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It does not look like Chandratal to me.
But if it is then, seems like it might have been clicked from the mountain on the right side of chandratal lake. Might be the spot I marked or above it.
If we use Google Earth and look from that location....the views are similar.
If that lake is not chandratal , then it could be this lake. Which might be from the hill near the parking area of Chandratal.

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^^This image seems right^^

I had No Idea about these water bodies near Chandrataal.

You gave perfect views and details that I like to check and enjoy the most.
You have experience and the time to shoot most of it with required skill to check it with Google Earth.
I also checked Google Maps 3D view (Earth / Satellite).

However seen many threads, but nothing came into my mind.

This is the oldest Thread :
What is that water body near Chandratal?

We had not good Google Earth Maps enough to check things like this.
Now we have all basic details of this area.
Photographs are also available.
Yes, Google Earth in 3D is very useful


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Sajal Ji, the pics are awesome. There seem to be a colony of camps now at Chandratal. When me and @NatureLover visited Chandratal way back in 2013, there were hardly 2-3 camps. But that time the camps were at parking area.

Looking forward to your early morning lake pics and Spiti now.
Thank you @skysat2005 ji
Correctly said...colony of camps... :grin:
In fact it looked like a small village after all vehicles came back from Chandratal.

No morning pictures at Chandratal as it was the coldest night of my trip and coldest morning as well.
I went to Kaza without morning visit to Chandratal