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It does not look like Chandratal to me.
But if it is then, seems like it might have been clicked from the mountain on the right side of chandratal lake. Might be the spot I marked or above it.
If we use Google Earth and look from that location....the views are similar.
If that lake is not chandratal , then it could be this lake. Which might be from the hill near the parking area of Chandratal.

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^^This image seems right^^

I had No Idea about these water bodies near Chandrataal.

You gave perfect views and details that I like to check and enjoy the most.
You have experience and the time to shoot most of it with required skill to check it with Google Earth.
I also checked Google Maps 3D view (Earth / Satellite).

However seen many threads, but nothing came into my mind.

This is the oldest Thread :
What is that water body near Chandratal?

We had not good Google Earth Maps enough to check things like this.
Now we have all basic details of this area.
Photographs are also available.
Yes, Google Earth in 3D is very useful


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Sajal Ji, the pics are awesome. There seem to be a colony of camps now at Chandratal. When me and @NatureLover visited Chandratal way back in 2013, there were hardly 2-3 camps. But that time the camps were at parking area.

Looking forward to your early morning lake pics and Spiti now.
Thank you @skysat2005 ji
Correctly said...colony of camps... :grin:
In fact it looked like a small village after all vehicles came back from Chandratal.

No morning pictures at Chandratal as it was the coldest night of my trip and coldest morning as well.
I went to Kaza without morning visit to Chandratal


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Day 11 = Chandratal to Kaza via Kunzum Pass, Chicham Bridge, Kibber, Gette Chorten & Key Monastery.


Total 122 Kms

Ride time 8.15 AM to 5.30 PM.

It was not so peaceful sleep at night due to cold temperature. It was coldest night yesterday and it was coldest morning also. Brushing teeth with cold water was difficult, so was using toilet. I skipped taking bath.
This was the view at 6.10am.

There was frost layer on bike bike’s seat showing the cold temperature of night.

But good thing was that my rear tyre was still having half air. So I decided not to do anything with it and just ride towards Kaza. There are mechanics and puncture repair shop there. I can ride till Kaza as tubeless tyre have such advantage.

I started my ride at 8.15AM.
This was my morning view of Chandra River.

Water of river was milky.

And snow capped mountain peak at morning was bliss.

Wide view of the Chandra River.

Nearby mountain peaks in morning.

View ahead of me.

This was the stranded bike of those bikers whom I met yesterday at dining area of Tenzin Tents. I don’t know how they will take it back?

More mountain peaks.

I was lucky to get another clear day.

It looks like there are two lakes surrounded by those mountains.

More mountain peak’s view.

I was on continuous ascend to reach Kunzum pass. That zig zag road is old route.

It was 9.05AM, and I was riding on new road which was full to dust.

This is view of old road after some ascend.

And the new road with lots of dust & sand.

At 9.25AM, I was at Kunzum Pass.

Kunzum Mata Temple is little inside.

Jio Cables were being laid at Kunzum Pass, so those going to Spiti Valley in 2020 will have Jio Mobile Network coverage.

I was at 15059 feet and Kunzum Pass was fifth mountain pass of this ride.

Kaza is just 78 kms from here.

I was told to visit Kunzum Mata temple then only proceed towards Kaza. Some views from Kunzum Mata temple.

I removed my shoes and visited Kunzum Mata Temple and four Stupas there.

Video of Kunzum Pass

I re started my ride at 9.55 AM. This stream is a tributary to Spiti River. This water stream originates from Dhar Thachakapro and Dhar Sitikhud Mountain Ranges.

There were some prayer flags and a Stupa also.

Technically this was my first view of Spiti River.

At 10.20AM, I was descending after Kunzum Pass and this was my first view of Spiti River Valley from far.

A zoom view

After riding further, saw this on my right. It says reserved area PICNIC Point for spiritual head of Key Monastery!

View of mountain peaks nearby.

This is the wider view of Spiti River or starting point of Spiti Valley.

Now the views were wider and mountains were differently beautiful.

Spiti River Valley

Now I was riding towards Losar Village and this road was bad but scenic.

Views after riding further

Different color of mountains also.

At 10.55AM, after crossing a dried water stream, I reached here.


Yet another mission of reaching Spiti Valley was achieved. I was very happy.

After this there was a police check post and my details were registered here.

I was at Losar Village now. I took a small break here and I was again in mobile network area. I called my wife and narrated here about my where about.

At 12pm, I reached the bifurcation point of Kibber and Pangmo & Rangrik.

View towards my right looked like Moon Land area of Lamayuru/Ladakh.

After crossing this bridge over Spiti River you can reach Kaza via Pangmo and Rangrik.

But my plan was to cross Chicham Bridge and have lunch at Kibber.

View of Spiti River & wide landscapes around.

Now the view of Spiti River was great with scenic carvings art by God.

This bank of Spiti River had amazing carvings by God. This is caused by river and fast wind.

It looked as if God has kept some Trophies on the rock art carvings.

Yet another carving.

What a huge carvings and the banks of Spiti River.

And you are riding side by side. I was stopping again and again to see those beautiful carvings arts and clicking them. Some were looking like a fort wall.

This stretch of Spiti Valley was most beautiful and enjoyable one.

Oh Wow….this was the best one.

Now I was ascending and I could see the views better. And yes, the road was tarred & good ones.

See the good road with Spiti Valley.

I could see Pangmo Village from far.

At 12.35 pm, I took a break here.

Day was bright and sun was giving harsh sunlight. I ate some biscuits and snacks.
I was enjoying the canvas of GOD.

Spiti Valley View point video

…..Cont’d…. PART -2

HERE for next update.
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