Renting Motorcycles in India

Yogesh Sarkar

The other day I had a chance to visit Karol Bagh, while there I enquired about the procedure of hiring motorcycles. Following is the information I got:

1. One has to deposit the market cost of the motorcycle, depending on how old or new the motorcycle is you will end up paying security deposit of 20-60k or more.
2. Rent is Rs.400-700 per day, depending on the model and condition, time for which you are hiring the motorcycle and number of motorcycles being hired.
3. If you return the motorcycle before the stipulated time, then the rent would be charged for the same number of days as previously agreed upon.
4. Modifications on the motorcycle can be done as per request of the customer.
5. For hiring and riding a motorcycle you would need two wheeler driving license (if you are Indian then Indian driving license and in case of a foreigner an international driving license is a must).
6. Any repair costs during or after the trip has to be bared by the customer, whether resulting from an accident or mechanical failure.
7. Customer has to sign an agreement while renting a motorcycle, an example is given below.


Here is some more information from regarding the paper work procedure of hiring/purchasing motorcycles for foreigners.

The documents needed vary according to what's being done. Buying a second-hand bike in India, riding it around and then selling it again is relatively straightforward and needs a minimum of paperwork but riding it home requires more. The documents discussed here relate to the bike only but you may need additional documentation for yourself such as visas.

Ownership Document:
Required for:

1. Buying a second hand bike.
2. Buying a new bike.
3. Selling a bike.
4. Riding Home

Strangely, an Ownership Document does not have to be in the name of the person who owns the bike. When buying second hand the Ownership Document must be obtained along with a written statement from the previous owner stating that the bike has been sold to you. There is no need to get the Ownership Document changed into your name. When selling the bike within India, the same process is followed with you writing a statement saying that you have sold the bike to the new owner. If you opt for a new bike, you will have the Ownership Document in your own name. To get this you will need an Indian address that is not a hotel, a letter from your Embassy/High Commission and there is a nominal fee. Whether the bike is new or old, you will have to get the Ownership Document changed into your own name if you want to bring the bike home.

No Objections Document:
Required for:

1. Buying a second hand bike.
2. Selling a bike.

If you intend to sell a bike in a different state to the one you bought it in, you need this Certificate.

Insurance Certificate:
Required for:

1. Riding in INDIA.

You must have an insurance certificate if you are going to ride the bike in India. Cover can be basic third party type of fully comprehensive. There is no point at all in getting comprehensive insurance as no claim can be settled in India until a number of years have passed since the incident. If you ride the bike home, you will do so without any insurance at all.

Letter from Embassy/High Commission:
Required for:

1. Buying a new bike.

If you buy a new bike or if you need an existing Ownership Document to be changed into your name, the Indian authorities insist on a letter from your Embassy. The letter is a standard one and your Embassy will know what to do, it's basically just a statement to the effect that your government will not hold the Indian government responsible should you kill or maim yourself on your bike. If you buy the bike in Delhi from us, it is simply a case of going down the road to your Embassy and asking for a letter.

Carnet de Passage:
Required for:

1. Buying a new bike.

If you want to ride the bike out of India you will need one of these trick and expensive documents. The exception to this is Nepal where you are allowed to ride after only a little paperwork at the border. The Carnet allows you to enter each country without paying import duty on the bike. If you leave a country without the bike, the government uses the Carnet to claim the relevant duty, sometimes several time the value of the bike. The Carnet must be issued in your own country and it is usually issued by a motoring organization. In the UK it is the Automobile Association (AA). You need to know the registration number and frame & engine number of the bike and you need to list the countries that you want the Carnet to apply to. Organize all this at home if you can but we managed to do it all from India using faxes, the very helpful AA and the not so helpful DHL to get the document couriered to us.

International Driving License:
Required for:

1. Riding in India.
2. Riding Home.

Hiring other models of motorcycles:

1. Hiring a bullet is certainly easier then any other motorcycle especially on short notice.
2. Motorcycle rental place might not want to arrange any other motorcycle beside a bullet if you were hiring motorcycle for only a few days.

It would be helpful for every one if any one who has hired a motorcycle in India would elaborate and post more information regarding procedures and their experience regarding hiring motorcycles in India.

Yogesh Sarkar

Best place to rent motorcycle in Delhi is Karol Bagh, there are several shops which rent out motorcycles. Lali Singh (+91 11-572 8579 (o) +91 98 11114-0161 (m) [email protected] (old contact no. if it has changed then plz let me know) is the most famous amongst them, apart from him there is also Joga Motors and Pardesi motors (+91 11 ? 25714311(o) +91 9818857122(m))

Yogesh Sarkar

Kinetic rent a bike is a nice service started by Kinetic.

To rent a motorcycle/scooter from kinetic you need the following documents:

For Indian passport holders and local residents:
1. Valid driving license
2. Proof of residence (electricity bill /telephone bill/ ration card copy)

Indian passport holder but not local residents:
1. a) Valid driving license
2. Identity proof (Pan card/Voter ID Card/ Credit Card/Debit Card
3. One local reference.

Foreign passport holder:
1. International driving license
2. Passport
3. Local hotel address

Vehicles available for rent

Kinetic Velocity/Kinetic Nova
4 Hours Rs 100
8 Hours Rs 150
1 Day Rs 225
1 Week Rs 1350
1 Month Rs 4000

Kinetic Boss/ Zoom/ Kine'
4 Hours Rs 75
8 Hours Rs 125
1 Day Rs 200
1 Week Rs 1200
1 Month Rs 3750

Please Note :
? Rent charges do not include fuel cost.
? Vehicle comes with 500ml petrol, at extra charge as applicable locally
? Receipt will be given for the Rent amount Paid by the customer
? Accident insurance cover of Rs. 1 lakh each for rider and pillion in case of death due to accident is included

Suhana Safar Tours & Travels
G-9 Anukampa-1 , M. I. Road ,
Jaipur- 302001
Phone: 0141- 5112961
Mobile: 09829599756/09352563864
Email - [email protected]

Aangan tours & travels
4 Park House Scheme Opposite AIR
M. I. Road, Jaipur ?302001
Phone: 0141- 2218478/5064121
Mobile: 09314253234
Email: [email protected] / [email protected]

Jodhpur, Rajasthan Jodhpur travels
Station road , opposite railway station ,
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Udaipur, Rajasthan Sai tours & travels
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Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh Masand Associates
Garam sadak , Morar , Gwalior- 474006
Phone: 0751- 4081885/4080885
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Sanik Tempo House
no. 51, Ward no. 56 , Chutta Ki Bazaria ,
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Goa Neliza Tours & Travels
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Purushottam Bhagwan & Associates
Shop no- 10 , Ground floor ,
Shiv towers , Opp. Passport Office ,
Patto, Panjim- 403001
Phone: 0832- 2437821-24
Mobile: 09370275989
Email [email protected]

For more information check out


How about also stating what all motorcycles are available on rent at Madan motors and in Karol Bagh?

Yogesh Sarkar

Nav that?s the beauty of Karol Bagh, if you have enough money and couple of days time, they can arrange almost any Indian motorcycle for touring.

According to the talk I had with Raju Pardesi he can arrange for Pulsar?s and Karizma?s provide you give him enough time and the tour is for over 2-3weeks long. The longer the tour is, the more willing they will be for arranging the type of motorcycle you want.

With Enfield this certainly isn?t the issue since most of the foreign travelers who comprise the majority of customer for these rent shops prefer bullets.


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Hello Yogesh, You have some absolutely amazing photos uploaded in your site!
Is it possible to rent a bike in Manali, and drop the bike in Leh??
We are about 6 of us and have only abt a week to complete our trip. We will need to return back from Leh to Bangalore.


Armchair Traveller :(
Can someone please take a time out and enquire about latest updates from the above mentioned rental companies...


Armchair Traveller :(
Sorry for the delay....

Basically telephone nos, rent and availability of good bikes like P-150 or P-180 or Thunderbird or zma or similar....

I am planning short trip to Uttranchal with couple of friends (Maybe Auli - in feb during the winter festival there)... So instead of carrying bikes from here it might be better to get them from delhi itself...