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Day 10 = Sissu - Chandratal

Total 90 Kms

Ride time 6:15 AM to 1.30 PM.

Today’s ride will be again complete off road from Gramphu onward with lots of water crossings. So I wanted to reach Chandratal before lunch.
I started my ride at 6.15AM and morning view around was scenic. I stopped at one place to capture some morning views. Sunlight falling on mountain top was making it more beautiful.

View behind me

I crossed Khoksar Bridge at 6.50AM. There was a flock of sheep moving on the mountain nearby.
Can you find two shepherds in this picture?

View on my left was of Chandra River.

I reached Khoksar at 7AM. I decided to have breakfast here.

View of sunlight coming out of nearby mountains.

This was my breakfast.

There is a police check post and I registered my details there. Then went to see Khoksar Mara Temple, which is near HPPWD Rest house.

But the temple was closed but I got Darshan of Devi Mata.

View from Temple.

There is a Hanuman Temple also.

Some flowers near the temple.

After that I started for Gramphu. I had to be careful as if I miss this diversion then I will reach Rohtang. And I reached Gramphu at 7.40AM.

And the good tar road ends at Gramphu. Now complete off road with dust till Losar.
After riding for 10 minutes, the views became wide and scenic.

I will call this “highway”, a highway of waterfalls. As there are many waterfalls and water crossing on the way. This is also highway of inspirational adventurers, as you meet lots of people on cycle, auto, trek etc.
This was first waterfall.

View behind me.

There were scenic big mountains on my right.

This was first water crossing of the day.

At 8.15 AM, I stopped again to see remains of melted snow below, near Chandra River.

Scenic view behind me.

The day was clear one with lots of sunlight.

Just riding after 5 minutes, I saw another waterfall.

On my left I could see some smoke coming out from houses ahead.

But the waterfall in front of me was big one and it was multi steps waterfall.

Watch this white car and compare with waterfall and you get the idea about the size of this waterfall.

Then I stopped at the area called Dorney at 8.55am. There is a dhaba here and a Chorten also.

I did not know about this place called Dorney before, otherwise I could have had my breakfast here.
There were many trucks coming out from opposite side. There might be some road construction work ahead.

I saw a cycling there. He was having breakfast in that dhaba at Dorney. It was difficult to ride a motorcycle on those bad roads, But he was brave enough to ride cycle that to solo.
Salute to him.

Moving ahead I saw two autos, loaded with foreigners at 8.35 AM.

I talked to them and learned that they were traveling in the hired auto from Shimla and riding it turn by turn. There was a girl in that group also who was driving one auto. Now this is called real adventure.

They told me that in case of tough off road or big stone on road, they used to lift and push that auto and moving ahead. I wished them good luck and moved ahead.

Now this road ahead was more scenic.

Good weather was an advantage and disadvantage also. As due to more sunlight there will be more water in water crossings, especially at Chhota Dara water crossing. But now I was enjoying the views around.

Now the road was coming near to Chandra River after some descend.

Some big mountains ahead with morning sunlight.

And a traffic jam also, which I loved.

At 9.05AM, I reached Chhatru.

There are two bridges on River Chandra here.

But there is a huge construction going on just before bridge on right side. It seems that there will be new road and on upper side also.

View behind me

Views of some mountains there.

I crossed the Chhatru Bridge and saw many dhabas there.

Dhabas were at scenic place with big mountains in background.

Some tourists were having breakfast there.

I was at Chhatru at 11,100 feet.

Video of Chhatru

I already had my breakfast at Khoksar. So I moved ahead.
At 9.15 AM, this was view of road ahead.

Some flowers near the road.

View behind me.

View of mountain peaks nearby.

At 9.25 AM, saw the milestone of Chhota Dara.

And the road there.

At 9.30AM, saw two foreigner cyclists riding on those bad off road.

They were riding with luggage.

And the lady was old and must be 60+

Such an inspirational moment that was. I feel so energetic to see her smiling face.

That is why call Gramphu Kunzum Kaza road as inspirational off road. You get to see lots of adventure loving people here.
She quietly rode ahead in those scenic off roads.

View of some mountain peaks there.

This road is very near to Chandra River and I can image what it will be like during rainy season.

Water must be on this road during rainy season. And number of water crossings will be more during rains.


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