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I liked this part most.
This is the best decision !
Only few go like this to top and get view of Saach Pass or any other passes.
You did same at other Jot Pass too !
Only Trekkers have such advantage !
@adsatinder ji


Reaching actual Sach Pass ie at 14763 feet is at up there only. That wall might be below 14763 feet.
& it was not difficult trek.

Same way actual Khardung La is little above.
Same way actual Changla is is above.
But since the sign board is reached, people are happy.


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Reaching and covering Saach Pass during clear sky on Sunny Day is also an achievement itself.
This is why your pics have blue sky that we lack here at Delhi !
I have seen many logs.
Pics are not that clear and Sleet (Stone Rain) bothered @skysat2005 also.
@adsatinder ji

Clear weather is better luck.
You get good weather during morning time generally.

Delhi has pollution issue. I also felt that during half day there.


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Day 9 = Killar to Sissu via Triloknath
Day 10 = Sissu to ChandraTal
Day 11 = ChandraTal to Kaza via Chicham, Kibber , Gette Chorten & Key
Day 12 = Hikkim , Langza , Komic
Day 13 = Kaza to Nako via Mud / Pin Valley , Dhankar , Tabo & Gue
Day 14 = Nako to Kalpa with Roghi Cliff
Day 15 = Kalpa to Sangla with Chitkul
Day 16 = Sangla to Shiladesh via Sungri , Rohru & Chirgaon
Day 17 = Shiladesh to Theog via Chanshal Pass
Day 18 = Theog to Ambala via Shimla
Day 19 = Ambala to Delhi & then by train to Cuttack


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Sometimes, bike poses some problem.
You have to give sometime to breathe.
Don't know if @skysat2005 had similar problem or not.
@skysat2005 Please comment on this.
Yes it could be low oxygen perhaps causing issues in bike start.
Myself and Santosh didn't face any issues with our Apache and Avenger, during our two trips to Sach pass. We don't play around the carburettor settings at all, the bike retains the same settings as applicable for Delhi plains.