Rare Porcupine Sighting | Himalayan Crestless Porcupine | Kaziranga


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Discover Wild India presents a rare sighting video of the Himalayan Crestless Porcupine.

Filmed at Kaziranga National Park, Assam, March 2022. Filmed with Sony DSC HX400V.

Photo Credit: Ajay K Shah

Everyone one of us has heard of Porcupine but very few must have seen this mammal in the wild. We got lucky in Kaziranga with this short but rare sighting. This is Himalayan Crestless Porcupine also known as Hodgson's Porcupine found in North East India but very rarely sighted. It can be distinguished from the Indian Porcupine by its shorter crest, small tail instead of a visible tail with white quills, thinner body quills & smaller size. When a Porcupine senses danger, it erects the quills on its back and rattles its tail quills menacingly. If the danger persists, it rushes backwards into its attacker, leaving its quills embedded in the victim's flesh. In the case of big cats like Tiger, Lion, Leopard, etc., this can lead to mortality. Thanks for watching.