Plz Help Himabuj (Amit Tyagi) in Corona Fighting
Hard Case



I made no hole.
Just used Speaker Grill at back to tie the knot of rope of separate small piece having thread / rope.

Flip cover :

this has a dedicated hole at let edge at top, 8mm down from top edge.

Got these cover cheaper than online from mobile shop at M2K Rohini Market.

sample to show where hole is on ^2nd cover :

sample pic to check hole with metal rivet :

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I am using first one hardcase

But now i am using figure print security

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Plz Help Himabuj (Amit Tyagi) in Corona Fighting
Today or ealier also few times
Redmi 3s Prime became dead, it seemed, but yellow notification light was blinking.
it seems it was hanged or thermal shock made it response less or whatever it was,
it was stuck.
No response from keys.
Then I searched for solution.
It was easy.

Just press and hold the POWER and VOL buttons simultaneously.
This brings it to fastboot mode.

Means this screen:
vao che do download Redmi 3.jpg

Then I touched on Recovery

It took time to boot.
This screen comes :


After few minutes it restarted.
All back to normal.

It seems if Xiaomi moile has some problem,
there is no hard rested option.
But touch works on fastboot screen is a good option too.

Make sure to Reboot daily or in few days to keep garbage out of system.
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Plz Help Himabuj (Amit Tyagi) in Corona Fighting
OMG .. abhi to liya tha yeh apne aur abbhi se nikal pade iski...
it can happen anyhow,
solution is easy.

By the way,
I experimented more.
I installed Ifont app from playstore:

iFont(Expert of Fonts)

Then I searched ROBOTO font.
It does not shows Roboto Font in normal window till you search.
It was downloaded and installed by following the instructions.
I got Original Font back in my Redmi 3s Prime !



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Plz Help Himabuj (Amit Tyagi) in Corona Fighting

Engineering Mode
(do not venture in it till you know what are you doing.
Explore at our own risk)

Usage Statistics

Silent a call ringtone - press vol down button

Torch shorcut - press power button, keep finger on mid button at lower part of screen / middle button at bottom where notification light is.

How do I take selfies using finger print scanner in redmi 3s prime?
^i have not tried it^

Never tried Dactyl.


Plz Help Himabuj (Amit Tyagi) in Corona Fighting
After recent update to MIUI Stable ROM
I am happy as small issues are gone which were mentioned earlier.


Plz Help Himabuj (Amit Tyagi) in Corona Fighting
Connect Redmi 4S with PC - win xp / win 7 / win 10

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Xiaomi Redmi 3s driver For Flashing Firmware
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Xiaomi Redmi 3s driver For Normal Connecting
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Step 6: Click Add.

Step 7: Your Driver will be installed and listed in the Device Manager.

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