Sajal ji. How will be the water in Chhota dara in the month of June 1st week? Too much of water or will it be less? Any idea about that ? We have planned spiti valley in June 1st week. But looking the water crossing of Chhota dara we are very much worried. Need some suggestions please.


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….Cont’d …. PART – 3.

Of Day 10 = Sissu – Chandratal

At 12.40 pm, I was ready to leave for Chandra Tal. Mr. Dorje Bodh(Chhacha) told me that his son is running a Camp at Chandratal and advised me to stay at Tenzin Camp.
View of a snow capped mountain peak nearby.

I crossed Batal bridge and clicked a picture of Batal area.

That yellow house is PWD Rest house and I read somewhere that there is a satellite phone there or with nearby army tents.

At 12.50PM, I reached at a Y road. Left one goes to Chandratal and right one goes to Kunzum Pass. There is a welcome gate there, which is partially damaged due to fast moving wind.

View behind me.

After that I came across a water crossing at 12.55PM.

The water might be coming down from Kunzum Pass/top area.

Water flowing down from road was looking like a small waterfall.

Now the view of Chandra River was on wide area with beautiful mountain in background.

View behind me.

On my left I saw some houses. It was a Himalayan Station of Government of India, Ministry of Earth Sciences.

View of Chandra River Valley was becoming more and more beautiful.

This was the last water crossing before Chandra Tal Camping area. And the water of this comes directly from Chandratal.

At 1.30pm, I reached Tenzin Camp of Chandratal Camping area.

There are many camps in this valley. But I went for Tenzin Camp.

This tall snow capped mountain peak could be seen from every point of Chandratal and nearby areas. This was not Mulkila Peak. But some other mountain peak near to Batal.

This is short cut trek route to Chandratal near Tenzin camp.

I met Mr Bali, in charge of Camps and told about Chacha Chachi Chandra Dhaba.
I got my stay at this camp for Rs.700/- , inclusive of dinner and breakfast. I uploaded my luggage and was ready to leave for Chandratal.

This Google Earth screen shot will give you idea about entire area including Chandratal Lake, Parking area before Lake, Samudritapu and camping area.

At 3.00PM, I reached parking are of Chandratal via a bad off road.

View of the road from where I reached Chandratal Parking area.

The sign board there shows the height of lake at 14100 feet.

From Parking area there is a normal trek of 1 km to Chandratal, which takes 15 minutes to cover. This was my first view of Chandratal Lake.

View behind me.

At 3.20pm, this was my wide view of Pristine Chandra Tal Lake.

Video of Chandratal first view

I was at top view point of Chandratal. I could see some tourist below.

A selfie for memory.

I had reached Chandratal Lake also on day 10 of my ride. Half of my journey was done.

The shape of the lake looks like a moon.

I trekked down to reach near this pristine and sacred lake at 14100 feet.

As per Hindu sayings, Lord Krishna and Raadha’s immortal soul went to heaven via this route. They spent a night at Chandratal.

Chandratal lake video -1

I went near lake and had its water. This was the purest water. And this was a beautiful spot.

Tourists and Camp owner’s efforts makes this lake what it is. Once a week all Camp owners come here and clean the area near Lake. That is why it is so clean.

Those pink mountains opposite this lake, makes the view different than other high altitude lakes.

I thanked God that I could reach here.

Sun light and clear day made me happy.

One must visit this crystal clear water lake, at least once in lifetime.

I just wanted to sit there for hours and “drink” the views with my eyes.

There was peace and calmness.

There is another local story where there was a mermaid in this lake and used to come to the surface on the melody of a flute played by a boy. When the boy told this incident to everyone, she never returned and vanished. This lake looks magical during full moon. It's a must visit for camping & stargazing.

The water flows from Chandratal Lake flows and merger with Chandra River.

During winters all these mountains will be filled with snow and this area will be more beautiful.

It looked beautiful from every angle.

Pure, Pristine and sacred.

This Lake of the Moon is picturesque and it beauty is legendary.

This lake is deep blue crystal clear water body high up in the valley hollowed in an attractive crescent shape.

It was 4.30pm and there were so many tourists there. All very enjoying and taking pictures.

So many Tibetan prayer flags were there, but never saw a specs tied with them.

I missed my family very much. There was no mobile network to contact them.
I had one empty bottle with me. I filled up water of Lake in it and decided to carry all the way back to Cuttack, specially for my family.

I wanted to see sunset from here. But the cold winds were too harsh there.

Just because of Sun light, it was easy to spend time there. After sunset, temperature will be very cold.

I took a 360 degree video of Chandratal.

Chandratal video -360

At 5.15pm the wind became too harsh and cold. Many tourists started leaving back. I also decided to go back to camp.
As I reached parking area of Chandratal Lake after trekking for 15 minutes, I found that rear tyre of my bike has less pressure. There might be a puncture. But since my tyres are tubeless, I did not worry much and decided to reach Camping area and then have some solution for it.

At 5.45pm, this was the view of camping area on my way back from Lake.

Last few minutes of sunlight was left and mountain peaks were getting those last rays.

At 5.50pm, I was back at Tenzin Camp.

After that I told Mr. Bali, in charge of Tenzin Camp, about the puncture of my rear tyre. I had puncture kit with me, but not the pressure pump. So I needed an air pump, which some of the four wheeler vehicles might have. It can be used with the power from cigarette lighter power point of cars.

I approached many cars, but nobody had it. At last it was found that one Audi car had that air pump. Owner told me that if I need it he will give it in morning. I was ok with it as it was already dark and better to use it in sunlight.

It was too cold there. I went to kitchen camp where night food was prepared and many tourists were having fun by playing cards etc. I met Mr. Tenzin, Son of Chacha Chachi. I heard many stories and experiences….. 2018’s sudden snow fall at Chandratal area and how they managed during that tough time..… How they live in these tough condition and harsh weather etc.

I asked him about Samudri Tapu Lake and whether it was possible to reach there tomorrow morning. He said it will be a full day affair.
All other tourists were sharing their experiences. One group of bikers told me that their group biker’s Bajaj Avenger was stranded on the way to Chandratal. Its clutch plate was damaged. They could not do anything about that bike and just parked it on road and came to Camping area.

One tourist was provided Oxygen can as he had breathing problem.
I used my emergency torch and power bank there.
In the night we were given roti, sabjee, rice and daal, in common dining area.

I took extra blanket (total three) from Camp Manager, as it was too cold there in night.
It was the coldest night of this ride.

This was my map for the day.

Coming up…next… Ride from ChandraTal to Kaza via Chicham, Kibber , Gette Chorten & Key Monastery.

HERE for next updates.
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Sajal ji. How will be the water in Chhota dara in the month of June 1st week? Too much of water or will it be less? Any idea about that ? We have planned spiti valley in June 1st week. But looking the water crossing of Chhota dara we are very much worried. Need some suggestions please.
@rrstallion ji

As mentioned at start in part-2 of update, you will not have to cross Chhota dara as there is a new bridge there as per new paper report and picture.
All water crossings are difficult only in July and August. .... specially after 1 pm.
June first week will be good time for Spiti Valley. You will melted snow in many places.

Don't worry, just read THIS article about month wise guide for Spiti Valley.
You can travel in June and go ahead for it.