Review of 2011 CBZ xtreme-silver color


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Re:CBZ xtreme 2011-15000kms update

My "Silver King",the name with which i call my bike has completed 15000 kms...

Got it serviced today at the service centre of hero...
Normal paid service done...
No change of engine oil...
I asked for the 15T front sproket of the achiever,but they said you need to buy the whole kit,so i canceled the idea of buying it from the svc....

Now things which I have done as a aftermarket modifications...
Buying a 15T sproket and fitting it....
Benefits-Lower stress on the engine when cruising on highways,Higher top end,Taller gearing,increased mileage(kmpl).
Cons-A little bit sluggish in pickup.

Engine oil also changed outside service centre.
Oil used-CASTROL POWER1-10w30 semi synth....

Mileage-its constantly giving me 47-50 kmpl in city as well as highway conditions(ratio 40:60)..

Yogesh Sarkar

Why change oil outside? Take it to the service center and ask them to put it in. Majority of the mechanics outside don't even know how to operate a wrench properly and end up messing the groves of the oil drain nut or at times, over tighten it.


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I make sure to watch every little step while the mechanic is opening or closing the nut...
I bow down on my knees to make sure everything is fine and he is not able to screw up anything....


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Re: Tyre

Hello all....
My silver king has done over 16500kms till now...
Now from the experts i want to ask whether i should change the tyre or can it be used for the Leh trip?
I m attaching the pic of the same....
If not then which tubeless tyre should i opt for... tyre size 100/90-18 56P



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Just an Update...
Happy 2nd birthday to my silver king....
COmpleted 18600 kms as of today...
Loving it more and more each and every passing day....


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Service update
Kms done-24412
Things done & Cost
1-Engine oil change -250
2-Airfilter Change-130
3-Spark plug change-102

Total bill-482 + labour

Things to be done in next service
1-Change of rear break shoe
2-Disk pad change
3-Break oil change.

I switched back to the 14T front sproket which i had stored with me when i changed back with the Unicorn front sproket.

Engine is smooth and no problems whatsoever.
Will be updating the mileage with the changes in the upcoming weeks.


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Yet another Service Update of My Silver King
Kms Done- 26084
Things done & Cost
1- Rear break shoe change-230
2-Rear wheel Dampener-108(rubbers attched with the wheels)
3-Break shoe Spring-11
4-Engine Oil-250
5-Front Forks oil and seal-100 & 190
6-Front Break Pads-589


Things to be done Before heading towards Leh
1- Rear tyre change
2- Semi Synth oil change
3- Lubricant for the chain.

Engine is Smooth,Gear shifts a little hard,but they will ease out with time.
Now the damping is smooth of front shockers. Before the service it had started leaking a bit,and there was always a Kat sound when the bike hit any pothole or speed breaker.
Now the sound is gone,and smooth ride throughout.

Mileage constantly getting 40-45 within city with 60+ speeds. Will increase if ride it in the range of 45-55 kmph.