Renting Motorcycles in India


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You will face rains till Zoji La on Srinagar side and till Baralacha La on Manali side. Ladakh isn't affected by monsoon, however if there is any local weather problem or western disturbance, then it can rain/snow there.
We r 3-4 guys planning to strt from manali on 1st June...
Though that region hav had an extended snowfall, but rapidly increasing temp suggests tht one can strt onset of June..What is ur opinion about the same...??

Also, what is the most advisable halt for day 2- given tht we plan to start the day as early as by 7 in the morning from Darchu..
What is the approx. rent and security deposits of Royal enfield thunderbird 500...?


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How do the members rate Indimotard and dvkbiking in Bangalore?

I was hoping to rent an Impulse or a Duke to Ladhak this time around. :)

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Sorry no idea about Chandigarh. Better rent the motorcycle from Manali, that way you won't have to get permit for Rohtang Jot.
Hi Yogesh. My buddy and I want to ride Chandigarh - Kalpa/Sagla- Chandigarh in early October. We need to rent Enfield 500 classic bikes. Are there any places now in Chandigarh? If not, would you recommend renting from Manali or Delhi?


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There was an issue about the Ladakh Bike Rentals banning non Ladakhi Rented Bikes (just like they've banned taxis). What's the current status ?


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Hi Yogesh,

Does anybody has information on rental bikes in LEH---a) Do they provide extra petrol can and b) do bikes come with side rack for rucksack etc?


Hi ,Fellow BCMTians Please help me out with few queries of mine on bike rentals .

1)Are there any good option available in Srinagar for a one way srinagar to Leh bike rental ? I intends to rent a bike in Srinagar and leave those bikes in Leh .For i have a return flight ticket from leh to Pune via Delhi .
2)Any info on renting Bike at leh . Best known good dealers , their quoted prices per day and deposit money, etc etc .
3) Do these bike on rent dealers provide Helmets and extra oil can and necessary stuffs for the bikes ?
4) We also intends to rent Tents , sleeping bags , mats in leh . Are there any good option available and what are their quoted price on per day basis ?

Our travel dates are Aug 25th,14 from Srinagar to Leh .



Has anyone rented bikes using "" and Rahul Motors in Karol Bagh? How was the experience? Would you recommend it to others? Also - anything that a prospective renter should be aware of?

I am thinking of renting a RE 500 cc from them for the w/e. Pls let me know




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im looking for a decent motorbike rental in Jaipur area, as im planing oneweek trip from Jaipur -> Agra -> Himalayas (maybe) -> New Delhi -> Jaipur.

The only thing im worried about is "All state permit" restriction. I found some information about that, but nothing that could answer my questions - so im trying my luck here :)

1) Is this trip possible for foreigners (with EU driving license)?

2) If yes, is "all state permit" really needed on this exact way? How/Where i can get it?

3) Can you recommend me a decent motorbike rental service in Jaipur area that could provide us with all state permit bikes?

4) My friends driving licence has permission only for AM motorbikes (less then 50km/h) - could it be problem?

5) This would be our first time in India for us and our trip is more than 1700km. How crazy it could be? Is one week enough? We dont have more time unfortunatelly :-/

I dont want any problems with police and so on our way, so thats why im asking about all state permit.

Thank you in advance!