Restaurants and Dhabas in Hyderabad


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I don't see much here on Hyderabad, so I thought of sharing a few of my favourite places to eat in Hyderabad.
:r: : Cheap!
:r::r: : Low Cost
:r::r::r: : Good value for money
:r::r::r::r: : Perhaps if you really want to impress your date :grin:
:r::r::r::r::r: : Get someone to take you! :p

Dine Hill: :r::r::r:There are 2. One on Road no 1 nearer to Masab tank side and one as you take a right (going towards Masab tank) at Balaji Grand Bazaar. Famous for their grilled chicken and Arabian tandoori chicken. Try the kheema stuffed tangri kababs there too. Out of this world! Decent biriyani too.

Shadab: :r::r::r: As you are going to the Charminar ask for Madina hotel. Take the right there and you'll find Shadab on your right. Best mutton biriyani that I have had in Hyderabad. Stopped eating at Paradise (highly overrated!! [-X) and hyderabad house after that. Try the pakistani mutton curry with sheermal.

Chef Inam's: :r::r::r: Known for their steaks and sundry other grilled meats. Three A3 size sides is the menu and apologies vegetarians, there is nothing for you guys here at all. Complete meat feast. And try the zeera soda. :grin:. I had tried to work my way through the entire menu, but (sigh) it was difficult. As you head down road no 1 towards Masab tank, take a left at the flyover. There is a Hotel Golconda there and this place is just after that. Look carefully.

For dosa's and Lassi: :r::r::r: As you are heading down to the Charminar from the Salar Jung side (Salar Jung on your left), take the last right before the Charminar. On your right you will see "Agra Lassi House" or something like that. Opposite this there is a cart guy making dosas. These dosa's are the best I've eaten anywhere. There is the dosa, then a quarter tikki of butter, upma, onion and tomato and crisp! I went almost every Sunday. He sits there from 6 am to about 2 pm though I don't think that his stuff lasts till 2 pm. After that try the lassi at Agra lassi house. I'd recommend the Badam Pista Lassi. I rarely had lunch after these breakfasts :tonqe:

Point Pleasant: :r::r::r: For all you Lucknowi kebab lovers, here is where you should be heading. This is on Road no 10 I think. Try the Galouti, Kakori and the sheermal. Heaven! I mean Heaven! I can't tell you the number of times that I've been here. I've eaten my way through the first page of his menu. Never made it past that.

Uthupura: :r::r::r: Good joint for Keralite food somewhere on road no 10 (I think!) Ask for a restaurant called "Our Place" and you can see a sign on your left just ahead of that. Went with a Keralite friend and he said it was pretty decent too. Wouldn't mind eating there again. And again.

Famous Ice Cream: :r: Not that great but is one of those must do things in Hyderabad. "Eat at Famous Ice Cream" It is at Mozamzahi Market

Cream Stone ice cream: :r::r::r::r: Road no 2 Banjara Hills. Awesome ice cream though I am sure that you get the likes of this in many cities.

Chutney's: :r::r::r: How can one go to Hyderabad and not have the Guntur Idli and steamed dosa (It used to be called the Chiranjivi dosa earlier) at Chutney's? There are about 5 outlets (google it for the one nearest to you!) and always a waiting. Really good south fare.

Raylaseema Ruchulu: This is where I am going on my next visit to Hyderabad. Always wanted to go here, but never managed. Heard it is the best for Andhra food. Make sure that you tell them not spicy. It will be barely manageable.

Saarvi::r::r::r: Decent biriyani. Good starter's/kebabs. Don't have the curries! This is at Road no 1.

Indijoes: :r::r::r::r: At GVK1. My favourite is the mixed grill sizzler. Haven't tried much else.

Bawarchi: :r::r::r: They dish up a good biriyani at their RTC X roads restaurant. Worth a visit.

Nanking: :r::r::r: If you know what Bengali-Chinese food is and you are in the mood for it, head here. There is one in Secunderabad. You need to take a left (if you are heading towards Banjara Hills from Secunderabad after the petrol pump opposite the parade ground. You'll either love it or hate it. :mrgreen: There is one more in Banjara hills. It is on the opposite side of the road between Brand Factory and Q Mart.

Reshmi's: :r::r: Opposite the Nankings in Secunderabad, on the first floor is this restaurant. It has no signature dishes or anything, but the reason that I kept eating here is because the quality of the food is of very high standards. The owner and his wife sit in the restaurant every evening and will check with you if you are satisfied while keeping the staff on their toes.

Jain/Maharashtrian/Gujarati Thali: :r::r: For all you veggies out there! As a hard core meat eater, I have to say that I love going here for the veg food. It is a thali system and really amazing! I think it is called Shyam nivas or some thing, but I can tell you exactly how to get here. Take the Road down from Paraside restaurant and ask for the Jain Mandir. From there ask for santosh dhaba. Once you are at santosh dhaba, with your back to it, this place is in front of you, but if you are a first timer you have to ask for the Jain/Maharashtrian/Gujarati Thali place. Climb to the first floor. And yeah. Do ask for the Srikhand after the meal. Try the Jowari, Bajri, Missi rotis as well. At 75 bucks a thali what more can you ask for?

Need's Dhaba: :r::r: For the number of times that I have eaten here, this place is definitely worth a mention for the parathas. In a land of rice, Need's was a paratha oasis that was easliy accessible to me. It is at Uma Nagar in Begumpet.

Prego: :r::r::r::r::r: This is at the Westin in Hi tech city. An out of this world Italian restaurant. Bloody Awesome!! Bloody Expensive!! I'd gone for the Sunday Brunch. If you don't pace your self at this all you can eat and all you can drink buffet, you'll come no where close to the desserts. :r:1800 per head. Your call. And remember, the pizza's are starters!

Baseera: :r::r::r: Looking for food between 12 and 2 AM?? Here is where you can head for a decent bite. All places in Hyderabad shut by 11. This is the only place where you can get a meal really late. Don't drink and drive :grin:

Via Milano: :r::r::r::r: A fine dine Italian place. Pretty good. Love the Italian food here. It is just after Jubilee check post on your way towards Madhapur. On the 2 floor I think.

Please correct the addresses if they are not that correct or give more details if you can. That's all for now. Will put more in when I can recall.


i think you should add Ohri`s and Karachi bakery to your list.

Had this list been put earlier in year I would have had a stumpous feast :p alas no hyderabad visit in sight for quite a long time.

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Missed this post before my recent visit to hyd. since it was my first visit, i was unaware of most of the hot spots,,, but managed to visit Karachi bakery, Santosh Dhaba , and few good places (i forgot their names) anyways, great help, will keep all of these in mind!


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Thank you for the compilation! I've been to most of the places, but there are plenty that needs to be visited. Will try and review them.

Cafe Bahar near Begumpet offers nice biriyani at par with Shadab.

Another place I went once with a Kashmiri Pundit friend is Kashmir Heights again in Begumpet. Pretty authentic stuff. A little on the expensive side, though!
For Authentic home made North Indian food visit Delhi 39, @ Gachibowli, Not so expensive but food is real tasty.

Can be an eat daily eatery for singles.

Other than these I liked food @ Angeethi & Sahib Sindh Sultan both BJN Group @ center stage mall.

Paradise for Biryanis, @ Madhapur, though never went to the original one at sikanderabad.

Banne Nawab @ Tolli chowki for Biryanis is also famous but never tried as I am a bunny...

Cheers !!!



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I will be crossing Hyderabad via ORR on my way to srisailam from Pune. Can anyone suggest good Biryani Restaurant near ORR? I don’t want to enter into the City. 2-3 Kms detour is ok.
I had been to Chutneys at Banjara hills and must say awesome food, great quality of course at a bit upper price.

Another option for great vegetarian food is "Bikanervala", at Inner ring road/ Road no 1, Banjara hills, which is just as good as it can be.


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Adding to the list:
Ohri's - Sahib's Barbeque: :r::r::r:
This is opposite Cyber Towers [near KFC]. Veg and Non Veg. Non Veg is good. You can try hear Chilli or Paan Icecream. Most of the days you get Haleem served.

Shah Ghouse: :r::r: Tolichowki [When coming from Mehedipatnam to Gachibowli] this is on the left side. Good Kebab and Biryani. During Ramzaan need to try Haleem.

Alpha Hotel: :r::r: Opposite Secunderabad Railway Station main entrance. Bakery is :r: [cheap] and you have really good variety. Biryani is awesome. Again a place for Non Veg.

Hotel Grand: :r::r: - Abids - Right beside the GPO of Hyderabad. Kebab and Biryani. I would rate the Biryani as the best to have.

Taj Mahal :r::r::r: - Abids - This is also near GPO very close to bus stop opposite the Grey Electronics Market. Place only for Veggies.

Taj Tristar :r::r::r: - Secunderabad - opposite to Manju theatre. Place only for Veggies. Dakshina Mandapam is for buffet and Flavours serve Ala carte. Food is good.
Thinespo ₹₹₹₹

How to reach?

When going from Suchitra circle towards Kompally, after crossing the Royal Enfield showroom take the service lane. Look for a Bridgestone shop - there’s a small gate just before that shop - that’s the entrance. Not very easy to find.

Plenty of parking space.
They sell bakery items as well.
Indoor and outdoor seating both available.
Open for dinner - not sure about lunch.

The ambiance is good, they serve American and Italian food. Pizzas are nice (thin crust and crunchy) burgers are also good. Do try the Peno Poppers (veg) - my wife and I order one plate each whenever we go.