Required 1 BK/BHK on rent for 3 months around Indrapastha Apollo - Delhi


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My maushi is undergoing chemotherapy sessions, on monthly basis, for the last few months at Indrapastha Apollo, Sarita Vihar, Delhi. My maushi's family is settled in Bongaigaon - Assam and they have been making regular trips to Delhi for these chemotherapy sessions.

Starting from mid of October, the doctors are planning to start chemotherapy sessions on her on a weekly basis, for a period of 3 months, starting from mid of Oct mid to mid of Jan. So, they plan to take an apartment - 1 BK/ 1 BHK on rent, somewhere around the Apollo Indrapastha area. The requirements are as follows:

1. 1 BK/ 1 BHK - must have a separate kitchen.
2. Required for 3 months - Mid October, 2010 to Mid January, 2011
3. Good neighbourhood
4. At a convenient distance from Indrapastha Apollo, my guess is Sarita Vihar, CR Park, Friend's Colony would be good.
5. If furnished - say TV/AC/Fridge, would be an advantage ( not mandatory, can be arranged )
6. Reasonable rent. I wouldn't want them to spend anything on brokerage.

By the way if it's a concern, my maushi's family is pure veg.

So guys, do let me know if anyone you know can rent/ provide such kind of accommodation. I would be most grateful. Thanks in advance.
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One of my relative have just the accommodation you need, though it is on sale, let me check with him & revert back.


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I guess you have already spoken to him, Rajiv ??
Lol!! Don't they say "It's a small world!!". How very true!! I was checking out properties for sale on Sulekha around the Apollo area and this property came up. I thought no harm trying, so called up the person and now I know he's the same person you were telling me about. Lol!!
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