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Day 11 = Chandratal to Kaza


Now I was entering area of Snow Leopards, Blue Sheep, Red Fox, Himalayan Ibex & Argali. Now I was riding slow and keeping eye on both side of road and trying to find some camouflaged animal. But I know that only a few lucky ones have found them.

At 12.50pm, I saw a Chorten on road. It is before Dumley area.
From here I got wide view of the area with some snow capped mountains.

At 1.00pm, I saw first view of Chicham Bridge and canvas like view.

This is highest hanging bridge of Asia at 13596 feet.

I could see that, after crossing Chicham Bridge, there are two roads.
Left one goes via Kibber village and right one bypasses the village.

This is Chicham Village and there are some home stays in village also.

This was the Chicham Bridge at 13596 feet.

At 1.15pm, I reached Chicham Bridge.

Prayer flags were wrapped on both side of bridge.

This bridge might also be most photographed bridge of Spiti Valley.
View after crossing the bridge.

One selfie for memory.

At 1.50pm, I was having lunch at Kibber Village. This village has lots of home stays and hotels including a Zostel.

This is view of Kibber Village.

After lunch my next target was Gette Chortens at Pinjoor village. These were on the way to Tashigong Village.

Now the road was completely off road and there were multiple off roads. This was the far view of Chicham Village. And that straight off road towards end of cliff if favorite of bikers. Saw some of bikers riding till the end and coming back to road.

From here, I could see both Chicham and Kibber Village.

Now the road was bad off road, but with scenic background.

There were many short cuts and diversions.

But I took the main one only. Because, I was riding with half air pressure in my rear wheel.

Many places there were dual road, and there was no one to ask for correct road.

After riding on some wrong route, I finally found Gette Chorten.

It was at 3.30pm then. I parked by bike at this place, ask it looked as if there was road to take off.

View of Gette Chorten with Spiti Valley in back ground.

This was view of Gette / Pinjoor Village.

Can you see my parked bike?

This Gette Chorten is basically on a dangerous cliff with sudden ditch.

View of Spiti Valley from Gette Chorten is amazing.

This is view towards Kaza side with Rangrik village in background.

This is a bird's eye view of Key Monastery from Gette Chorten near Pinjoor village, with the majestic Spiti River in backdrop, adding to its eternal charm.

Can you see a shadow of giant cloud on Key Village Valley? It looked like a giant bat’s shadow.

This is far view of Khurik Village.

Another view of Spiti River Valley with Rangrik Village in backdrop.

The Gette Chortens with prayer flags.

And the scenic view of Spiti Valley from Gette Chortens.

Those who have visited Key Village can imagine the altitude of Gette Chortens.
It is more than 13668 feet.

It looks as if it is a drone picture.

Some selfies for memories.

I tried some different angle with prayer flags.

Please note that this spot is NOT for those who have fear of heights or phobia of heights or Acrophobia. Otherwise one may feel discomfort or may get injured.

I took two videos there.

Gette Chorten Video -1

Gette Chorten Video – 2

But reaching at this place will give you great amazing view for sure.
It is a must visit place to see Key Monastery and Spiti Valley from a totally different perspective.
This was last click there & yes it is NOT a drone shot.

It was 3.40pm and I was ready to leave.

At 4.20 pm, I reached the welcome gate of Key Monastery.

This view has Key Monastery, Gette Chortens, Key Village, Spiti River and Rangrik Village.

And this is Key Monastery, which is the biggest and oldest Monastery and a religious training center for Lamas.

This is the view of Gette Chortens from there. Now imagine how dangerously it is located.

This monastery is also called KEE or KEY or KI.

There are multi floors constructions and the top one is the main Monastery.

There is parking area there. I requested person in charge there to allow me to take my bike till top, as I was having luggage on my bike. He kindly allowed and I took my bike till the place till the end of road near main Monastery Entrance.
I removed my shoes and entered Monastery. This Lama showed me full Monastery and explained some fact about it.

This Monastery is at least a thousand years old and is believed to be of 11th century.
This Monastery was attacked by Mongols. There was devastating fire in 1840. In 1975 it was damaged by violent earthquake.

This Monastery looks like a defensive fort rather than a Monastery.

The monastery is a wonderful example of the monastic architecture that came into prominence during the 14th century because of the Chinese influence. Regular invasions have led to temples built on top of one another. There are low rooms and narrow corridors. Dimly lit passages, difficult staircases and small doors lead to prayer rooms which themselves do not conform to a single design.

Colorful Key Monastery.

The walls of the monastery are decorated with beautiful paintings and murals, thangkas (a painted or embroidered Tibetan banner), valuable manuscripts, stucco images and unique wind instruments.

There is also a collection of weapons that were probably used to defend the monastery from the attackers. The wind instruments are still put to use when Chham is enacted in summers.

Repeated attacks on the monastery resulted in frequent renovation and reconstruction work, which in turn has given rise to irregular box like structure.

I donated some amount at Monastery.

This is view of Key Village with Key Monastery.

And this is mandatory picture of Key Monastery, angle from which, generally all tourists click.

While riding towards Kaza, I saw a waterfall near Rangrik side.

This was my first view of Kaza Village at 5.20PM.

And this is famous
“I LOVE SPITI” art made by a lady using used plastic water bottles.
Her name is Ishita, the founder of Ecosphere. This group has also provided free RO water refill facility LIFESTRAW at Key Monastery, Komic, Taste of Spiti Sol Café of Kaza, Dhankar Monastery.

The story about the idea of LIFESTRAW can be read at
"I Love Spiti" - How Travellers Must Help Save India's Surreal Himalayan Desert.

After reaching Kaza, I searched for hotel for my 2 day stay. I finalized Ri-Dzong Residency Hotel for Rs. 900. Usually they charge Rs.1500, but they gave discount to me as I was solo rider. This hotel has good view of Spiti River.

All the bike repairs shops were closed then; hence I decided to repair my puncture tomorrow morning.
After that I moved around Kaza town and enjoyed
I found Taste of Spiti Sol Café near main market and decided to have dinner there. I also saw that lady, Ishita who is behind LIFESTRAW and I LOVE SPITI art, at the café. Owner was helpful and guided me about Kaza town.
This was my dinner.

The Himalayan Café nearby also serves good food.
I had desert at Cream Team Bakery nearby.

This was my ride map for the day.

Coming up…. Next… Langza Buddha Statue, World’s Highest Post Office at Hikkim, World’s Highest Restaurant at Komic, World’s Highest Petrol pump at Kaza & Bike repairs.

HERE for next update.
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In love with mountains
Awesome photos, really.

Any view of the gorge taken from the Chichum bridge?

And, you got Tibetan script written on the receipt! Why didn't you ask to write your name in that script also?


Still Learning ©
Awesome photos, really.

Any view of the gorge taken from the Chichum bridge?

And, you got Tibetan script written on the receipt! Why didn't you ask to write your name in that script also?
Thank You @mousourik ji

I forgot to click gorge picture .

And yes, I should have asked that Lama to write my name in Tibetan script ... may be next time