Ranthambhore : Water Hole Animal Census, tigers, forts and more....


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30/06/2016 - Evening safari Continued

When T60 decided to leave, after a while both the cubs came galloping after her

The action was so fast and so swift that my poor little camera was finding it very hard to focus. But what i saw was a lifer for me, so I am not complaining

The cubs, like all young ones, curious as they come, gave us some opportunity to click their portraits also

Cub2 - Giving us the quizzical look

They would not stand still for long and from time to time would end up entering into brotherly duals

The duals would continue till one of them gets pinned down

The sheepish look of the loser..ashamed??

All this while, while the cubs played games, Mom, T60 had disappeared in the bushes. Since we had enough of them, we thought its the best to leave. But we were in for another surprise. The route that we took out lead us to the family again. We stopped and T60 came right behind us and crossed on the other side

Cub 1 followed suit

Cub 2 was soon to join them

Now the Mom was no where to be seen and soon enough the cubs also disappeared. We couldnt thank T60 enough for such a beautiful sighting

We still had an hour left of the safari and next we were greeted by a Mother Bear with her two young ones. We spotted them on the road, but by the time we approached them, they had gone in the bushes. I did manage some clicks with one bear cub on mothers back and the other on the ground

On our way back we decided to check out T39. She was still resting in water, but this time we could manage to get a small opening through the trees, just big enough to click a photo of hers.

Our time was up and we had to move out. This bought to an end a very successful safari and a brilliant season for tiger sightings.

Till the parks open again.....

Thank you for reading!!


Great Plan !
Great Jacks !
Great Efforts !
Great Fruits !
In Form of
Great Sightings !

Good Afternoon All !
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Updating the thread!!


This was my first trip to Ranthambhore after the parks had opened after the monsoons. The plan was to do a morning and an evening safari. The whole idea of the trip was to try and spot Noor aka T39 and her 3 little cubs.

The morning safari yielded nothing. Infact the whole park, from zone 1 to 5 had no sighting at all. My friends and I did not have any hopes from the evening safari also so we cancelled our bookings in the main park and re booked ourselves in zone 8 which is in the periphery. The whole idea was to see a different area of the National Park as we had never been that side.


Zone 8 is pretty far from the main Ranthambhore Road and the approach to the zone is quite adventurous. The main area is above a plateau and the track reading to it is quite back breaking and treacherous. The zone itself is very huge and has limited water resources. Luckily the in the month of January the weather is quite pleasent but summer months, beaing a plateau with limeted shade, can be really really hot here.

Anyways, the first couple of hours yielded nothing and we just enjoyed the views of entire Sawai Madhopur town, the fields below and the Arravali Range from the Plateau. But as we came closer to the end time of the safari, we were greeted by the young tigress guarding her kill and sitting in the bushes.

This tigress was later identified as T61. Though the light was poor, but I still managed a few pics


We only got a few minutes with this beauty, but at;east we did not come out empty handed!!


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A friend invited me for a morning safari and I made a quick dash. We were booked in zone 6 where Tigress T8 had also given birth to 3 cubs which were about 4 months old. The cubs have always eluded me so I didnt have much hope this time also.

Well, I did see the mother and the cubs but they were resting/playing safely very very far from us and the distance was really huge for 300mm lens. Here are some pictures which are a 100% crop of the originals.

Something is better than nothing


Morning safari done, I had to rush back to Jaipur. Little did I know, I will be back again to Ranthambhore in a days time.


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Not very happy with the sightings lately, I decided to look for options for safari's in the next few days. I asked my agent to book me in any of the main zones (1-5) whenever there is a slot available. Telling him I left for Jaipur. In the evening (09/03/2017) I got a call from him that he has booked me in zone 3 for morning and Evening on the 11/03/2017.

That meant that I had to return to Ranthambhore the next day i.e 12/03/2017. But I was not complaining.


Zone 3 is the area with all the lakes. We came to know that the new queen of the lakes T84 or arrowhead is around and we just have to search for her and also the new ruler of the lakes T91 and T84's mate is also around. So if we got lucky we could spot them both. So the search started

Rest of the story in pictures

After about an hour of looking for some signs of a tiger we stumbled on a few vehicles collected at one place. On approaching we realized they had spotted a tiger that was well camouflaged in the dry grass. So the waiting game began. But soon the tigress, T84, obliged and started to walk straight towards us

The Tigress and the magnificient Fort Of Ranthambhore in the back drop

She did walk for a bit but settled down out of our sight

We took this time to roam around as the message had come that the Male tiger T 91 has been spotted at a place called the island

While we were looking for the tiger, I decided to try my hands at clicking this bird enjoying the morning sun

Not very far from where we were standing we realised that T84 had got up and had started to move

She was heading straight to the island and if we were lucky, we could get both the tigers together

They indeed met on the island but 84 gave 91 a cold shoulder and moved on

She crossed the island to reach what is known as the hunting palace

91 was not to give and came out in the open. If you look closely, you can see both the tigers here

all the action was happening a bit far, but still it was interesting to watch. Here is 91 sitting in the open on the island.

84, by now had crossed the island and to our surprise an to utter happiness she came out on one of the "chattris" in the hunting palace compound

She settled down there, constantly keeping an eye on 91

They both kept sitting for quite a bit and we moved out of the park happily and contended!!