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Sorry I din't get your name, But one thing which caught my eyes was "Bangalore", I'm too planning for a bike trip to ladakh. Do you guys mind to share few info, when you guys are leaving ? I mean from bangalore, which all places indetails you are are planning to visit and so on... and if possible cell number. we can chalk out a better one I believe.

Krishna G A

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Want to go for a India Trip on Royal Enfield. Four zones in four phases. Never traveled long distance on motor cycle during last decade. But was a bike enthusiast in my young days. BTW I am 55 now.

I am quite inspired with this forum.

What is your advice buddy?
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Dewank Sharma

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Apologies for posting in this thread rather than opening a new one as I don't expect much given the timing but still wanted to try.
Me and my cousin are leaving tonight for Kalpa and probably Spiti if the roads condition permits. Going for 4-5 days. We're both in our late 20's, I'm a Financial Analyst by profession and my brother is a Computer Engineer.
Gong by our own vehicle, if anyone interested or have some questions do reply.
Attaching a link to my previous thread to help you get more familiar
A quick trip to the last Indian Village, Chitkul
Thanks in advance.