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Spiti Valley Solo Ride.

" Adventuring Alone will be The Scariest , But most Liberating & Life Changing Experience of Your Life. DO IT AT LEAST ONCE !

My name is
SAJAL SHETH & My age is 53. I am a share sub-broker by profession, based in Cuttack, Odisha.
This time I rode to Spiti Valley from 3rd September, 2019 to 22nd September, 2019 for
19 days and 2996 kms. It was a solo ride on my Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS, a seven years old bike with 47,000 kms odo.
In past, I have rode to Ladakh, Sikkim, Sandakphu , Cherrapunjee, Manipal, Jaipur , & Many places of Odisha.

I dedicate this travelogue to loving memory of Late Sri
Yogesh Sarkar ji of .

RIDE TO KISS “……. Why this name of this travelogue?
It is ride to

K = Kishtwar-Killar ,
I = ishtiyari ,
S = Sach Pass &
S = Spiti Valley

I rarely saw good roads for some days. Major days were spent riding off roads.
I rode from Delhi to Spiti Valley and back. I rode via Ambala, Jot Pass , Dalhousie ,Khajjiar, Padri Pass, Bhadrewah, Chinta Valley ,Jai Valley, Doda , Kishtwar, Sinthan Top Pass, Cliff Hanger Road, Pangi Valley, Killar , Sach Pass, Udaipur, TrilokNath, Tandi , Gramphu ,Chota Dara, Batal, ChandraTal, Kunzum Pass, Losar, Kaza , Chicham Bridge, Kibber, Gette Chortens, Key , Hikkim , Komic , Langza , Mud ,Dhankar , Tabo , Gue , Nako , Pooh , Kalpa , Roghi Cliff, Sangla, Thupka Valley, Chitkul , Rohru , Shiladesh , Chanshal Pass , Theog, Shimla , Solan, Chandigarh etc.

During my solo ride, I crossed many waterfalls , dangerous off roads , cliffs , trenches, valleys, ferocious water crossings, snow caves, rock cut roads, crossed under construction bridge, rode near Snow walls ,rode with clouds, stayed at high altitudes , rode in heavy rains, visited last village of India, visited last Hindustan ka aakhri dhaba , had a tyre puncture , had a fall from bike , visited many monasteries, terrains , saw naturally preserved Mummy , highest post office of world, highest petrol pump of world , highest restaurant of world, highest village of world connected with motorable road, highest bridge of Asia, visited beautiful lands, pristine and sacred lakes. Met helpful locals, made new friends, met dare devil cyclists, lost way, found new roads, & discovered a new person in me.

In many sections, I was riding alone with nature and God's creations.
It was a ride of lifetime.

In this ride, I have clicked pictures with cannon EOS 1100 D camera & Moto X4 mobile. All Pictures taken from my mobile are already posted in my instagram account at :-

SAJAL SHETH (@sajalsheth) • Instagram photos and videos

Purpose of writing this travelogue is to help future travelers going to these places. This will be a long travelogue with many pages and with 1770+ pictures. So it needs to be indexed.

  1. Introduction
  2. My past rides
  3. Preparations for ride
  4. Day 1 = Cuttack to Delhi on train
  5. Day 2 = Delhi to Ambala
  6. Day 3 = Ambala to Dalhousie via Jot Pass
  7. Day 4 = Dalhousie to Bhadrewah via Padri Pass
  8. Day 5 = Bhadrewah to Kishtwar via Jai Valley
  9. Day 6 = Sinthan Top Pass
  10. Day 7 = Kishtwar to Killar via Cliff Hanger Road- PART 1 , PART 2 , PART 3.
  11. Day 8 = Sach Pass PART 1 , PART 2 .
  12. Day 9 = Killar to Sissu via Triloknath PART-1, PART - 2.
  13. Day 10 = Sissu to ChandraTal , PART - 2 , PART -3
  14. Day 11 = ChandraTal to Kaza via Chicham, Kibber , Gette Chorten & Key PART-1, PART 2.
  15. Day 12 = Hikkim , Langza , Komic
  16. Day 13 = Kaza to Nako via Mud / Pin Valley , Dhankar , Tabo & Gue - PART -1, PART -2 , PART - 3.
  17. Day 14 = Nako to Kalpa with Roghi Cliff PART- 1 , PART-2.
  18. Day 15 = Kalpa to Sangla with Chitkul
  19. Day 16 = Sangla to Shiladesh via Sungri , Rohru & Chirgaon
  20. Day 17 = Shiladesh to Theog via Chanshal Pass PART - 1 , PART - 2.
  21. Day 18 = Theog to Ambala via Shimla
  22. Day 19 = Ambala to Delhi & then by train to Cuttack (procedure included)

After reading many travelogues & articles on Spiti Valley, Sach Pass etc , I decided to ride there. Actually, I had planned this ride in October 2018 in consultation with
Narendra Kumar Goutam ji (aka Masterji ) , made model itinerary, I got updates on road condition & water crossings from Mainak Chakraborty & latest road position and weather updates from Yash Raj ji and Panshul Mehta. All this was in October, 2018. And just 5 days before my ride, sudden snowfall storm in Lahaul area spoiled my plan. Many bikers were airlifted due to bad weather & heavy snowfall from Rohtang, ChandraTal , Batal & Chota Dara. So I had to cancel entire ride in 2018.

But this time I planned to ride in September and was successful. I am thankful to Narendra Kumar Goutam ji, Mainak Chakraborty , Yash Raj ji (
White Mountain) and Panshul Mehta (Seeking Himalayas ). I am always thankful to Google Maps , MakeMyTrip and goibibo.
I am very much thankful to my wife
BINA SHETH (Tarot Reader, Crystal Healer , Reiki Healer, Intuitive Guide & Life Coach ) for supporting and encouraging me.

Some of the highlights of the ride are:-

A video

My total expenses were Rs. 27,000 from Delhi to Delhi, ie. Rs 1,421 per day ! My bike Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS gave mileage of 42.62 kmpl in this ride. Out of total 2996 kms , for at least 560 kms I rode in 1st, 2nd gears only.

Please give your valuable comments and you may also press "
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Congratulations Sajal ji for completing this tough circuit. Sach pass ride itself breaks down the man and the machine, and adding Spiti with it, is really nothing short of a feat.

Do share us the day to day updates with the self speaking pics,
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Congratulations Sajal ji for doing this tough circuit. Sach pass ride itself breaks the man and the machine and adding Spiti with it is really nothing short of a feat.

Do share us the day to day updates with the self speaking pics,
This is coming from a man.....

Who has done this Sach Pass
2 Times !
Wow !