Renting Motorcycles in India


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is these remtal companies still working? I was planning for a trip to ladakh from delhi. I would like toknow whether they can arrange any good bikes or cars for rent

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As per my knowledge, they are and there are plenty of other companies out there as well. These however do not provide self drive cars for rent, for that you can check out Hertz and Avis.


The other day I had a chance to visit Karol Bagh, while there I enquired about the procedure of hiring motorcycles. Following is the information I got: - Madaan Motors...Online Bullet MotorCycle resource..Royal Enfield,Bullet,Export
Yogesh my friend have you seen this:

Madaan Motors is a Thief - Home

& this

Nabble - Royal Enfield - Determining production year

You need to read this:

I only spent a few seconds searching, I am sure there will be more out there, look at the Hubb!
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And why do I need to look at them?

I and BCMTouring do not endorse or recommend any dealers listed in this thread or anywhere else on BCMTouring.

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Just went through the above reply again, felt I kind of put it in a rude manner, sorry about that.

However like I said in the previous post, I do not recommend any of the renters here, as I haven’t personally used any one yet. Madan Motors link is mentioned, because part of the information was copied from his website.
hello everyone..
i am planing to rent a bike from karol bagh,delhi for a week.
i found out that we have to pay very huge security money..and since i am a student,i cant afford that..:(:(

is there any solution to this problem??

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Well you can always pay half the deposit in cash and rest in form of a cheque the renter will en cash, in case you don't return the bike :D


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Bike rental from srinagar

I want to know if it is possible to rent a bike in jammu or srinagar or may be udhampur. I want to go to leh via srinagar route.

I had done manali leh bike tour before and rented the bike from dharma which last for 6 days without a single breakdown.

thnks for replying..
can you please provide me with some contact numbers if you can..i have already got 2-3 number from this thread, but they all are quoting around 30-40k for 150 cc bikes..:(:(