RE using Rear tyre in Front


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Hi All,

Mine is a Bullet Electra 2014, I have changed it to have alloys. I was using stock tube tyres on alloys. Now I am going to change the tyres to tubeless.

For Rear: I have put 110/90/19 Ralco Speed Blaster. This one:

For Front: I need your advice. I seen Ralco 90/19/90 for both front and rear.
Can I use Ralco 90/19/90 rear tyre on the front, please advice on the pros and cons.

For Front Option 1: RALCO SPEED BLASTER 90/90-19 Tubeless Bike Tyre, Rear (Home Delivery): Car & Motorbike


Option 2:


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I would suggest to use ceat secura sports 3.25 19 at the front, it has a great wet/dry grip and very good for offroad / broken tarmac.
I am using this tyre from almost 7 years. very happy with it.