD and went back. Guess he figured I needed to walk a little with my luggage.

Initially, it was still manageable with only the older man lowering it quite a bit since there was no one sitting next to me. Then his idiotic son decided to match his father and almost pushed the seat into my lap. When I told the numskull politely to raise the seat by a few inches, he began arguing with me, even telling me to switch seats if I was feeling uncomfortable or shove my feet under his seat, so that he can sleep comfortably!

After arguing for 5 minutes I finally told him to either raise the seat or I’ll shove it up, after which he finally moved the seat back to the point, where it was in the above photograph and then began moaning and complaining like a little girl to his father, about other people having attitude and ego that gets hurt and how reclining the seat all the way back is in no way inconvenient for others.

Frankly speaking, I really feel bus providers should limit the tilt angle of seats, increase the leg space or just remove the darn backrest and give each passenger a pillow then can put in the lap of the person sitting behind them and go to sleep!
As the bus moved out of Haldwani and reached the railway crossing between Haldwani and Rudrapur, another interesting event occurred. Initially, the crossing was closed due to a small train passing it. After the train, railway staff tried to raise the barrier and the wire snapped and hurt his hand. He ran to his colleague, showing him his wound, while another of his colleague tried to raise the barrier but failed.

Thankfully, though, there were several linesmen around and together they dismantled the barrier and carried it off, otherwise, we would have likely been stuck for a long duration.
This journey, which almost never happened, turned out to be quite an interesting and fun affair. One I am unlikely to forget any time soon.

Yogesh Sarkar

Great log......................
Great experiences....
Great photos.............
Great stories..............
Great food..................

With apologies to @adsatinder, the Great man....
hahahah and thank you.

As always,
your trips are amazing to see through travelogues.

Happy Landings.
Thank you sir

Great Blog Yogesh Sir. This made me recall my trip to Ranikhet and my inevitable love for mountains. :):):)
Thank you :)

Ekta Kapoor is Happy now in this trip too !