Ride to Karur, Kochi, Kanthaloor, Munnar, and a visit to Sahayagiri hospital, Marayoor..

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12th October 2021 Tuesday

I got up unusually late in the morning around 7.30 am. Went out to the balcony and found heavy downpour. My friend Rose Mary called and told to visit her house in the evening. She was concerned about my safe return as there was flood alert announced in the Kerala news channels. She told that an orange alert was declared and the Athirapally road were flooded. She told me to go back by train taking by bike as a luggage. But I was confident to finish my ride as planned and did prayed for a safe passage, earnestly.
I took bath and got ready. I had few bananas as breakfast and waited for the rain to stop. I called Ajayan and told him to come and spend time with me. My friend from Vellore, Binu Zachariah called and told me to try the famous Kayees Biriyani in Kochi and the Oysters, Blue mussels called 'Kallumakaya' in Malayalam.


Common living area and visitors lounge


Gostopskochi front office


Dining area in the hostel and the passage leading to Calvathy road in front.


My bike drenched in rain, parked in front of the hostel.


Calvathy road in rain, as viewed from balcony.

Ajayan reached around 1 pm and I was hungry by then. After putting on the rain coat, I took him in the bike to Kayees biriyani shop which was few streets away from where I stayed. We went past the market area and reached the original Kayees biriyani hotel. We had chicken biriyani (Bill Rs 280/-)and it tasted more of ghee rice than the spicy biriyani that is served in my town Vellore. I liked the tamarind sauce that was kept along with biriyani. Later I heard from my friend, Binu, who told it is made with tamarind pulp, dates and dry chillies.


Kayees biriyani, Gujarati street, Fort Kochi
Due to Heavy down pour, I dropped the plan of visiting the Jew town and synagogue which was few streets away. Came back to the Hostel. Had Kattan chaya ( Rs 14/-)at Calvathy road near Aspin wall. Bought a chips packet ( Rs 65/-) too. We were sitting in the Visitors lounge and were chatting till 3.45 pm. Then I walked Ajayan to the Kunnumupuram junction bus stop. He got into a bus going to Aluva. Then I went around Fort Kochi Beach in search of Kallumakaya. The season for Kallumakaya is around December and people were saying that it is rare to get in October. Though, tried asking few shops selling sea foods near Vasco Da Gama square.


Beach road, Fort Kochi


15th century steam boilers, old relics of Fort Kochi


Beach, Fort Kochi.


Roaming the streets of Fort Koch in search of Kallumakaya.


Named as Delta study center but google identifies as Mattanchery or dutch palace

Finally, ended up buying three shawarma roll (Rs 210/-) near Aspin wall bus stop and came back to my room. Had my dinner at 5 pm .


Shawarma roll in progress


Shawarma roll at Aspin wall bus stop​

I checked the route to Marayoor in mobile. Prayed for a rain free ride. I called Rose Mary and said that I will try to meet her in her school tomorrow on the way to Munnar and slept early.

fort Kochi.jpg

Walk and ride in Fort Kochi on Day 3.

Day 3 riding statistics:-

Total distance covered : 2 km
No fuel stops and did not hit reserve.


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13th October 2021 Wednesday

Started at 6.15 am after waking up at 4.30 am.Starting Odometer reading was 55600 km. As prayed there was no rain in the morning.


Sign from above as Prayed . A window opening to exit the storm clouds of Kochi.

Nightmares of dam opening, flooded bridges, land slides were very much at large en route to Marayoor. Yet had a smooth ride through out. I was taking pictures and was moving slowly at 60 km/hr via Kollenchery, Muvatupuzha, Kothamangalam.


30 minutes ride after Kochi


Happy to ride without Rain


Road was bifurcating to Idukki dam at many places and I had to choose the road correctly.


Periyar river bridge on the way to Munnar


Periyar river bridge on the way to Munnar


Periyar river bridge on the way to Munnar


Break fast at Chillathodu. I love the Appam and Kerala Meen curry especially the Churai/Tuna fish


View from the Hotel to check on my luggage mounted on my bike

Filled petrol when I hit reserve at 55650 km at Kollenchery. Road was very scenic with rivers, falls and at a point I lost count of the unnamed falls on the road.


Bum break near Kollencherry


Bum break near Kollencherry


Bum break near Kollencherry


Periyar River


Cheeyappara water fall, Chillathodu, near Adimaali, Kerala.


Cheeyappara water fall, Chillathodu, near Adimaali, Kerala.


Valara Water fall, Chillathodu, Kerala


Valara Water fall, Chillathodu, Kerala


Toddy shop seen in every village in the Kerala road. We could speak a lot about socialism in procuring and selling Toddy.

I reached Munnar, and was slowly passing by taking pictures of breathtaking views. Jeeps lined up on the roadside, inviting tourists to try for off road forest rides.








Marayoor road, Munnar


Marayoor road, Munnar


Rajamala, the infamous land slide (2020 )spot In Munnar


Munnar Marayoor road


Eravikulam National Park, Munnar


Munnar Marayoor road


Munnar Marayoor road


Munnar Marayoor road


Communist flag can be seen in every frame of Kerala.


Munnar-Marayoor road


Munnar Marayoor road


Tea estates


Closer shot of the tea leaves


African Tulips (Learnt from Bcmtian, Dichkaun)


African Tulips


Lakkam Water fall just before Marayoor.

I reached Marayoor around afternoon.

......................... to be continued



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13th October 2021 Wednesday........Continued

Reached Brethren church and the Pastor, Titus,was welcoming me, identifying me in the riding suit. I kept my luggage in church and after refreshing, went to Pastor Titus house and had lunch.


Brethren church, Kovilkadavu, Marayoor.


Brethren church, Kovilkadavu, Marayoor.


Brethren church, Kovilkadavu, Marayoor.


Brethren church, Kovilkadavu, Marayoor.
Pastor Titus ( [email protected] +91 9497143467) comes from a third generation Tamil family, hailing from Munnar. He did his graduation and was working in a textile shop as a sales executive. His ambition was to have a textile showroom of his own. But God's plan was different for him and when he had his call, he left the textile business and did his bachelor in theology from Rajasthan and joined as Brethren church Pastor. His wife a Keralite and is from Kasaragod. She has a degree in Fashion technology but has joined her husband in ministries. They have three children; elder son, Jeremiah, elder daughter Jennifer and younger daughter Jerusha. All the children were studying in Kerala Government school. The children were speaking a little Tamil and were fluent in Malayalam. Pastor Titus was well known in Marayoor town. While passing by a temple, with Pastor Titus in my bike, I was surprised to see the priest at the temple wished cordially to Pastor Titus. Humanity is beyond religion.
We had rice, sambar, fish curry, carrot poriyal and beef curry (Pothu curry to be specific). After lunch, I got ready and went to Sahayagiri hospital.

About Sahayagiri Hospital

Sahayagiri hospital was established in the year 1986. The Catholic Nuns, specifically in the order of "Sisters of destitute" run this hospital. Two of them were qualified physicians. Sr. Dr Jean Rose (Anaesthetist) and Sr Dr Jansi Tresa (General surgeon). There were visiting doctors as well. Primarily the hospital function as a maternity hospital. Also caters to general surgical conditions and medical conditions. A Dentist have recently joined the Hospital and the Sister, in charge of administration, told that they were in look out for a physiotherapist to start physiotherapy unit.
The Sahayagiri hospital generate its own fund through its medical services. We left the well maintained premises of the hospital, satisfied observing their services to the Marayoor town and nearby villages which were predominantly of Kerala tribal population.


Sahayagiri Hospital, Marayoor Kanthaloor road, KovilKadavu, Marayoor, Idukki district, Kerala. Ph 0486 552245.


OPD, Sahayagiri Hospital.


OPD, Sahayagiri Hospital.


With Sr Dr Jansi Tresa (General Surgeon)


With the Sister In Charge of Administration


Duty Room, Sahayagiri Hospital.


In Patient Ward, Sahayagiri Hospital.
We came back and rested for a while. Then pastor and I went for a trek climbing the small hillock opposite to their house where the megaliths were there. These Megaliths remains as an evidence of once thriving ancient civilization in this area. The Megaliths found in Kodaikanal, Tamilandu and in Idukki distict of Kerala dates back 2000 BC and 500 BC.
The view on the hill top was beautiful but I forgot to bring the camera and so managed take few pictures in the mobile.


view from the Hillock


View of Kovilkadavu, Marayoor from the Hillock


Megaliths, Marayoor


Megaliths, Marayoor


Megaliths, Marayoor

Then came back home and had kattan chaya. Pastor Titus family wanted to visit the hill top as the kids were not taken out much during the lock down in the pandemic period. So we decided go in two bikes . I took the eldest son and the daughter in my bike. Jeremy and Jenny were pretty excited to ride in the Royal Enfield bike. We took a long motorable route to reach the top of the hillock. Pastor's wife had brought Kattan chaya in flask and also gave Pazhampori which was a favourite Kerala snack.We spent a nice time in the evening enjoying the sunset from the hillock.


Sunset from the Hillock, Kovilkadavu, Marayoor


Jeremy,Jenny, Jerusha and I


Pastor Titus family


Sunset from the Hillock, Kovilkadavu, Marayoor


Night view from the Hillock, Kovilkadavu, Marayoor

In the night pastor took me to bazar in Marayoor to buy groceries. Came back to Pastor Titus home. Had dinner. We had kappa fish curry, Parotta and kattan chaya. I was little worried for the Pastor Titus 's younger daughter as she developed severe cold. I told them to get Benedryl cough syrup to suppress her dry cough. I went back to church where I was staying and slept comfortably in the bed arranged in the floor in the front altar.
The next day plan was to visit Kanthaloor. Pastor's son and elder daughter were planing to come in my bike and we decided to go to Kanthaloor packing afternoon lunch and travel in two bikes.


End Odo 55787 km after reaching Marayoor from Kochi

IMG20211014070036 (1).jpg

End Odo after local trips at Marayoor 55795 Km


Kochi to Marayoor route

Day 4 riding statistics:-

Total distance covered : 187 km (from Kochi to Marayoor). Plus 10 odd kilometer in local, Marayoor
One fuel stop in Kollenchery and after hitting reserve at 55650 km.
Mileage : 40.2 km/litre