Ride through hell to see the heaven.


Since last years Spiti tour, i wanted to see all white spiti.Heard that this time there was less snow and moreover just got a 3 day leave so spiti plan was cancelled.What now?

Snowed in Kalpa and chitkul last week.Bingo

Problem was it was holi and everyone wanted to spend it with family.At last one of my roomies agreed.He has never been on a bike trip before.He wanted to take his bull but i insisted that we rode on one bull as he was not experienced in riding in hills.All set and on 23th march we started our journey.Plan was to reach tapri or kalpa or sangla on the ist day.

and the traditional teaser : (sorry, all images clicked with my HTC mobile so bear with quality)

Suicide point.jpg


Introduction :

Rider : Myself vikram.Did spiti in june 2015 and then chakrata-shimla in Jan 2016.

Pillon : Amandeep singh ,My roommate.Never rode in hills before.

Ride : RE electra 350

23rd March :

The plan was to start early and reach kalpa / sangla by evening.During spiti ride we started at 7 from panchkula and reached tapri at around 5:30 PM.So my guess was if we start a bit early we can reach kalpa/sangla by 6 PM.we started at around 5:30 AM.The problem to be was the bags.There were 2 bags with us.A big one with clothes and a laptop bag with other essentials.Aman said he will carry the big one and i can have the lapi bag attached to the tank.We had reached narkanda when aman told me he couldnt carry the bag as it was a bit heavy and his shoulders were paining already.So i decided that i will have the big bag on tank and he can carry the lapi bag.and for 3 days the big bag was on the tank.Luckily it was placed in such a way that the handle was still free to move so it didnt cause us any problems.I knew that the road till wangtu will be ok and after that till tapri was hell.Reached Wangtu at around 4 as planned and then was the 10km strectch to tapri.kept on riding slowly and reached tapri at around 4:30.It was still some time left for sunset so decided to keep riding.The only fear i had was that last year we had to take a 17 km diversion from tapri to reach chooling as the road was blocked due to huge landlslide but luckily this time the road was open.but the road from tapri market was blocked due to landslide.So had to take the road from behind the tapri RH.When we reached the point from where the highway was blocked last year and saw the mess there, i realized why it took them so long to open it.the whole mountain had fell on road and the makeshift bridge they had made always got washed away during rains.Thats why we had to take the 17km diversion for a 4 km road.We were the only ones on road with some local pickups coming now and then.i was still confused with kalpa or sangla.took a break at chooling and saw the clouds giving the impression that it will rain as forecasted.Decided to go to kalpa as then the next day we can try sangla chitkul and back to sangla.reached peo at around 6 PM.There were two roads from there.one was bypass and other pangi-kalpa.missed the real kalpa road and took the pangi road by mistale and we regreted it when we saw the big gate with word WELCOME TO PANGI . bhencho yeh kaha se aa gya.A pick up was coming from the village. Signalled it and without even speaking to him, the driver said.Galat aa gye bhai ji.kalpa uss side hai and he signalled us to follow him.We did and reached kalpa in 20 minutes.Well not kalpa but 2 km before the town but were too tired to try to reach there and booked the ist hotel we found.Not the best one but we didnt cared as all we wanted was a good sleep.but the keeper there was very nice as one would expect from people there.Took a bath and went to kalpa village to see the temples but as it was already 8 everything was closed.Came back and then came out the MONK we had taken from panchkula.The keeper arranged a bon fire for us in the garden and we started the chit chat.He told us about the kinner kailash trek and how people go there to see the shivling and that its not the actual one that is seen in pics.told us how one man tried to reach the actual one,which is always covered with around 50ft galciers and the man never came back.then introduced us to the cook who had done the trek last year.After an hour of talking went to our room to sleep.I dont know why but i cant sleep when i am travelling.only slept for 3-4 hours i guess and then i was waiting for the morning.