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116 km only !
You took whole day and was tired !
Wow !
We can cover this distance in just 2 hours easily like Delhi to Panipat !
We like to enjoy such road and want this type of road should not end and keep moving on it......

The Journey Never Ends.....
@adsatinder ji.... ha ha 116 kms only and I was tired.
And during my Sandakphu ride , 31 kms took me one and half days.
So this was very good speed compared to Sandakhpu one .

And yes...


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This Road is much demanding and needs much more effort to keep it open.
Check last year's news:

गुलाबगढ़ सड़क खुली, संसारी नाला अब भी बंद

Publish Date:Wed, 06 Mar 2019 11:45 AM (IST)
संवाद सहयोगी किश्तवाड़ पिछले कुछ दिनों से मौसम में चल रहे उतार-चढ़ाव के चलते बारिश ब बर्फ
संवाद सहयोगी, किश्तवाड़ : पिछले कुछ दिनों से मौसम में चल रहे उतार-चढ़ाव के चलते बारिश ब बर्फबारी से किश्तवाड़-गुलाबगढ़ सड़क पर कहीं ग्लेशियर तो कहीं मलबा गिरना आम बात हो गई है। पिछले तीन-चार दिन से सड़क बंद पड़ी थी। मंगलवार को सड़क से मलबा और बर्फ हटाकर सड़क साफ करके वाहनों की आवाजाही शुरू की गई लेकिन लेकिन बीच-बीच में मलबा भी गिरता रहा। गुलाबगढ़ संसारी नाला की सड़क पूरी तरह नहीं खुल पाई जिसके चलते कैलाड की तरफ जाने वाले वाहन रास्ता खुलने का इंतजार कर रहे हैं। थंब नाला में अमूमन ग्लेशियर चलता रहता है जिसे हटाने के लिए ग्रिफ कर्मचारी ग्लेशियर के दोनों तरफ बुलडोजर लेकर बर्फ हटाते रहते हैं। जैसे ही बर्फ हट जाती है तो वाहनों की आवाजाही खोली जाती है, लेकिन फिर दोबारा बर्फ गिरने से सड़क बंद हो जाती है। यह सिलसिला कई दिन से चल रहा है।

मंगलवार को मौसम साफ रहा जिससे जो सड़कें बंद थीं उन्हें भी खोल दिया गया। ग्रिफ अधिकारियों का कहना था कि किश्तवाड़ से गुलाबगढ़ की सड़क पर कभी भी मलबा गिर सकता है लेकिन गलहार से लेकर गुलाबगढ़ तक हमारी काफी मशीनें हैं जो सड़क के किनारे मलबे वाली जगह पर खड़ी रहती है जैसे ही मलबा गिरता है उसे साफ करके वाहनों की आवाजाही बहाल कर दी जाती है।

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गुलाबगढ़ सड़क खुली, संसारी नाला अब भी बंद
@adsatinder ji.

Yes Sansari Nallah is strategically very important.


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Check how tough life is of Lahaul People :

Over 100 tribal villages cut-off after Bailey bridge collapses in Pangi
Nov 14, 2016


SHIMLA: The Pangi tribal valley in Chamba and around a 100 tribal villages were cut-off after the Bailey bridge over Lote Nallah on the Tandi-Sansari road collapsed today.
A truck loaded with heavy machinery was passing over the 30-meter bridge when it crumbled and collapsed, Border Roads Organisation (BRO) officials said, adding it would take few days to reconstruct the bridge.
The bridge was a vital link to habitations along the 150 km-road. It connected the Pangi valley and further areas in Kishtwar area of Jammu and Kashmir, they said.
The bridge was constructed 20 years ago and maintained by the RCC 74 of the BRO.

Over 100 tribal villages cut-off after Bailey bridge collapses in Pangi - Himtimes

Himachal Pradesh-4 injured after a bridge collapsed on Tandi-Sansari road in Lahaul &Spiti distt, earlier today.Injured undergoing treatment

9:18 AM - 14 Nov 2016

Read more at:
Himachal Pradesh: Over 100 tribal villages cut-off after Bailey bridge collapses in Himachal Pradesh | India News - Times of India
@adsatinder ji.

You have all the records and history ready with you.


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Very Good !
116 km in whole day !
You have shown Super speed !
Wow !
@adsatinder ji ,
not super speed but I enjoyed that route fully taking full time.

And I feel you should be made MODERATOR of Bcmtouring as you have read all the travelogues and you are in touch with majority of members.
You always encourage us to write further.
Hope admin and other senior moderators will look into this some day.


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Day 8 = Killar – SACH PASS - Killar

Total 88 Kms

Ride time 7 AM to 4 PM.

Sach Pass….a big daddy of all mountain passes. People say that the name is just enough to give you shivers down the spine.
A trip to Sach Pass means driving on a narrow badly broken dirt road, with a steep ascent, through numerous water streams.
Add to it the fact that there are several waterfalls on the way, falling right on the road. Lose rocks are spread all across the way. And then 15-20 feet of snow walls will be on both sides of the road. Yes, that is Sach Pass.
A dream journey for anyone who has interest in adventure and off roading.

I was ready at 6.30 am, after lubricating my chain. I took water and snacks with me. Only one backpack which I tied with pillion seat. Since getting food and breakfast will be not be easy en route, I had breakfast at Hotel only.
I had taken Diamox tablet yesterday night and now again in morning to save myself from AMS.
There were many bikers staying at Hotel, who were also getting ready to go to Udaipur- Tandi side. This was at 6.15 am.

But no one was going towards Sach Pass, as they came yesterday from Sach Pass.
Is it a custom to stick your group logo or name everywhere? Many sign board at Ladakh and other places are filled with stickers of groups and logos. Even Hotels are not spared.
Somebody please teach them that
signboards and attendance registers are different.

This was my breakfast.

I started my ride at 7 am. After riding 5 kms, I need take left here. This dirt road goes down towards Shukrali Bridge on River Chandrabhaga.

This is the mountain side, I will be riding towards.

And this road I will have to ride to.

At 7.40 am, after crossing an under construction road, I reached
Shukrali Bridge on River Chandrabhaga. This is view of old and new bridge. New bridge was constructed in September, 2008, before to that this old bridge was in use.

Here also stickers are pasted. What these people want to prove? This is a bridge sign board & NOT an attendance register.

View of Shukrali Bridge with prayer flags of my bike.

Now dirt road was ascending.

I took a break at 8.20 am, near Pregra diversion after riding 17 kms from Killar.

There was lots of sand and dust on dirt road.

Moving ahead I saw melted snow near water stream. Sach Pass always has snow somewhere.

The road ahead.

Rock Cut dirt road ahead.

The view behind me. That far village below mountain is Killar.

Scenic view of water stream with mountains.

Today I will ride from 8500 feet i.e. Killar, to 14763 feet at Sach Pass.

Melted snow near water steam.

Road ahead

Some tributary of this main water stream.

I was expecting lots of waterfall on road. This was first waterfall on road.

Now the road was steep.

View behind me.

It was 8.55 am now. Road was becoming different now.

View of road ahead of me.

At 9.20am, came across this water stream on road. Water was coming out from melted snow.

I stopped and trekked towards that snow.


Wow, this is a snow cave!

View of road from that snow cave.

A Water stream was flowing inside snow cave.

I was happy and amazed to see such thing.

It was a different feel inside snow cave.


This was first time in my life; I went inside a natural snow cave.

Time to go back to bike and ride ahead. This is how my bike looked outside snow cave.

Moving ahead, now the road was more damaged and lots of gravels and stones on ascend.

This was scenic view at 9.35am.

I could see a big waterfall on road also.

Riding ahead towards that big waterfall, I could see that this was perhaps the biggest waterfall on Sach Pass road. It was starting above road and falling well below road.

I could see a rainbow at the bottom of waterfall.

View behind me.

I parked my bike below waterfall.



View of road that leads to waterfall.

Rock cut road ahead.

Now the road was steep.

And melted snow was touching road also.

I came via this scenic route.

At 9.50am, I saw another snow cave.

Some snow was also there on other side of road. This place might be fully covered with snow and might look like a snow tunnel during full snow during May & June.

Moving just little ahead I came across yet another waterfall on road.

I could feel the water breeze on me while passing it.


I should get a free bike wash here on my return.

Water flow was good enough.

After riding 10 minutes ahead, yet another waterfall on road.


This had more water flow but was passing under road.

At 10.10 am, I saw a big open area ahead and could see some make shift houses.

This was Bagotu perhaps. As had my breakfast in hotel earlier, I moved ahead without stopping there. I thought having lunch here on my way back.
View of those Dhabas after riding ahead on ascend.

View of road ahead from there.

Melted snow & water stream with small lake.

Just ahead I found another snow cave with lots of water coming out of it from melted snow.

View from road.

This was view of snow cave.

Selfie time.

Outside view from that snow cave was beautiful.

This snow cave was not much deep compared to first one.

I touch and felt the snow. Can you see that scare on my wrist? That is gift/memory of Sinthan Pass ride.


Bye Snow Cave, It was amazing experience to visit you.

…… Contd in ….. PART 2

Click HERE for next part
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Jobs fill your pocket. Adventures fill your soul
Is it a custom to stick your group logo or name everywhere? Many sign board at Ladakh and other places are filled with stickers of groups and logos. Even Hotels are not spared.
Somebody please teach them that
signboards and attendance registers are different.


Firstly Excellent photos and video as always.

Secondly you mention regarding people pasting their group logo's or name everywhere, I mean everywhere. I am partly agreeing with you in that matter that an Individual should be responsible not stick their group logo's or name on government property or any private property (without the permission from the owner) but for example if an hotel owner/home owner gives its permission to past symbol's on a permissible space I believe you should definitely stick the logo if you have one. Let me tell you why I believe in it, Let's say we have BCMT Group Logo and one of our fellow BCMTian went to some place and pasted on the permissible space. Now later on any one of us goes to the same place and find our logo pasted, inside our mind we will be overjoyed \\:D/ by knowing one of our fellow BCMTian was here.