RC 390 Chronicles As I see it on an RC 390


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I will be posting images of the bike with various places that I have been to with it.

For starting, I will post some pics, randomly.

I will try to keep them updated too.

2014-11-28 18.08.41.jpg

the pics have date tags as their names so I will try to put them in order. that's 28th Nov 2014, when I first got my bike

2014-11-28 18.09.03.jpg

these are some pics from the rides that I used to take on the NICE ROAD from Bengaluru to Mysore.

2014-12-04 15.53.02.png

2014-12-07 08.50.59.png

thats the road to the kitchen gate of ART of Living International Center Bengaluru.

Was going to a friend's place to drink, and got caught in rains

2014-12-12 21.02.31.png

2014-12-15 13.54.03.jpg

2014-12-15 13.55.35.jpg

I think I clicked a good pic :)

2014-12-15 14.06.07.jpg

2014-12-15 14.06.13.jpg

2014-12-20 12.55.57.jpg

2014-12-20 09.47.41.jpg

does it looks like an RC? Clicked from too far


I love this one :)

2014-12-20 12.55.57.jpg

2014-12-20 15.36.54.jpg

2014-12-20 15.37.00.jpg

2015-02-03 14.07.29.jpg

2015-02-03 14.14.46.jpg


Pirates Skulls and Bones
some more pics :)

Some moron with a car bumped my bike and it broke the Left RVM. That person had a rear view mirror too, strange how some people dont know that
a car also has a RVM and it should be used while driving car in back gear.

bike without left RVM.png


Bike Ready for a wash


en route SUNBURN Goa


Goa Chronicles :)


Thats the best scenery that I have seen ever with my bike.



this is supposed to be the Niagra Falls of India.
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