Ride through the Western Ghats


Bikers bound to ride on saturday(22nd Jun 2006) met near Kadamba to discuss about the ride. Ate Puliyogre, drank coffee very happily thinking that the ride would exceed thousand kms. Srikeerthi said that the ride will not exceed 700 kms. As I had a very big riding itch from many months, I started thinking about the ride. Made a firm decision at 11:00PM that I should atleast cover 900-1000kms. So, sent sms to everyone saying that I would meet them directly at Kemmangundi. Filled fuel at 11:30 and kick started towards Chikkamagalur.

Rode till Channarayapatna where I had to stop as the mist had covered the road avoiding me to cruise on the highways. Stopped there for 30 mins when the fog subsided. Started the journey and stopped in Hassan again for my regular coffee dose.

Some photos which took between Hassan and Belur:

Reached Chikkamagalur when I called the other fellas who were still having breakfast. I went to Belur which is one of the most ancient temples in India. Spent less time there as it was not the first time I had visited the place.

Some great photos of Belur:

After taking some photos of the great temple, I headed towards Chikkamagalur where I had breakfast. Called up Srikeerthi, he said he is still having breakfast with others. I headed towards Horanaadu.

Some photos that I took on the way to Horanaadu:

You cannot miss this photo, which is true offroading:

Booked a room and made space for my luggage. Went to the temple. Had lunch in the temple itself and walked for sometime in the holy place. Went to room, the bed forced me to take a nap where it got converted to a sound sleep for 4 hrs. Others had already reached Kemmangundi and they were having enough amount of fun. I got up and headed towards Chikkamagalur which is 150 kms from Horanaadu.

Some great pics of Kelagur Tea Estate:

If you observe carefully, the water has touched the level of the bridge:

People around asked him to catch Balehonnuru road which is just great and I could also visit Sringeri, so headed towards Kalasa from where I took a deviation to Balehonnuru and Sringeri. Din't visit the temple as it was getting too late.

On the way to Chikkamagalur:

En route to Chikkamagalur, I visited this Coffee Shop. This coffee shop is owned by the Bhadra Coffee Estate and the coffee you get for just 5Rs is just great and refreshing.

Clicked few snaps and started towards Chikkamagalur. Reached Chikkamagalur at 6:00PM.

Me posing near a paddy field in Chikkamagalur.

This is one the best Residential Schools in India:

Had snacks in a sick hotel. From Chickkamagalur, Kemmangundi is just 50plus kms. The mist on the mountains was so thick that I was not able to exceed speeds of 20-40kmph.

Look at these photos, my bike is equipped with a Phillips 100/90 all season headlamp. Even with the powerful headlamp, the light was not reaching the ground. If I had a 35/35W headlight setup, I would have had to wait till it was dawn.

It took me two hours to reach Kemmangundi. Now the real problem(funny though) started. I did not know the room name or number where other Bikers have boarded in the place and it was real hard to find the information. Mobile was not accessible. I started searching each and every room. I heard a few people speaking in a room and I thought they are my team mates as the sounded very identical. Went and tapped the door. No response. Knock knock again. No response. Window was open. Went there and shouted "Bagilu tagiro goobegala"(open the door you owls). There was complete silence from their side. Apologised with them and left the place with an embarassed face. Went straight to the canteen. My surprise. All the fellas that I was searching was all the time was here. With a great sigh of relief, said hi to everyone. Had dinner and went to sleep. Now, the real fun began. Harshavardhana, Srikeerthi, Ajith and myself were in the same room and everyone started cracking a joke. Man, we were not able to sleep and my stomach started paining in short time just because of excessive laughing. All the four were very active even in the late night until we slept off.

Got up in morning. It was just great to see mountain mist. Had coffee, breakfast and rode towards Shanti Falls and Z(Zero) point.

Me posing proudly on the way to Shanti Falls

Shanti Falls

Till Shanti falls, the team was together. Once we reached Shanti falls, few of us wanted to relax as they were not able to climb the hill. So, the rest of us started climbing until we reached the paradise. Man, the view ahead was just enthralling.

Check this, even at 10:30 in morning, it was very dark

Z Point

Never knew how time went as we spent 30 plus minutes there. Had great photo sessions. It seemed like the world's whole beauty was simplified at that place. Blowing wind was pushing us very hard and gripping our foot against the ground was a hard task. Life is not just fun or happiness. We climbed down.

Once we reached our rooms, we packed our backs and headed towards Dattathreya Peeta, another enchanting place on earth.

Now, a short ride(app. 40 kms) between Kemmangundi and Dattathreya Peeta was the most funfilled and joyous.

Few photos taken enroute to Dattathreya Peeta:

The road had 'n' number of twisties and hair pin bends all the way. Just imagine eleven bikes whipping on roads at maximum possible pace all the way. There are few instances where people called monsoon rally is happening in Chikkamagalur. Still cannot forget the Ford Fiest and Maruti Swift who got disturbed seeing the "Cars Suck" stickers on our bikes. They tried to out do us, alas, failed to. They got beaten by every other Biker on the way. There are instances where jeep drivers stopped for a while to make way for the almighty bikers. Reached the top of Dattathreya Peeta. Spent very less time here and started to Chikkamagalur when Ajith Rao's bike broke down with a flat tyre. Had to stop for a while till we got this fixed. The repair time was 20 mins when we spent sipping coffee with some buiscuits to follow with. Again started towards Chikkamagalur and filled the thirsty fuel tanks of almost all the bikes in the team. Reached the hotel when our Apache ryda Murugesh realised that he has forgotten his back pack in the puncture shop. He asked us to have lunch and started towards the puncture shop which was some 60 kms to and fro. We had some food when Mrugesh returned very quickly. Unfortunate guy, he had rammed into a cow enroute and had minor damages on his bike. But he was safe and he got the bag. He had something very light and we all started towards Bangalore.

Now, once we reached Belur, Amrit Nayak's bike had a puncture and half of the group had to stop when the others proceeded till the stopped in Hassan and waited for us. We got the puncture fixed and met them from where we all rode back to Bangalore. Again, we din't even finish 50 kms of riding when my bike's chain sprocket broke. Praveen and Srikeerthi came back to help me when others waited. Just imagine. It was sunday and the time was showing 8:00 in the night. There was no possibility of getting a mechanic. We somehow got the bike in riding condition but I had to do very slow speeds. Even though everyone said they would wait for me, I forced them to carry on. My luck, when I told about my problem to a shopkeeper Channarayapatna, I was guided to a mechanic's house inside the town. He took 30 mins to put my bike to proper riding condition till I reach Bangalore. Started ripping my bike at 8500 rpm all the way until I met all my team mates in Nelamangala. I was so shocked to have attained that speed that too in the night. Again, Ajith Rao's bike had some issues with the tyre where my puncture kit was useless. He had to park it in a hospital and took drop from Harshavardhana. Entire fun became memories and trip meter had 890 kms when I reached home.


Wow you guys in Bangalore really know who to spend your weekends; damn I missed all this when I was there in December. I guess the next time go to Bangalore I better take my bike along and go for a ride with you all :)
Wow that is neat. I never knew you have such good places to ride to one weekend even if you are alone.

I wish I had a bike when I too was in Bangalore as Yogesh back in 2004. As it is my weekends were going pretty boring if only I had a bike maybe could have had some fun riding then.