Retirement time destination


hey, so in coorg an acre can cost you anything between 6-7 L if it's close to town centre ie madikeri..otherwsie i guess you can get it for anything like 2-3L


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An acre of land for mere 6-7L! That seems quite cheap when similar area near matheran or mahabalehswar would cost atleast 10-15 times higher.


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Unless you are 40+, its too early to plan. World will change by then.

Till then, just save up the money. If you retire at 45+ You will still have 25 years to live. If unlucky, maybe plan accordingly. If you spend about Rs. 4 lakh per annum today, you would need atleast 25*4 lakh = 1 crore adjust to iflation about Rs 5 crores in cash when u retire! Think about it.