Review Nokia 1650, best phone for travelers


I have been using Nokia 1650 since last Sunday, ever since my Sony Ericsson K700i died. Having used it for over a week, here is my review of Nokia 1650, from the perspective of a traveler.

Introduction: Nokia 1650 is a lightweight color screen mobile phone from Nokia with FM and flashlight. One of the main attribute which attracted me to Nokia 1650 was Nokia’s claim that it’s battery is good enough for up to 8 hours of talk time or 17.5 day standby time, which would essentially mean, that I wouldn’t have to carry mobile charger with me, on majority of my trips! Icing on the cake was the price, Rs. 1750 with bill and 1 year warranty!

Nokia 1650 Review: first thing that struck me, when I bought the 1650, was the smallish size of the box, which was half the size of K700’s box and contained the handset, battery, user guide, charger and hands free i.e. same things which K700 package had.

The first thing that struck me as I turned on the Nokia 1650 was its color screen, way better in resolution and brightness than K700’s! Second thing which I noticed was the keypad, which is quite rubbery and really no where near as good as K700’s or for that matter, Nokia 3315’s. Another bad thing is ring tones, which aren’t as loud as the sound produced by its vibrator, when placed on a desk!

Once I got it fully charged, it was time to play with some of its features. FM radio’s reception is good and one has the option of saving up to 10 radio channels. Accompanying headset is ok for generic listening; however the sound quality isn’t that good and the loudspeaker sounds a lot better and louder. Flashlight is powerful enough to show the way in dark and is certainly a good feature to have, especially since top navigation button can be configured to turn it on in one click!

Coming back to the primary reason we carry mobile phone, phone calls and sms. Network reception is top notch and call quality is quite good as well, typical Nokia. Typing a sms can be pain due to the rubbery keypad; however one does have the option of sending the sms in 18 languages.

One of the really useful features I found for travelers like us is the basic and easy to use spreadsheet program. This can be used to keep track of daily expenses during a trip, and does away with the need to take out diary and pen each time you stop for food or petrol.

Nokia 1650 battery performance: Even though Nokia claims up to 8 hours of talk time and up to 17.5 days of standby time, I wasn’t really expecting it to last that long. However after 7 days of moderate use, which includes 2 hours and 46 minutes worth of phone calls, 40-50minutes worth of FM usage, 15-20 minutes worth of game play and 5-6 minutes of flashlight usage along with general fiddling with features and reading sms’s etc. there is still one bar left in the battery status and it hasn’t yet started beeping, demanding to be recharged again. That’s an impressive battery backup, should do away with the need of carrying a mobile charger, at most of my trips.

Overall I am quite impressed and satisfied with Nokia 1650, even though it doesn’t have a camera, mp3 player or GPRS/WAP (which I don’t use anyway), however does have all the features I do use and more!

Nokia 1650 Specifications:

Operating frequency: GSM Dualband EGSM 900/1800 MHz
Weight: 80 g
Length: 104.2 mm
Width: 43.8 mm
Thickness: 17.8 mm
Display: 65,536 colors, 128 x 160 pixels CTSN display
Ringing Tones: MP3-grade, 32-chord polyphonic MIDI ringing tones
Text messaging: Supports concatenated SMS, picture messaging, SMS distribution list
Large SMS storage on phone - up to 250 SMS
Easy to create and send SMS – with local input method
Integrated FM radio
Multi Phonebook - Up to 5 individual Phone books
Speaking clock and alarm
Analogue and digital clock screen saver options
Integrated handsfree loudspeaker
Time Tracker
Call Duration Log
Sales Package Contents: Nokia 1650 phone, Nokia Battery BL-5C, Nokia Compact Charger AC-3, Nokia Headset HS-47 and User Guide
Battery: BL-5C
Talk time: Up to 8 hrs (company claimed)
Standby time: Up to 17.5 days (company claimed)
Tested battery backup: 7+ days with 2 hours and 46 minute talk time

Price: Rs. 1750 (Rs. 2009 MRP)


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This is a nice simple sturdy phone but different strokes for different folks. My personal VFM buy would be the sony k790i (if only it had a better battery) - atleast you can click pics and listen to music all the time, or asus p320 (GPS too!).

I'm still waiting for a 3MP+ camphone with GPS to reach 10-12k (legend hcx price!) and then i'll buy!

seriously, wouldnt you want to listen to music, take tracks, and then also click if you found something intersting along the way?

ofc, the current battery performance of any such smartphone is pathetic, but what can we do!


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Rightly said Hitanshu, different strokes for different folks.

Now that you have discussed GPS, I am planning to buy an E71 soon but it is still not clear whether the phone has an integrated GPS chipset or has only A-GPS. Surfed various reviews and asked a couple of people but noone is clear whether there is a chipset in it or it just works on A-GPS. Anyone has any idea?


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@amitmaggo... The E71 has GPS built in and also has A-GPS for faster lock. If you are not too keen on business features of the E71 and looks... I would suggest the N82, one of the best handsets from Nokia till date.


Hitanshu, you are right in a way and I was in a similar mindset at one time and that was the reason I had bought the K700i for 17k few years back, when I was working at a call center. Back then I did used to listen to music during the cab ride and also used to watch videos on it and did click plenty of photographs with it as well.

However after that, I have almost never used the mp3 player, video player, GPRS or camera, because I have my computer at home which is what I use to watch movies, videos and surf internet with. And when I go out, I almost always carry my camera with me and frankly, real cameras have much-much better quality then those that are built into phones.

While touring, I don’t like to listen to music while riding and the only time I used the mp3 player in my K700i was in my 18 day solo ride to Ladakh in 2006, when I found my self at Rangdum Guest House at around 3 pm and had virtually nothing to do so used it to kill some spare time. Of course at that time I wasn’t as interested in photography as I am now, else I would have probably spent that time capturing some beautiful photographs.

As for GPS, most of the smart phones don’t last more than a few hours if you keep the GPS on and this defeats the very purpose of owning a GPS, as you wouldn’t be able to track your complete route. I would rather spend 10-12k in getting a proper GPS, which would work for 15-20 hours on a pair of rechargeable AA battery and would thus be much more useful and rugged.

While touring, the last thing I want is to hunt for a socket to charge my phone cum camera cum GPS cum mp3 player, instead of simply enjoying the ride.


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During the last monsoon because of my sheer stupidity one day I managed to kill 3 Cellphones at a go

Sony Ericsson W810i
Nokia 3220
Samsung SGH-C170

A total loss of 30K+ in an hour. Which made me wonder, anyday anytime shit may happen so why risk so much money on a phone when I can get one for 1-2K which will serve the main purpose of a cellphone i.e. talking and texting. Hence got the Virgin V-Trendy for 1.5K with lifetime validity and frankly speaking I'm quite satisfied with it. Which helped me to make a resolution that for the rest of my life I'm gonna use only "use and throw" phones and this nokia one surely fall into that category. Thanx for the review Yogesh, I might get one soon.