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Phase1Date of Indent25/8/2012Govt CommunicationFST/ALAND/08/2017 DT: 21.04.2017
UA CommunicationPCCF/FCA/1717/1907-10 DT: 27.04.2017UA Date//Tech SanctionT/S ACCORDED VIDE CF WP LETTER NO. CFWPC/TECH/635-37 DT: 28.12.2019 (T+25, P+53, S+61 = TOTAL= 139)
Adm ApprovalSanc No28-FST OF 2019Sanc Date22/1/2019
Sanc AuthorityGOVT.Tree Felling StatusIf Others
RemarksMonitoring Remarks
Geo LocationProposal NoCCF/JF/CA/1320-22-DATED: 19.10.2016Ref No of PCCF to CCF with remarks

Forest Area (hcts)1.65Wildlife Area (hcts)0State Land Area (hcts)0Other Land0
Total Area (hcts)1.65Wildlife DetailsApproval of Supreme CourtNOrder No and Date
Env ClearanceNEnvironment DetailsLand for CA on Non-Forest LandNNon-Forest Land Details
NPV (Forest)1480050COL0COT294540CA330000
COD0Roadside Plantation0Others (Forest)0
NPV (Wildlife)05% Adm. Cost0Others (Wildlife)0


CompartmentArea (hcts)Eco ClassDensity
12A/P & 12B/P1.65VIDENSE
FAC NoFAC DateStatusRemarks

Chq NoChq DateAmountDate of EncashmentNPV (Forest)COLCOTCACODRoadside PlantationOthers (Forest)NPV (Wildlife)5% Adm. CostOthers (Wildlife)
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amazing datas


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Seems this bride damages on yearly basis as area seems to be narrow water channel only.
Until heavy traffic comes here, they are not going to make higher bridge to avoid yearly destruction as population on this stretch is not big like other inhabited places.

View attachment 780100

This 35 meters bridge looks not big enough from top.
This delayed the journey.
But Helpers made it possible to save 3 days ! nothing from above but
@adsatinder ji
This time bridge is stronger and bigger.

yes, from above it looked like a small one .
@adsatinder ji
if I post 10 pic with details then my next update will be 13 updates....!
And index part on page 1 will be of no use.
In next travelogue I will follow 10 pics per post strategy.
And short videos also.
But for this it will be 60+ pics in main posts.
You can post more pics than 10 Pics per post.
10 Pics per post. make page lighter to appear fast.
This is the only purpose.
Nothing else.
If you want to post more, you can do maximum 50 pics (limit of forum software) per post also !

Index is of better use as it takes to the desired point.
This time bridge is stronger and bigger.
yes, from above it looked like a small one .
The narrow channel is wide enough to handle flood water, debris etc.
But any bridge can get washed away in such seasonal current and flow !

This was understood at places and they have made better roads and bridges on main roads with the today's technology after understanding many such issues. Recurring Damage cost is nothing now at such places.


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Day 7 – PART TWO
Kishtwar - CliffHanger- Killar


During lunch I opened my upper luggage and forgot to zip it back. I took out hand towel. My Mobile charger cum holder was just below towel. After reaching Killar, I found that mobile holder cum charger has fallen somewhere.

Anyway after lunch I reached at the start of
Cliff Hanger Road at 1 PM.

This Google Location of Cliff Hanger Road.
Google Maps

These two pictures, which I found in bcmtouring forum, are worth posting. These will show how new road will be at cliff hanger route.
Please note that these two are not my pictures. Photo credit to Ramesh Tahlan and/or respective owners.

This is what I saw at first.

And I met one construction worker of new road there. I asked him to click some pictures for me.

I asked him about new road, avoiding cliff hanger road. He showed me just above, where some road construction work was going on. He told me that there will be dynamite blast shortly. Only during lunch hour at 1Pm it is stopped. I was lucky to arrive just on time. He allowed me to cross as work will be stopped for an hour for lunch. Otherwise they don’t allow anyone to cross cliff hanger road during dynamite blasts.


He also confirmed that cliff hanger road will not be there in 2020. I felt lucky that I could ride on these dangerous roads of world. It was written “Great courage and will of steel at work”

I took some selfie also.

This was my first view of the cliff hanger road.

It was rock cut road in major places.


And River Chenab below.

Abb Ayega asli Mazaa..

I looked down from there and could understand the danger. The steep trench towards river makes it different.

And there was no railing on road.


Road was narrow and good till one four wheel vehicle. Very difficult if another vehicle come from other side.

This will show how deep fall is there on side of road.

And I could see a waterfall there on road.

And another one at the end.


It must be difficult to rescue in case some vehicle goes off road.

I could see a village and the far end.

Before ride, I was studying this famous road.

I was enjoying the view with some fear.


There are three waterfalls on cliff hanger road.

This one is first waterfall / water stream on cliff hanger road.

There was lots of sand on narrow road.

Road with water, rocks and cliff makes it dangerous.

Spot my bike

View of first waterfall of cliff hanger road.

It looks more dangerous from far.

During rainy season there should be more water in first waterfall.

Road behind me.

Road ahead of me.


And one selfie for memories.

Moving further ahead, this was the view behind.

It was 1.55 PM, and I was riding slowly enjoying the views and road.
Now the road was more of cut rocks.

Road with cliff.

Then came second waterfall.

This looked big one with more water and height.


Water on those rocks looked nice.

Suddenly one road construction worker came from killar side and told me to cross the road quickly. He also asked me why I am taking so much time to cross it. He must have got information from the worker whom I me at the starting point, on walkie talki. Both were on walkie talki.
I moved ahead leaving this second waterfall.

Moving ahead I met a foreigner named ATO. He had hired RE for riding on cliff hanger road.

I requested him to click picture of mine.

He owns Harley at his country. I also clicked a picture of Mr Ato.

This end of cliff hanger road has big rock cut rocks and lots of greenery below.

View behind.

How difficult will it be to make such roads?

A selfie there.

I don’t know whether it will be possible to ride here again or not?

Then Mr Ato went to ride towards other end of cliff hanger road. But I was in doubt about that.

Now the mountains are green as it looked ahead.

Suddenly I could here a big sound of dynamite blast. I was shivered in fear. It was blasted towards start of cliff hanger road. The echo of blast in mountains making it more dangerous.
You can see lots of dust in that part.

Mr Ato also returned back as he was not allowed to pass. He clicked another picture of mine with dynamite blast dust.

This is Mr Ato returning back after denied to ride ahead.


There was lots of dust moving down due to blast.

Imagine if someone is there near that blast area road, what will happen to him.

Then I saw this big rock besides road. This might be a dried waterfall.


I clicked two more HDR pictures of cliff hanger road for memories.

Now again there was peace in area. That sound effect of dynamite blast was gone. I was ready to move.



Moving ahead, I could see third waterfall of cliff hanger road.

View of green mountains on side.

I saw one rider from south India on his 100 cc bike going towards cliff hanger road.
I wished him good luck and told him to be careful as blasts are going on.

Moving ahead there was a land mover, which was stranded as the wheel chain was slipped. It was blocking the road. But some how I could cross it with my bike.

Now I had reached the third waterfall of cliff hanger road.

There was another road going up before waterfall. This is that new cliff hanger road, which is about to be completed soon.

At present there are some houses little above in that new road. Might be of those construction worker’s.

After crossing third waterfall.

Then again I could hear loud sound with lots of echo of second dynamite blast.

And this second blast was much louder and more sand clouds were created.


It was 3.10 pm by then and this was my last view of cliff hanger road.

Those green and red crops of villagers were making cliff hanger road more scenic.

….Continued…PANGY VALLEY ……in PART-3

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Great Description of Cliffhanger Road !
Great Research of Cliffhanger Road !

This is what I wanted to see for years !
It is the best with Pics, Videos and relevant description !
Congrats on achieving this and showing it in such detail !


In love with mountains
Well done. =D>

It is still very danegerous in other parts also !
All mountain roads look dangerous from a distance, but they might be wide enough for vehicles to pass and hence don't look that scary at the time of travelling on those roads.

Who was coming here on 4 wheeler ?
For repair of slipped belt ?
That was exactly my question also when I saw that photo for the first time.