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Day 5

Bhaderwah to Kishtwar

Total 151 Kms

Ride time 8.45 AM to 4 PM

Today my plan was to visit Jai Valley and then ride to Kishtwar. It was a short ride and hence I was not in hurry to start early.
The backyard of Hotel Ashapati View had lots of Apple Trees. Owner was kind enough to allow me to pluck fresh apples from trees.

There were lots of apples fallen from trees and damaging. I learned that apples are sold at Rs.20 a kg at Bhaderwah.

I washed my bike and loaded luggage.

I also clicked picture with owner of hotel and his son for memory.

I had breakfast of crispy alu paratha there. It was made by owner’s wife, specially for me.

I started for
Jai Valley at 8.45 AM. There was some hill road and from there I could get good view of Bhaderwah Town.

There was a view point for tourist also.

Riding ahead, the road was single lane but there were lots of pine trees.

At around 9.30 am, I entered Chinta Valley.

This was view of Chinta Valley.

At 10.15 AM, I reached
Jai Valley.
Jai Valley, the Everlasting Green Valley lies on the North East of Bhaderwah town about 32 Kms. away connected to the town by beautiful Bhaderwah-Jai Link Road

It was a tourist spot, but I could found only grazing horses.

There was a sign board of Jai Valley/ Ghati also.

It was a green valley with 3-4 houses.

Jai Valley is a beautiful place with water stream and lots of greenery.

Due to disturbances and restrictions in J&K, there were NO tourists at Jai Valley at that time.

Valley was looking like a movie set with mountains, temple & few houses.

Jai Valley is a picturesque valley, located at a distance of 32 kilometers from Bhaderwah
The valley is divided into two by the Jai Nallah.

The valley is surrounded by coniferous forests on all sides.

Here are some pictures near Jai Nallah Bridge…

There was a tourist restaurant, but it was closed.

The sprawling green meadows are a breathtaking sight.

There were well designed Igloo Huts also.

At 11 am, I started for Doda. On the way I saw many apple trees and flowers near Chinta Valley.

At 11.50 am, I reached near Monda, where I was on state highway of Bhaderwah to Doda. There was very good road now onward till Kishtwar.

At 12.30 pm I reached Doda. This was famous Pul Doda.

River Chenab is flowing here with full flow.

I was told at Bhaderwah that
Chenab View Hotel & Family Restaurant at Pul Doda serves good food. They have rooms for stay also for Rs.500. It is recommended to stay here instead of Doda as you get good view of Chenab River.

I used mobile of Kitchen staff to call my family and give my whereabouts.
This was my lunch at Chenab View Hotel.

I started for Kishtwar at 1.30 PM. The road was very good with River Chenab on my left side.

I took a break at 1.50PM and Kishtwar was another 44 kms ahead.

River Chenab was flowing on my left with lots of pleasant sound.

Riding further ahead I came across this section.

I could not understand this road sign.

Can anyone reply what this sign is for?

I stopped again at 2.20 PM to enjoy this beautiful stretch of road.

I must say that Doda Kishtwar road is very scenic with mountains and good views of Chenab River.

There were houses on opposite site of road also. People must be crossing River Chenab somewhere to reach other side.

I stopped again at 2.40pm. There was a big waterfall on other side.

View of road ahead of me.

View of road behind me.

After riding ahead, I saw a hanging bridge on River Chenab.

People staying uphill must be using this. I met two villagers from that upside village. They told me that it will take two hours to reach there from main road. Mountain people take so much trouble, just to reach their home.

I reached Kishtwar at 4PM. I checked in at
Hotel Snow Valley for Rs.500 rent. All room here have small balcony.

I uploaded my luggage at room. I was happy to get a pure veg hotel.

Here also the owner was very nice and helpful. I used his mobile to inform my family about my stay at Kishtwar. I talked with owner to get idea of town and places of interest there. I also got idea about SINTHAN PASS TOP and its road condition from him.

At 4.30PM, I went to Kishtwar Chowgan Ground.

It is a relaxing place for residents of Kishtwar.

Surrounded by hills, it’s a lush green ground.

Not only people of town, but horses, donkeys and cows were present there.

After that I visited
Gouri Shankar Temple of Kishtwar. Army was present at both Temple Gate & Chowgan Ground gates to verify my identity.

This is recently renovated temple with beautiful statues of Gods.

Then I top up my petrol and again came back to Kishtwar Chowgan Ground to relax. There was no internet working for ongoing restrictions for Article 370. So many people were on present at ground to enjoy evening, including me.
This time I went to other side of ground. I enjoyed sun, grazing animals and scenic view with fresh cool air.

A dog was also relaxing nearby.

I went near bus stand area to see the town. I found a boy making tasty snacks. This was snacks cum dinner as I had two plates of Chole Alu Tikia.

I went to sleep early as next day I wanted to start early.

This was ride map for the day.

Coming up….. next…. Sinthan PassTop and an unlucky mishap.

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