Remote Door Lock/Unlock


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I live in a bunglow and my parents aged 70+ find it difficult to open/close main door for all the visitors. I and my wife are working and kids are in day school so we are hardly present at home till evening.

I want to install a remotely operatable lock on the door so that they can manage it with ease. Distance from door to my parents bed room would be about 35 fts and is not in direct line of sight. I watched some videos on YT on DIY locks but seems difficult to my mind that has limited knowledge on basic electronic workings.

I want something basic and a little light on pocket too.


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CCTV people' have door lock which can be opened with mobile also in app.
Or from monitor in room.
If maid is entering no need to foto door. Just open it.
Speaker system is also there to call and talk.
It may take some k but much easy for them to operate, talk and open door lock.

Call cctv person.
He can visit and suggest better.
You can also watch on cctv what is going.
Otherwise only door lock can also be installed with voice facility for talking at room.
Check what is suitable for you.