Day 9 = Killar – Triloknath- Sissu


Total 165 Kms

Ride time 6.30 AM to 5.30 PM.

Today’s ride was only up to Sissu, but will be full of water crossings and off road till Udaipur. This was known to me. I heard a lot about Behali Nala, Khadu Nala etc. So I wanted to cross them all before 12 pm.
I got up early and unload two petrol bottles in tank, which I bought from Kishtwar. I did not wait for breakfast and started my ride at 6.30AM.
I crossed a small mud road near Killar and my shoes and bike got dirty with mud.
The road was rock cut and completely off road.

The road I covered.

This was the view of Chandra Bhaga River from there.

I was riding carefully on these bad roads.

At 7.15 am, I crossed this first water crossing.

During morning time you get to see sun and shadow on mountain.

This was the road ahead of me.

Riding further ahead, I came across a rock cut road with lots of dust and sand on road.

I took a break here & saw a hanging bridge below.

View of dirt road ahead.

At 7.40 AM, I came across a diversion showing Sach Village. That village road was tar road, whereas road to Udaipur continue to be bad. The Sach Pass name is given because of this village called SACH? No idea. :rolleyes:

Riding little ahead, I came across a wooden bridge on a big water stream. These are snow melted water from Menthosa and Bahai Jar mountains.

Some iron sheets were tied up at this wooden bridge.

The sound of water stream forced me to stop and enjoy view on bridge.

Water stream was moving with full force.

Shour village was 18 kms ahead from this place.

At 8.20AM, I came across a small water fall, which was falling right on the road. This could be a free bike wash for me.

View of road behind me from there.

View of mountains on my right side.

Morning sunrays, waterfall and far view of mountains were looking nice.

At 8.30 AM, I crossed another water crossing. I had come 21 far from Killar.

This water crossing had a big water fall also, whose water was flowing on road.

Shour Village was 11 kms ahead from here.

View behind me & road I covered.

At 8.50AM, I came across another water crossing.

I walked near it and planned my bike’s path to cross it. All mud on my shoes was washed here. Then I crossed it at one go.

Saw a local vehicle crossing it in normal speed. This is daily routing for them.

All mud on my bike wheel stuck near Killar was gone as I crossed this water stream.

I had the advantage of morning time, hence this water stream was flowing normally. But in noon it will be more difficult.

The view on my right after water crossing.

The road ahead of me. I could see a small village ahead.

At 9 am, I was at Purthi Village. There was a dhaba there. It was Fouji Dhaba perhaps.
I bought some snacks and chocolates for my breakfast there.

Riding ahead, at 9.30 AM, I saw two villages ahead. Was it Shour Village?

Road continue to be bad.

I also crossed a beautiful Forest Guest House and an Army area. I saw this board near Army Area.

At 9.45am, I saw this beautiful view.
Can you find a truck in that rock cut road?

At 10.00am, I reached at Khadu Nalah or Behali Nalah.

View of mountains across Chandra Bhaga River.

I had heard and read a lot about this dangerous water crossing. Now there is new bridge on it. Previously many bridges have washed away here. Such furious is this water stream.

This is the new bridge made again.

The view behind me.

View of road after crossing this bridge.

You can see old road near both side of water stream.

Looking at that stream, I understood why this is called Behali Nalah. Passing this could make you tired or behaal.
The more you come near Udaipur, the road becomes more bad and tiring. This was at 10.20AM.

At 10.30am, came across a small waterfall near road.

View of bad road ahead.

View of mountains on my right.

At 10.45am, I came across yet another water crossing with waterfall near road.

View of rock cut roads ahead of me from there.

Designer rocks I passed by.

At 11AM, I took a break to see these beautiful views.

As Udaipur was nearing, the views were becoming green in place of brown mountains.

But the road became worse and there were lots of stones on road.

But views were making me feel good.

Moving at I stopped again to capture this at 11.10 am.

The view ahead of me with long pine trees.

View behind me.

At 11.35am, I stopped in fear to see this ahead.

It looked as if the bridged is under construction or washed away. One land mover was working there.

There was a water stream.

It was long one and perhaps it might be dangerous during rainy season. So they are making bridge over it and using land mover to shape the area.

While I was studying it, a local vehicle crossed it. Now I got an idea that, this water crossing can be crossed on the same route or marks, where that local vehicle crossed.

Then I also crossed it at one go. Wheels of my bike got washed while I crossed it.
Shoes also got cleaned.

I was wondering how this earth mover had entered the down area and how it will come out on road again.

Last view of that area.

View of the bad road at 12.10PM. There were lots of sharp stones on road.

At 12.20PM, came across this long water crossing.

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The pictures are beautifully taken. I think this sector road should be the worst you have rided in your entire trip.