Ride to Goa and a visit to CSI Basel Mission Hospital, Gadag, Karnataka.

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.......Hospital part continued


The first sight of hospital


The name board of the Hospital


Hospital entrance now, 2022.

hospital entrance 1933.jpg

Hospital Entrance in the year 1933 (Picture Courtesy Basel Mission Archives).


Hospital Canteen​

Lingayatism and Christianity
Compared to other three south Indian states, the christian mission organisations are very less in Karnataka, in my perspective. I heard about the Lingayat movement which was formed against the caste system and preached equality to all. Lingayat movement influenced great social reforms in Karnataka unlike other south indian states, where, right to education for all were brought by christian missionaries. Lingayat believes in monotheism (One God) and are against caste discrimination, as taught by their founder Basava. I was wondering, in Gadag, where there was a huge 147 meters concrete statue for the great scholar Basava stands a tall in the city center, how there was a possibility of christian Basel mission field. I asked this doubt to Dr Ajay Raju and he in fact told that there was a prophecy to Lingayats that a foreign God will be introduced to them by Light coloured people and the Lingayat scholars of that times, called for Europeans preaching in Hubli and Dharwad to Preach here in Gadag.
As I pondered upon, I found in internet about Channappa Uttangi who was a third generation Lingayat Christian. He was often invited to preach in festivals conducted by Hindu Lingayats. Channappa Uttangi joined Basel mission in 1908 and served for 33 years.
For further reading please refer this link


Statue of the 12th century scholar Basava, the Founder of Lingayatism. (Pic. from Google)​

CSI Basel Mission Hospital.
The Basel mission hospital was started in 1902 by Basel mission from Switzerland. The early doctors who served here in Gadag were Germans and hence the natives often identify as German hospital.
At present, the Basel mission hospital is 150 bedded, NABH accredited hospital. Dr Ajay Raju , joined Basel mission hospital in 2006 at the age of 28 years and continue to serve tirelessly and ably supported by his wife, Dr Savita Ajay, a general Physician.
Dr Ajay Raju , took me around the hospital wards, departments and showed all the facilities available. The Hospital service was well appreciated during the covid times and it was the one hospital which did meet the demand and supply of Oxygen through their established liquid Oxygen plant.
In many aspects, Basel Mission hospital remains a pioneer in introducing new innovations in advanced treatment techniques and facilities to the people of Gadag. The services are rendered at a very nominal costs keeping in mind the motto of Basel mission.


Hospital OPD block


Entrance to OPD building


Year built was engraved on the OPD Block


Operation Theater


Operation Theater


Paediatric ward.


Scan Block


MRI Scan


Male ward


Female ward


Cath Lab


Dialysis room.


Neonatal ICU


Physiotherapy Department


Facilities available at PT department

  • Facilities Available at CSI Basel Mission Hospital
24×7 Emergency/Trauma unit
  • Full Time Consultants in General Medicine, General Surgery, Paediatrics ,OBG & Orthopedics

Visiting Consultants in Super Speciality of Paediatric Surgery,Urology, Neurology, Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Nephrology.

In House Services Of Lab, Pharmacy, Radiology

High tech Operation Theatres and CathLab

Facility Of ICU, Paediatric ICU, Neonatal ICU

Dialysis, Endoscopy, Colonoscopy, ERCP Facility

24*7 Ambulance

  • Almost all medical insurances are accepted here in Basel Mission Hospital.
  • Nursing assistant course for girls is offered here and the hospital is in the verge of getting recognition to start Bsc Nursing course with all prerequisites.
Needs of the Hospital
There is a dire need for full time physicians. Dr Ajay Raju and Dr Savita Ajay, dedicated themselves to work round the clock. Most of the super specialty departments were managed through consultants who works part time. The Basel Mission Hospital needs :
  • Orthopedician
  • Anesthetist
  • Pediatrician
  • Resident duty doctors
I hope that someone appropriate, gets connected by reading this information.

Dr Ajay Raju told that he will take me for dinner after 7.30 pm and left me with his P.R.O, Samuel, to go to theatre where a patient was posted for cholecystectomy.
I went to my room and around 7.50 pm, Dr Ajay came and took me to ClarksInn Hotel,Gadag. We had a sumptuous dinner with soups, manchurian starters, main course on Naan and a Gadag special Saoji chicken curry. We were discussing about the challenges in serving mission field, the recent change in government norms, fund crisis, competing with corporate giants and so on. I enjoyed the chat with fellow professional, who was very friendly on a very short meet. He was also an avid trekker and a biker with "Leh return" tag. He dropped me back in my room in Sabha Bhavan guest house around 10 pm.

Clarks Inn Restaurant


With Dr Ajay Raju, after Dinner, at Clarks Inn, Gadag - Betagiri

End Odo 60297 km
Total distance covered on day 1 = 628 Km​

He said he will take me around the Orphanages in the hospital tomorrow and bid me good night.
I went to bed early, keeping the lights on which I could not resist even after becoming an adult , when sleeping alone in a new place.


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25/05/2022 Wednesday -

In the morning I woke up to my regular alarm at 4.35 am, but got out of the bed around 5.30 am and freshened up. I called Sam, to show me a simple tea shop and we walked down the street. We had tea for just Rs 5/- per cup. The locals were clad in white pyjamas with white Nehru caps. I was told by Sam that it is the common style of dress for farmers.


Sabha Bhavan, Hospital Guest house.


Tea shop, Gadag​

We returned and I told Sam to pick me up around 8.30 am. I told Sam that I would take him for breakfast to a nearby vegetarian hotel. Exactly at 8.30 am he came and took me to Hotel Kamat. We ordered paper roast dosa, Idli and coffee. The food was delicious.

Morning breakfast at Kamat Hotel


With P.R.O. Sam​

By that time I got a call from Dr Ajay Raju, that he would meet me near the hospital canteen to take me around the three orphanages run by the Basel Mission Hospital. I was a little late in joining him at 9.20 am.
First we visited an orphanage for HIV negative boys and girls. The orphanage was originally started for children with Polio and after eradication of polio, the orphanage started accommodating children who tested HIV negative, born to HIV positive parents. The girls and boys here were discharged from the orphanage only after they became an earning member of society with a job.

Orphanage for HIV-negative children born to HIV-positive parents

Girl's dormitory

Boy's dormitory

Activity area within the orphanage

Dining hall

Dining hall


Photo gallery of the alumni of the orphanage home


Dr Ajay and I, with the children of the orphanage

"The Beginning " Three orphan girls taking care of three polio children in 1927 (Picture courtesy of Basel Mission Archives)

Boys of the orphanage going to school in 1933 (Picture courtesy of Basel Mission Archives)

German doctors and nurses with the polio children at the orphanage in 1933 (Picture courtesy of Basel Mission Archives)​

Then we visited a boy's hostel within the Hospital campus funded partly by the Karnataka government . And then we visited Snehalaya boy's hostel which is in need of funding to run it as the foreign funds have ceased.The warden was showing some piggy banks which were to be distributed to willing sponsors in order to raise local funds. I shared our experience of creating a website and sending news letters to raise funds from local philanthropists.

Snehalaya boy's home ( now experiencing a funding crisis)

Snehalaya boy's dormitory​

We went to the nursing hostel and the block where nursing classes were conducted. Seeing all the mannequins, classrooms, activity labs and other infrastructure, I told Dr Ajay that the BSc nursing college permission will just be a matter of time.

Nursing Hostel, Basel Mission Hospital.

Nursing Hostel, Basel Mission Hospital.

Nursing Hostel, Basel Mission Hospital.

Nursing College Block

The same Nursing Block in 1933 (Picture courtesy of Basel Mission Archives)​

Dr Ajay accompanied me to my guest house, bade me goodbye and wished me a safe ride.
I got ready for the ride and loaded the luggage on the bike. I took the bike to the hospital entrance and called Sam to meet me there. I did not want to look like an alien inside the busy hospital campus in the morning hours in front of the weary patients. Sam got me change for Rs 1000/- in Rs 50/- denominations. That would be very helpful for local transactions. I forgot to hand over the room key at that time (I sent it by courier, after reaching home).

Bidding goodbye to Sam.​

Drifting back to the Ride!!!

I hit the highway around 11.20 am. The road was smooth and I was cruising at 90 km/hr. I felt the need to upgrade the bike which would help me to ride at 120 km/hr. God willing, I wish in near future to get a RE Himalayan 450. Tempted by the Yezdi adventure motorbike at the moment, but I would rather wait for RE Himalayan 450.

I got confused at a butterfly flyover terminal to Hubli but got it right after turning back from the wrong direction within a few 100 meters. The national highway was good till Hubli and later enroute to Dharwad, it became somewhat narrow with on coming traffic. When I turned on to the NH 748 leading to Goa, the road was bad for the first few kilometers. Then the road was good in the Ghat section but I could only maintain 60-70 km/hr. There were about 3 railway crossing on the way to Goa. The road was very bad for 100 meters before and after the railway crossings. I thought may be there was confusion between the railway and the roadway about "whose responsibility" it was to maintain the road.


Parched landscape on the highway from Gadag to Hubli

Diversion to Goa, 4 km before Dharwad.

NH 748 to Goa

Bad roads at railway crossings

Total of 3 Railway crossings like this to reach Goa from Dharwad

Ghat section before Mollem, Goa

Sahyadri mountains or Western Ghats​

The landscape changed from very arid to more like coastal Kerala as I was getting close to Mollem, Goa. The petrol was 7 rupees cheaper than in the other states I crossed. I was looking for some old Portuguese buildings or the remains of the war bunkers of the Indo-Goan war of 1961. To my amazement, I found none. Later my initial impression that, the Portuguese only maintained Goa for sea trade and they did not have any concern for Goans was confirmed.. Unlike the British, where they left behind their legacy of schools, colleges,hospitals, railways and government administrative buildings, I did not find anything other than those magnificent churches. However, I might be wrong in my perception, with my short exposure to Goa.
I was able to reach goSTOPSGoa, Calangute around 4.45 pm. I checked into an 8-bed air-conditioned dormitory.

goSTOPSGoa, reception

Parking area

Dormitories and rooms​

I met Parthasarathy from Hyderabad and Priyanka from Thrissur, Kerala. Both were IT professionals. They were on 'workation' (working, while holidaying in Goa). They were pretty excited to know that I rode all the way from Vellore Tamil Nadu.
After freshening up and changing into casuals, I rode to Calangute beach that was two streets away. After parking the bike on the side of the beach road, I entered the beach through a fishing hamlet. I took some photos of people paragliding with a speed boat and the sunset on the beach. After a few minutes there, I did not know what to do , being alone on the beach. I could not go in to the waves as I had a DSLR camera in my hand. I felt bored.

Entered Calangute Beach through a fishing hamlet

Calangute Beach

Calangute Beach

Calangute Beach

Calangute Beach​

Then I rode to Noronha's corner, a food truck parked near Assagao. I took the Baha beach road from Calangute. The google maps were very helpful all through out my journey. I hardly asked anyone for directions. I reached the place but found only a fruit vendor. When I asked her in English, what time the food truck would come? She replied to me in Hindi " Sade saath baje". OK, I understood that 7'o' clock. I was waiting from 6.50 pm. After 7 pm,I was restless and called to the telephone number mentioned in Google. The driver of a Maruti omni stopped with the phone in his hand and said the truck was coming behind.He was the person whom I saw in side Noronha's truck in the google images. He was looking like Dwayne Johnson, starring as the demi god, Maui, in a famous animated movie, Maona. The truck came at 7.30 pm exactly . Now I know what 'Sade' means in Hindi. I ordered a typical Goan dish, pork vindaloo which was served with two pieces of bread for Rs 310/- and a whisky-flavored home made chocolate for Rs 50/-

Noronha's Corner

Old Goan House opposite to Noronha's Corner

The food truck was ready to start business

Noronha's Corner

My bike parked near the truck.​

On the way back to Calangute from Baha Beach road, I stopped at a roadside park to take a picture of Ronaldo's statue and also with ''I LOVE GOA'' with back-lit letters.

Ronaldo's statue at Baha Beach road

With " I love Goa '' sign in the distance.

A close up photo

Ending odometer reading 60,584 km. Total distance covered on day 2 = 287 km​

I came back to the goSTOPSGoa backpackers hostel. Partha and Priyanka told that there was another biker who had arrived riding from Chennai.

Two bikes with Tamil Nadu registration in the parking lot.​

I was then introduced to Chitra, the biker. She rode her KTM 200 all the way through Bengaluru, Gokarna and to Goa in 4 days. She told me that she worked as a manager and was taking a break before starting a new job. It was fun talking with her in Tamil just to attract the attention of the rest of the gang.

Chitra, the biker from Chennai ( Picture courtesy of Instagram)​

Priyanka and Partha were trying to say a few words in Tamil in a funny way. There were giggles, smiles, and laughter while making fun of each others language. The chatting was going on and on in a potpourri of languages. Most of the guys were working online in the day time and partying at night, staying there for a few weeks to a month. As I was planning to start early in the morning to ride to Kulem, Goa for a visit to Dudhsagar waterfall, I excused myself and retired to bed around 10 pm.

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26/05/2022 Thursday -

I got ready around 5.45 am, after waking up to my regular alarm, and left for Kulem,Goa.

Starting odometer reading 60,591 km on day 3.

Theatre room and activity area at goSTOPGoa, Calangute.

Front lounge with long table inside for plugging and surfing activities

Entrance to goSTOPSGoa, Calangute​

While getting the bike I saw Partha still roaming around. He said he had been awake the whole night. I filled up with petrol on the NH 748 when the bike hit the reserve. Ten litres for a sum within 3 digits! I felt like time was travelling backwards.

Often trespassed on the Atal-Sethu bridge, which was prohibited for two wheelers

Morning view of the Mandovi River from the Atal Sethu bridge.​

I reached Kulem around 7.40 am and parked the bike in a nearby paid parking lot for Rs 50. He told me to leave the helmet on the bike and said "Idhar chor nahi hi". Ok, I got it - "No thief here''. I just prayed and took him at his word and left my brand new Rs 5000/- Axor helmet there on the bike. He told me to have breakfast in the nearby restaurant called ''FAMILY restaurant". As the name suggested, it was strictly meant for families. The owner has a sign displayed 'No smoking area' and his number beneath to complain immediately even if he was unavailable in person. I ordered dosa and tea. The bill came to Rs 90/- I saw a box for tips for the waiters and I put Rs 10/- in the box. A Tamil speaking family was dining with me. But I did not feel like introducing myself to them speaking in Tamil. To me, they seemed to be kind of serious personalities.

Family restaurant at Kulem.

Family restaurant at Kulem

Strict warning sign board at the Family restaurant at Kulem

The restaurant was located on the Jeep trail that led to the waterfall.​

I reached the Dudhsagar Tour Operator Association office and there were around 10 people inquiring at the counter.

Way to Dudhsagar jeep booking counter from restaurant.

DTOA, Kulem Goa.

Rules and regulations for the jeep ride to Dudhsagar Waterfall.​

Dudhsagar Waterfall

There were 4 ways to visit Dudhsagar:

  1. By train which stops at Dudhsagar station.
  2. By trek from Kulem railway station (11 km to Dudhsagar)
  3. By trek from Castle Rock railway station (14 km to Dudhsagar)
  4. By jeep to the base of Dudhsagar Falls (20 km on the river bed and marshy land. It takes 45 minutes to reach the base. No jeep ride option, during Monsoon from June to September.)
I chose the jeep mode due to lack of time. Also the easiest, safest and quickest of the options.
It is advisable to book in advance online for a fee of Rs 10/- The rest of the cost we have to pay in cash. Once the Jeep driver was allocated from DTOA booking office, I paid Rs 500/- to the jeep driver. The driver took us to an adjacent counter where I rented a life jacket for Rs 40/-. A life jacket is compulsory for a jeep ride.

Life jacket issuing counter​

Then the driver asked us to pay Rs 100/- each for forest entry at the forest check post. A fee of Rs 50/- was also collected for my camera there and also the plastic bottles of water and juice were counted and recorded. If we do not show the exact number of bottles on the return journey, we will be fined Rs 200/- per bottle.
It is advisable to go early and book for the 8 am to 9am slot. The total number of jeeps allowed per day is 60 according to the website. Our jeep driver said it is 260 per day. Each jeep accommodates a maximum of 7 persons. When I was standing at the counter, a Gujarati man with a family of four took the lead asking me to join them and a newly married Goan couple standing behind opted to join us. Thus we made it to 7 people for booking the jeep. I suggest you to check and speak around, while standing at the DTOA counter, to get to the magic number 7. Also carry enough paper currency. Of course, there were ATMs 200 meters away.
The best seat for this bumpy jeep ride is the front seat next to the driver. All are Mahindra Bolero jeeps. Being the single one among the passengers, by default, I was bestowed the opportunity to occupy the front seat.

From the front seat with rest of the passengers.

Forest check post, where forest entry fees and camera charges were collected.​

The ride was enjoyable, with muddy trails crossing the river and descending down to the base of the water fall. The water fall was four-tiered. The initial jeep route went parallel to the railway track. The railway bridge goes across the Dudhsagar at the third tier of the falls. That suggested that we had to descend one more tier to reach the base of the water fall. The total height of the falls is 320 meters or 1017 feet.

Jeep trail to Dudhsagar

Jeep trail to Dudhsagar

Jeep trail to Dudhsagar

Jeep trail to Dudhsagar

Jeep trail to Dudhsagar

Animals could be spotted on the early morning or late evening.​

After a 45 minutes jeep ride, we reached an area where Jeeps were parked and we had to walk 500 meters down the rocky path to reach the base of the waterfalls.

Entry to the jeep parking area.

Jeep parking area​

There were a few changing rooms and rest rooms. This would never be enough for the crowd that pours in later in the day. According to the website , the last jeep ride is 12 noon, but the jeep driver said that the jeep booking are taken till 4 pm. Again, despite the website claim of 60 Jeep entry per day, I heard from the driver that it would be around 240 Jeeps per day. The driver told us that only one trip was allotted for each driver but I felt that it could be two in a day.

Changing rooms and rest rooms were very few.

Small foot bridge to cross the stream from the water fall.

Stream below the waterfall

Stream below the waterfall

Path to the waterfall. A distance of 500 meters from the jeep parking lot​

I walked down the rocky path leading to the base of the waterfall. The first sight of that magnificent falls from below was well worth the travel.

First view of the falls and hearing of the sound of the gushing water

Magnificent view of the 1,017-foot falls from my DSLR.

A picture shot by a fellow trekker.

With my funny Glares.

Of course, a selfie too !

Shot on my mobile Phone

Hardly any parking left at 11 am and jeeps were parked about 1 km from the parking lot.

Footpath to the falls

Footpath to the falls

Distant view of the waterfalls from the tower at the jeep parking lot.​

The falls was very beautiful with the old curving railway bridge adorning it like a necklace. There was a huge natural pool at the base of the waterfall and everyone who had life jacket was able to enjoy a swim or float in the natural pool. After a while, I got tired of watching others swimming and bathing in the pool and started moving towards the jeep. I was at the waterfall base for 30 minutes. But 1 hour and 30 minutes was allotted after reaching the waterfall to enjoy the time at the falls.
I was taking photos with my DSLR but in the back of my mind, was afraid that someone might approach me to ask the price for a photo thinking I was a professional photographer at a tourist destination. I saw another person struggling to get a full view of the waterfall with his 70-300 mm lens. I asked him to take a photo of me with the Dudhsagar Falls in the background. He did and in turn I took a few photos for him on his mobile phone. I left the falls and after 11 am, the two families returned to the jeep. The jeep returned us to the same DTOA counter at 12 noon sharp. A time, well spent.
I got my bike and was happy to see my helmet, right there on the bike. In Kulem, I had a 1 litre mineral water Rs 20/- and a Cavins (Produced in Tamil Nadu) cold coffee in a tetra pack Rs 30/-


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Jeep ride to Dudhsagar waterfall.

Nice music.
If I want to take the train, what are the two stations which I can board/de-board to see the falls from that bridge.
Also, I have seen pictures with the train bridge and waterfalls in single shot. What spot is that?

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If you want to get down and do a trek on the side of the railway then you can get down at Kulem, Goa or Castle rock, Karnataka. You Have to walk about 11 km from Kulem or 14 km from Castle rock to reach Dudhsagar. Another option is that check the trains of Konkan railways which stops for 1-2 minutes on a platformless station called Dudhsagar station exactly 500 meters from the railway bridge across dudhsagar falls. I heard there would be a mad rush for getting in and out of the train.


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If you want to get down and do a trek on the side of the railway then you can get down at Kulem, Goa or Castle rock, Karnataka. You Have to walk about 11 km from Kulem or 14 km from Castle rock to reach Dudhsagar. Another option is that check the trains of Konkan railways which stops for 1-2 minutes on a platformless station called Dudhsagar station exactly 500 meters from the railway bridge across dudhsagar falls. I heard there would be a mad rush for getting in and out of the train.