Rats in Basement Car parking.


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I opened my car's Air filter for periodic cleanup, found a lot of Rat droppings in the plastic box. Sure enough there are a lot of Rats in the apartment's parking. It is a big parking with 70 Cars parked at -1 and similar numbers at -2.

RatKill etc dont seem to be a solution because the parking space is just too big and cleaning guys are more likely going to clean that too.
I could put some rat Kill in Engine bay but it could do more damage when car is running hot, Right?

I dont expect my maintenance office to kill rats anytime soon. I do have a choice of parking at Stilt, but Parking under the SUN in summers is also not a easy option.

Till now, wiring etc is intact. Thank God.


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1. Use dried tobacco and keep it in a mesh/net pouch. Replace it every 2 weeks.
2. You can also sprinkle some crushed black pepper under your car.


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Tobacco sure works. I tried it once and any signs of rats never came back after i sprinked it for around 2 weeks. Go for one with strong smell .Only drawback is that it appeared odd to queue up to those pan shops asking for tobacco ;)


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The Society should keep a few cats in the basement and feed them regularly, beyond the rats that they will enjoy every so often! :)

I bought rat repellent spray from Amazon... With WFH cars are mostly parked...
Shadow Securitronics Tom CAT No Entry Rat Repellent Spray for Cars Highly Effective Lasts 1 Year Leak Free Easy to Spray Nozzle 1st time in India (Pack of 1)