Renault Lodgy


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Any of our BCMT ians have booked Renault Lodgy?
This coming Saturday I am planning to complete the Test Ride.


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Did not get the test drive - had another point - wrote it to Renault - not sure of the impact - but provided the feedback [detail below].
I had visited the Renault LB Nagar, Hyderabad to have a look at your Lodgy and test drive it [on Saturday 18th April 2015] - I had 2 disappointing point which I would like to share.

The Arm rest function on the display car was stooping to too low final position that the purpose of providing ARM REST itself gets defeated - how can RENAULT take this so casually. I was really disappointed to observe this - when you are eyeing to take on INNOVA - these flaws are never acceptable.
Please take up this to fix in all your production models before delivery of the vehicles. I am surprised how did your QC person or department allow this to happen.
Over this the SALES guy was explaining me that if it is set right to driving position, one cannot change GEARS!!! Well I demonstrated to him how the gears can be changed when the ARM REST Is set to the right position,
I have been following the launch closely and I was thoroughly disappointed. Your car is not cheap it is ~ INR 11,01,000/- [Ex-showroom].
Please pull up your socks and fix this issue at the earliest - else you will loose customers.

POINT 2: Test vehicle not available even after waiting for ~ 2.5 hours [only 1 test vehicle]
I made 3 trips to the dealer and the test vehicle was not available. I was assured to Test drive at my house by Sales Manager on Sunday - I flatly refused.
Let me share the details of scenario which I experienced:
In my first visit the dealer quoted me that vehicle is out and is expected to be at 5:30 PM. So I told specifically I will come back at 5:30 PM for test drive - My request was neglected.
When I made a second visit - they said the vehicle would get delayed by another 30 minutes - so I started back - as I pulled the car and took U-turn; I saw the test vehicle write in front of me - so returned to dealer that the vehicle will come back shortly.
There was another customer - who took for a relative long drive of 10+ km one way in evening traffic. Other people also should understand that they are not unique.
However the shortfall what I saw is a new vehicle atleast there should 2 or 3 test vehicles which could have avoided the situation. During Duster test drive I had a better
I am forcing my uncle to buy Lodgy instead of Ertiga - now I am getting a second thought - should I drop it off? Additionally I had promised people on BCMT forum that I would provide the feedback on TEST DRIVE.

My recommendation is do not celebrate before you succeed in reality - you need to improve overall customer experience if you want to beat the Established product.

Kindly look into this and implement.
Thanking you.
Faithfully yours,


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Here are my few observations of Lodgy:
The internal seating space is comfortable in 1st and 2nd row for person with 6' in these 2 rows.
Also 6' person can sit comfortably in 3rd row; if 2nd row is not reclined.
The driving position is comfortable. Ingress and Egress of 1st and 2nd row is pretty comfortable. The Head room is good.

However you cannot claim and enjoy the ground clearance of Duster - the front bumper can hit in bad and uneven roads or some stupid speed breakers - this is similar to sedan.


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To my complaint to Renault on the above points:
Point No: 1: Not acceptable - to see POOR ARM REST FUNCTIONALITY on DISPLAY CAR
Point No: 2: Poor management in test drive.

I received response from them; they seem to be more responsive than they were in 2012 - need to see how it translates into action.


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Still Not got call from Renault Dealer offering a test drive - as committed by Renault Customer care.
Still lot more for Renault to cope up with on ground customer service.


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Not able to see lot of Lodgy on road in Hyderabad - I had seen 3 or 4 on road till date.
Though when I went for a failed test drive attempt - dealer had mentioned that they had got 40 Lodgy booking as of April 18 2015.
2 months plus - it has not seen success as in Duster.

Part is their attitude and follow-up on customer feedback's. After their failed promise to arrange a test drive - I have totally lost interest about the LODGY car. Every weekend, I have not got it on top of my agenda for a test drive.


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Renault Lodgy has had a very unimpressive start, lukewarm response at best.
Pitting it against the Innova was not a good idea.

What I fail to understand is the fact that in spite of having raving reviews from almost all critics, including Team-BHP, it has been given a cold shoulder by the consumers.

Are the reviews booked/cooked ?? Or even hooked ??!!


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I finally test drove the Renault Lodgy last Saturday. The funny part was I had to wait for 40 minutes at the showroom!!!
The Lodgy had gone for Test drive at customer place.

I drove RxZ -110 PS. The Engine insulation is smooth and the vibration level is too low.
The turbo lag for 110 PS was lesser compared to initially launched Dusters - it shows. I was able to go to 6th gear post 60 kmph and it is a bliss to drive.
Braking is good.
I took on Bad roads - has good suspension in-line with Duster - need to be bit careful for lesser ground clearance.

In the showroom saw the 7 seater vehicle, was bit turned off as there is no arm rest for the 7 seater in the middle row.... A glaring miss from Renault - better to buy the 8 seater.

As mentioned the driver seat arm rest is of no use.... It is totally non-functional. It appears with pricing of RxZ - that Renault is pushing for 110 PS over 85 PS with difference of Rs 25 k On road between the two.

Surprisingly not seeing many Lodgy on Hyderabad roads yet.