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11/03/2017 - EVENING SAFARI

I was very happy with the sequence of events in the morning safari so was really looking forward to my evening safari in the same zone. But on entering the zone, we found out that both the tigers had moved and went in different direactions.

So all we could do was search, wait and hope for any news. But since luck was on our side we quickly happened to locate the tiger. Initially we thought it was Tigress T84, till the tiger lifted his tail to mark his territory we came to know that it is the new Male T91


He was aggressively patrolling his newly acquired area

Moving from one place to another and constantly marking his territory

Rubbing themselves with tree trunks is another way by which tigers leave their scent marks

He would sit down from time to time and this gave us opportunity to click him to out hearts content

Smelling and trying to fathom the other tigers present in the area

Luckily the light was good and we did make some decent pictures

After giving us a good sighting for an hour he crossed us and disappeared in a non tourism area

After the tiger left we roamed around a bit more hoping to find T84 but to no avail. But I did click some birds

Painted Sandgrouse

Serpent Eagle

That was an end to another fruitful Safari


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to see a tiger is a blessing from god, albeit at a distance, to see a tigress with cubs is even a bigger blessing. Lovely shots and you are one lucky dude.

Pardeep Dhounchak

जाट देवता ने कहा है : घुमक्कड़ी किस्मत से मिलती है
Gratest SAFARI ride Ever............

Pardeep Dhounchak

जाट देवता ने कहा है : घुमक्कड़ी किस्मत से मिलती है
The GR8 thing is that you are the lucky Charm for Tiger Sighting at every SARAFI RIDE:rock:, peoples who loved to SAFARI in Ranthambore MUST HIRED you for 100% chance of Tiger sighting :):):):):):):)

Pardeep Dhounchak

जाट देवता ने कहा है : घुमक्कड़ी किस्मत से मिलती है
How's the feeling when SAFARI struck in deep hole:shock: and you all try to get it anddddd THE TIGER was there nearby ....:eek::eek: