Renting Motorcycles in India


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Hi all,

i hv my own bullet electra...which option wud b better a)to go on my own bike b)to hire one. Also please answer the below Queries--

Q2. Can I hire bikes from Manali? (planning delhi - leh trip via Manali)
Q3. For the list posted on this site for bike spares, will those parts be available in Manali, I dont want to carry all that along with me till manali.
Q4. Can we travel 2 guys on the same bike. Do we need to make some modifications in the bike for that? If yes, Can that modification be done in Manali?
Q5.How do people usually deal with punctures and what are the common mechanical failures in bikes on this trip?
Q6. My bike has run just 1500 km, after Tandi, do I need to carry extra fuel? If yes, how much?

Please provide the above information
Thanks in advance
Varun Chaturvedi

Yogesh Sarkar

Ans 1. Varun it would be much better if you take your own motorcycle, not only would it cost less (rent is Rs. 600-1000 per day), it would also be more reliable than rented motorcycle.

Ans 2. Yes you can hire motorcycles from Manali and even from Leh.

Ans. 3. Most of them should be available, especially for bullet.

Ans 4. Yes, the only thing that you need to ensure is, carry as less luggage as possible.

Ans 5. Best way to deal with a puncture is by carrying a spare tube and electric compressor or foot pump. Other common failures can be, snapped clutch/accelerator wire, clutch getting burned due to excessive revving or slippage and battery getting drained (last two mainly happen in Bullets).

Ans 6. If your bike is in good condition then there should be no need, but just for backup, carry couple of liters.


Hi Yogesh,

Was sitting idle in office for few minutes, and just surfing as usual to reach you website. And then immediately thought of a 2 week plan based on your Ladhak experience around same dates in Early September. Have surfed a lot to find out and also have an iternery prepared exactly based on yours. Have managed to also get my leaves, etc. etc. everything in place.

One last thing bothering me is this-
I own a SUZUKI GS 150 R. Thats a new 150 bike from SUZUKI bought 1 months back. Will run around 3000 kms before I start.

Q1. Me and my friend plan to go. Me 60KG and my friend 55KG. Is this 150 CC bike good enough to complete the route? I have heard people doing this on a Pulsar 150 (not sure sole or duo).
Q2. Is it a good idea to strain this trip on a 3 month/3000km new bike?
Q3. If Q1 and Q2 have positive answers, what modifications do you suggest? The bike today is show-room condition.

Yogesh Sarkar

Swapsshah welcome to BCMTouring.

1. You should be able to do this trip on a GS150R, provided you don't carry too much luggage and don't push her too much.

2. Any bike which has been through its second service is ready for a trip to Ladakh.

3. There is no need for any modification, though slightly better rear tyre (dual purpose one) would help get you more grip on tricky sections.


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Hi Hitanshu,

I am Manab and joined in BCM touring few days back only. I am planning to go to Leh on 11th July 09. Seeing your reference I have contacted Jitender for hiring a bike (Thunderbird). Thank you for your posting as I was struggling to get a reliable bike in Delhi as I stay in bangalore. I gave your reference to him without asking you..sorry for that.

Please let me know if you have any comments / suggestions. Thanks again..

Jitender - 9810550243. Charges a decent price but his bikes are super well maintained. He's my mech - does service backups for RE for Himalayan Odyssey, Raid de himalaya and all that. Good knowledgeable fellow and you'd get good bikes. You can give him my reference.


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guys i m planning to do leh from 2nd aug with a frnd...n i have read a lot on the forums and other sites and have made a list of my queries...
1. i have a pulsar-150cc abt 7yrs can i do it on that with a pillion??
2. if not then im ready to hire an enfield but i wanna do do i go from delhi or manali..?? (if delhi route wud be too strenous im ready to do manali-leh-manali, but 18 days wud be too much for that..??)
3. and reading all the incidents in wich a bike broke down im scared of gettin a bad bike and spoiling things...
4. and i hav arnd 18 days in hand so i would like to cover as much as possible..and we would be carryin a 2-person tent and sleepin bags so stay wont be a problem ..right??
5. and i read that i should have some knowledge about fixing a what all should i try to learn..?
6. and is it possible to do some trekking in the mountains on the route..??

i have about 8 days before i leave so wanna clear all my doubts in that time..and i am used to roughing it out on tours coz i do lonely trips all over india for months..
and any point that you would want to share with a 1st-timer to leh is welcome...i really hope i get to join "The Leauge of Extra-Ordinary Gentlemen" to have done the Leh trip on bike...


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1) You can do it if the bike is in good condition. But I suggest you get another bike as on high altitudes two riders plus their luggage would strain your bike too much.

2) Can you repair enfields incase they break down? If yes then definitely hire one or else look for other options.

3) Keep you fingers crossed ;)

4) You shall find cheap accomodation in almost every major tourist destination. Don't carry a tent as it would add extra load on your bike. Moreover you can always hire one in Leh.

5) Wait till some enfield rider drops in to suggest....

6) It is possible but how many days do you have. Do you have experience of trekking? You have lots of options in Manali as well as in Leh but I would suggest you trek around Manali which would help you get acclimatize better. Try Gulaba Peak Trek... Easy and high!


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ya i hav trekkin experience...i hav done hamta pass from manali and kuari pass from joshimath...
but i done hav much experience with an enfield...??
i hav 20 days in hand and i wud hav a frnd from poland but she doesnt know how to ride a bike, so i will hav to do all the driving..
i have soem more doubts..
1. i wanna do manali-leh-srinagar, so is tht possible on a rented bike..?
2. on the way from manali i wana do spiti valley also..wich is 180km out of the how many days wud i need for tht..?
3. is it easy to buy a 2nd hand bike in manali n thn sell it off in srinagar, coz for 20 days im havin to pay 13000rs for bike rent for manali-leh-srinagar route..??


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just wondering, I was in talks with a Nepali bike dealer/place I could rent bikes place is : Hearts & Tears Motorcycle Club Pokhara, Nepal :: Bike Adventures In The Himalayas

I want to buy a bike in nepal and ride it around india after being done with nepal... I don't have a motorcycle licence in my home country (Canada) but was told that I would NOT need one to travel in Nepal and India. I have rented a bike in Nepal before but I am more concerned about India than nepal..
As for insurance, do you get insurance from back home or in country?

could I get clarification please?