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Hi everyone,

My first travelogue

It was 2008, when I joined BCMtouring. In-fact lot earlier, I had started following it and started building dreams to travel on a motorcycle and explore the places. However, as with all, life always had some other plans for me, I got so busy with the work and other personal stuff, that all I could do in my free time, to scroll through the travelogues from all the wonderful people who were living their life/dream.
Really thankful and amazed with the effort Yogesh Sarkar has put in to create such an awesome platform for travellers and the way people share their stories, travelogues , it feel so much at home, this friendly the forum is. There is not even a ounce of doubt, BCM is the best. For me atleast! emotions attached. What also amaze me, it is still being run with same commitment and passion, my sincere wishes for its further growth.
I Still remember the time, during my masters, I used to scroll through and read all those travelogues. Especially the Ladakh rides during that time, it was not that commercialized and used to feel like a true adventure and was so amazed with the beauty of it.

Ok, back to the topic. This is my first travelogue on BCM. Kindly bear with me, as I am new to writing and planning to improve gradually with more such travelogues. welcome any suggestions/feedback. However, still try to put the efforts to make it interesting.

Here it is, the Munsiyari Ride.

I was in Mumbai on a project and sitting in a client’s office, when my brother suddenly called me asking for suggestions, that he and some of his colleagues are planning to visit some place in mountains and they have four days in hand, mode of travel would be taxi or self drive. The date was 10th of March.

We discussed on few places, but almost all ticked off, as either those were too commercialized or already been to. Then suddenly, Munsiyari came in mind, the name got in my mind from one of the Yogesh sarkar’s travelogue few months back. I was convinced about the destination & its charm , however, challenge was managing the newbies fancies. These elder boys were found of morning breakfast rides ! & here was the place which need some level of commitment & at least fitness standard where people did attest 10 mins walking at least once a week !! hilarious it was ! when I broke the news that it will be a continuous ride of four days. Usage of camera would have been an insane act to capture their expressions. Nevertheless, they were sport & gave up during beer conviction session. Given up kind of sport, maybe ! I did not care much, after-all I was the only hope of their riding dream.

Anyways, shared few travelogues with him and other information about the place and some nice pictures to make my case stronger. All unanimously agreed. Now the twist, same day in the evening, put forward a suggestion to do it on motorcycles. Initial slight hesitation but all agreed to that as well!

no one had done such trips before on a bike, I was the only one who is used to motorcycle rides to far of places, have been doing it past 8-10 years, whenever gets time or when threshold of mundane life reaches the limit. However, after some convincing and market the place and fun doing it on a motorcycle, they all agreed. Now the question was, can we do it in 4 days? Some travelogues and blogs, people have done it in 4 days, so we all were convinced.
Start day was agreed on 21st of March. I also had booked my tickets from Mumbai for evening flight on 20th.

Everyone was excited about the trip, mostly because now it is going to be an adventure trip, a motorcycle ride. During this euphoric moments, I ensured limited discussion on exhaustion & numbness kind of subjects & they had no idea what they were getting in to. Anyhow, Preparations started, as no one had the safety gear and all were too excited/curious about wearing new jackets & shoes ( riding gear ) & how to manage such rides etc..suddenly everyone build the interest into riding and started to explore blogs on Internet. I remember we used to discuss this on a whats-app group whole days, suggesting what knee guard, jacket, gloves etc to buy, sharing pictures and everyone had their own beautiful, insightful, innocent perspectives, trust me riders, it was fun to watch. Interestingly one of elder boy, showered his wisdom ( god forgive, this is my 8 year older brother !) & suggested to go for alpine star. Of-course, this was time to introduce him with price list before taking them to shopping. With immediate correction, all were aligned. Of course, these finance guys were good at some thing they frequently uttered budgets, investment & benefit realizations kind of words which I ignored. Simply, went for shopping all alone bought stuff & asked them to pay their dues.

Another week gone by, while, discussing on places to stay and route to taken. We or rather I, finalized on the preliminary itinerary, however we did not book any hotels in advance, as I was not sure how much we would manage to ride in a day and did not want to stress the group before reaching the destinations (Only Munsiyari kmvn booked), as I was told, KMVN in Munsiyari is hard to get due to less number of good hotels there and should be booked in advance by atleast a week.. I don’t know, but some how i am convince about belief of Shri Sharukh khan, that, agar aap kisi cheez ko dil se chahein to saari kaynath aapko use milane main lag jati hain. In my case this cheez was KMVN room on first floor. The only room left for booking & we got it. INR 2600/- for four people, with breakfast !

Amidst all this, 20th came, me the brave-heart, the Armageddon of the group was still wondering. What made me to commit for this trip with out assessing the state of my project. i was still not sure, whether I’ll be able to make it or not. It tried convincing the group to postpone, but these old boys destroyed my leadership belief & declared, “it’s ok please focus on your job, we’ll manage !”. all of sudden I felt so redundant. These managers made me feel redundant again, as usual. But, it’s me, could not let go the opportunity of establishing my realm, how could I let go opportunity to lead the pack. So, managed my work efficiently ! & you all would agree, I must leave this part of story. However, looking at brighter side, by now everyone was confident of doing it and quire excited about it with or without me.

Day -1

Here we were, all geared up in the Morning 4 AM in Gurgaon, knocking cash full of ATMs to throw some cash from our dried accounts. We were lucky, some leftover was there to keep our ride dream alive ! shri Sharukh khan ji was right again !. me the photographer in the picture, along with elder boy is clicked below. Third one, quite expectedly reached as per scheduled time, of course as per his his own time table. Fourth rider, was scheduled to join the gang at garhmukteshwar from meerut, post completing his weekly ritual of meeting the family.


Reached near Garmukteshwar toll in three hours with a small break. Without wasting much of the time, we continued our journey and took out first proper break near Moradabad and reached almora around 2 PM. By this time everyone was little tired & there is no need to mention, as such, that we did not slept before night.
In almora we took a break of another 1 1.5 hours and discussed on the possible locations we can break our journey and all agreed on staying in Jageshwar. We were clueless about the place, did not even knew that the temple is one of the 12 Jyotrilingas. Our main reason for selecting Jageshwar, as google was showing lot of stay options there on Jageshwar road and it seemed to be a small de-tour from the Munsiyari road.


Hotel booked by us, was misplaced by google on wrong side of our decided route. We believed, jageshwar road should be enroute to jageshwar dham. But, ofcoure it was not the case. Without testing & validations we accepted the hypothesis. We did not realized that Jageshwar road can lead to opposite end as well and hotel could actually be located on the other far end connecting it to Binsar.

By the time of realization & watch, we reached nearto Jageshwar dham by around 6:00 pm, taken lot of small sutta-chai and photography breaks in between. It was turned dark, beautiful mountain brightness made us ride last miles with lot of smiles but here, sudden darkness, with no GPS direction & no one to ask for direction.
The ride from almora to Jageshwar was really interesting, The deodar trees lining the road, we all actually forgotten the tiredness we had till almora and everyone was excited and enjoying the ride.

Below, few pics taken enroute..






The serach for the hotel began, jageshwar was still some 10 kms from there, another 5 kms, we did not find any such hotel on the way. Tried reaching the hotel number for details, but no signals!! Finally checked with some local guy working in some another hotel on the way, and surprise, we are on the wrong direction and our hotel is almost 30 kms from there and we would need to go back all the way and join the munsiyari road. We all were clueless and surprised, how this could happen and why no one actually thought about it and instead of agreeing to Jageshwar, why no one suggested to search the Hotel route itself in the beginning .
It was started to become dark, also we were tired. So agreed to book a hotel there itself in jageshwar.

Tried few options, but did not like the rooms. Then finally saw KMVN near the temple, checked with the caretaker, but to our dis-appointment, room can only be booked online and in advance. However, after some convincing, caretaker agreed to give us 2 rooms and helped us through the booking as well., being a weekday, Less tourists that day could be the reason we got rooms so easily there. Anyways we finally got 2 cozy rooms on the first floor with a nice view to the Temple.
During our stay there, we actually came to know about the importance of the place among Hindus, as it is one of the twelve Jyotrilingas, but surprisingly the place is not that commercialised and still has that far-off place charm in it with small shops/dhabas around and a small village, all living around the temple itself.


Next day plan was to wake up early around 6, get ready, and visit the temple. Because of tiredness of the long ride last day, we could not woke up on time and actually visited the temple around 9.
Some shots of the temple, next day morning..







Then the photography session started, without realizing we spent more then 2 hours in Temple premises. Came back to the hotel, had our breakfast and started for further journey, it was already 11:30.


Day 2, to be continued … Journey to Munsiyari

Below are some teasers in High-resolution !

few pics






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glue to this thread as i also wanted to do this place but in month of june


A Rebel, in pursuit of a memorable life ...
Summary of the ride and the route-taken
First day, we started from Gurgaon early in the morning at around 4.30am and reached almora
by 2:30 pm. Stayed at KMVN Jageshwar.
2nd day, visited the temple and started our journey further towards Munsiyari. (we started at 12pm!)
reached Muniyari by 8 pm.
3rd day, visited the Nanda devi temple and started the journey back, this time taken the Shama route.
and stayed in Binsar KMVN.
4th day, Visited the Binsar forest and rode till KMVN binsar and started the journey back by arounf 12
and reached home at around 11:30 pm.
can you please post google maps route for better understanding