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Hi All, A friend and I are over in India for the Delhi GP and we're flying out to Goa 2 weeks before and want to do a bit of a road trip on bikes. We want to spend a couple of days in Goa but otherwise nothing until the GP starts.

Are there any recommendations on good routes to do. Someone mentioned to us to fly to Kolkata and do the Himalayan foothills and go down to Delhi. Open to suggestions and any advice on good hiring places, obviously would be ideal if we can collect and drop off in different places.



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I found your forum after hunting everywhere online for information about renting a motorcycle in Udaipur. I'm attending a wedding in Mumbai, and have booked a five-day side trip to Rajasthan, starting in Udaipur. I'm looking to rent a motorcycle for 5 days to travel around Udaipur, Jodhpur and Chittorgarh. If anyone can recommend a reputable place to rent a motorcycle in Udaipur suitable for 5 days on the road, I would greatly appreciate the suggestion.

Thank you!

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I,m heading to Goa in Jan or early feb..
I want to hire an Enfield for a month..
Any good rental places to go?? Please.
Also can i take the bike out of Goa ??
I read i cant but unsure if thats right??
Will i run into trouble if i do ?? as i want to do some miles and see some places!!
I have no plan or destination just the freedom of the road really.
Any information of hotel / guest house handy for good rental place would be good.
I'm looking for inexpensive place but not roughing it !!
Looking forward to your advice thank you ..


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Enfield’s tryst with modern engine design:D. On a serious note, it is UCE and it stands for Unit Construction Engine i.e. the gear and clutch assembly is now integrated, instead of being separate like in cars. This essentially leads to less power loss and better gear shifts since clutch assembly is immersed in engine oil. All the Enfields are now coming with UCE and the older engine has been phased out.
Not really sure about the loss in power/smooth gear shift, but clutch assembly is submersed (in engine oil) in normal CI engine as well.


Got a quote in writing from Stone Heads for 10500rp for 21 days and another 2200rp for carrier, tax, insurance plus 20,000 sec deposit. Works out all inclusive (minus security) 700rp per day
VulcanTwin - was this for a UCE Enfield?
My friend and I are interested in renting in September for around 21 days as well but are leaning towards the Pulsar 220s as we think they may be more reliable (even though we really like the idea of doing it on REs).

I've been in contact with StoneHead and their rental rates for saddlebags and tankbags works out to 8400 for 3 weeks (is this what you mean by 'carrier').

More importantly - how reliable were their bikes and were they professional to deal with??


May be I'm looking at the wrong place. But going through this thread, I didn't find any mention of bike renting option is Leh. Can someone share contacts if they have rented bikes from Leh. I'm still considering 2 options. 1 is to rent from Delhi after the route opens. Or maybe go there before Manali or Srinagar route opens and rent bike from Leh.
Contacts and cost details for bikes in Leh would be appreciated.

Yogesh Sarkar

There are plenty of bike renters in Leh, here is a couple of year old post regarding that

In 2007 I meet a firang who had hired a pulsar for a week and bargained @ Rs. 250/- per day. But I would suggest you to hire maximum powerful bike in this region as you would experience much power loss at higher altitudes. So go for Bullet/Thunderbirds, rent would be around 600-800 depending on condition.

Planet Himalaya (K. T. Phuntsog)
Paul House,
Zangsti, Leh
Ph: 09906999907

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Hello folks!!

I am planning for a trip of New Delhi- Agra- Fatehpur Sikri- Bharatpur- New Delhi on the Holi weekend.
After going through almost all the posts on Bike Rentals in Delhi, i found there are only a few mentions of Stonehead Bikes. I had contacted them to enquire about the rental for the 4 day trip and they quoted me Rs 550/- per day for CBZ and a refundable deposit of Rs 5000/-.

Before going through with the deal, it'd be really handy if someone could share their experience with Stonehead Bikes.

Mighty thanks!!

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Hello folks, after having a wonderful experience of the above trip, I would like to share my experience of renting from for the benefit of all.

Bike hired was Bajaj Pulsar 150cc, picked up by us from their New Delhi office.

Comments about the bike: Battery was in sub-standard state hence had dim head lights and inaudible horn. Speedometer acted funny, it worked fine till 80kmph, when accelerated further it dropped down to 60. Tripmeter and Tachometer didn't work. The silencer had an irritating firing. Rear tyre was pretty worn out. Self-start had been disabled.

Apart from that, the bike's ride quality itself was pretty alright, we did a speed test with a RE Classic 500 of our co-traveller, and the pulsar did do 110kmph without much fret.

We were charged 500rs a day as rent, 500 rs as service charge and service tax over it.
We also had to make a Rs 5000/- deposit,which was completely refunded after they checked the bike once we returned it.

Overall,it was a decent rental bike and a trouble-free renting service.