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Sir amazing capture of Spiti valley. Well, you have ignited the travel keeda in me to visit Spiti valley now. For sure will plan this month end along with my son on a bike. Please share your number so that your guidance can help me to materialize this trip.
Thank You @NatureLover ji for the appreciation.
Don't Let this travel bug die... do ride to Spiti Valley with your Son.

Do message me here, when you finalize your plan.
I will surely try to help.

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Day 12 = Langza Buddha Statue, World’s Highest Post Office at Hikkim,
World’s Highest Restaurant at Komic, World’s Highest Petrol pump at Kaza & Bike repairs.

Total 50 Kms

Ride time 9.40 AM to 2.30 PM.

Today was the lowest kms ride for this trip. I got up at 8.30AM and this was the view from my room’s balcony.

Something was written on the mountain. It was written “NAVODAYA”.

This was my breakfast.

I was ready to leave at 9.40 AM. My first work was to get my puncture repaired. It was only one small nail which was culprit. The tubeless tyre is very helpful thing in a solo ride. I could manage two days with punctured rear tyre.

I took the road to Langza. This is fully off dirt road.

It was ascend completely. I reached a point where I could see road to Rangrik.
This point is called Dhar Lung Wooh point.

The road below was straight one and it looked as if a drone shot.

This road was not good but scenery was.

After riding few kms, I stopped after seeing few houses and green harvest on my left.
This was lower Langza. Langza is divided into two sections; Langza Yongma (Lower) and Langza Gongma (Upper). The main occupation of the villagers in the olden days was mud craft. This art prevails in the village to this day. Vessels of all shapes and sizes are produced and sold all across the country. Agriculture is another major occupation in this village. Crops such as rice and potatoes are cultivated here.

After taking few pictures, I moved towards main Langza village. This was my first view of Langza.

Nestled between the mountains in a bowl shaped area, it is situated at 14500 feet. You can see Chau Chau Kang Nilda Mountain in the background. This snow capped mountain peak is of 20679 feet.

At the first glance of the village, one will instantly notice a huge Golden colored Buddha statue which is believed to be around 1000 years old. All the houses in the village are built below this statue. The houses are made of mud. As the tourism in this region has increased in the past few years, more and more houses have turned into home stays providing the travelers with accommodation and food options.

My bike with snow capped Chau Chau Kang Nilda Mountain peak.

And the road towards Langza Village.

At 10.50AM, I reached at most important landmark of Langza Village….the Buddha Statue.
The statue of meditating Buddha, sitting cross-legged, on a mound above the village overlooking the Zanskar and Great Himalayan Range. As per the Bhaisajyaguru Sutra, this posture, also referred to as Medicine Buddha symbolizes the Buddha’s meditation to ward-off any disease inner as well as outer.

I was alone there. This Buddha Statue is of 35 feet height.

Selfie time at 14300 feet.

The main attraction at Langza is Buddha Statue, Fossils and Snow Leopards.

This is Langza Monastery. I crossed this to reach at Buddha Statue.

Langza Buddha Video

Many past travelers have found fossils around the village. And some lucky ones have spotted Snow Leopards also. Night sky is very clear here and some travelers have clicked night sky with Buddha Statue also. But this time, only day sky for me and my bike.

Langza and surrounding village were submerged under the ancient geological Tethys Sea, more than 200 million years ago. It inhabited many varieties of Mesozoic marine animals. It is difficult to imagine that this land could have been a huge ocean. Fossils of marine animals living under Tethys Sea are found today in Langza and neighboring villages.

At 11.10 AM, I started riding towards Komic.

There is a diversion towards Hikkim Village on the way. I could see full Hikkim Village from there.

I reached Komic at 11.35AM.

Komic is highest village of the world at 15000 feet, connected with motorable road.

And while I reached at this sign board, one gentleman was there on bike. He asked me that are you SAJAL SHETH? I have read your MahendraGiri travelogue in 2016 in bcmtouring site and I have also asked you about road etc about this place in 2016 via fb messenger.
I was pleasantly surprised. It feels so good if someone recognizes you, after reading your travelogue.

This Gentleman is
Mr. Gourab Ghosh Dastidar ji. He is from West Bengal.

This is the monastery of Komic. In fact there are two. This is the first one and bigger one.

This is Komic Village.

This is second Monastery called Tangyud Monastery. It is 800 years old. It is the highest motorable monastery in the world.

View of snow capped mountain range from the Tangyud Monastery.

And the entrance of Tangyud Monastery has a stuffed skin of snow leopard.

At least, I can now say that I saw snow leopard at Komic, though stuffed effigy.

Some pictures inside monastery.
Locals believe that this monastery houses some hidden treasures which are made to the public only once in 60 years due to security concerns. This hidden treasure includes an egg of a dragon, the horn of a unicorn, the upper tooth of a sheep, the ribcage of a giant demon, and the tail of a prehistoric man.

Some instruments.

A colorful gate.

Near this Monastery there is a restaurant. They call it as World’s Highest Restaurant. . Can you see that LIVESTRAW, Free RO drinking water refill. It was also there in Key Monastery and Taste of Spiri Sol Café at Kaza. Ecosphere group has installed here also.

I had cold coffee in this restaurant.

Then I started for Hikkim Village.
One needs to be careful about this sign board. Otherwise you may reach Langza.

This is far view of Hikkim Village.

This is Mr.
Gourab Ghosh Dastidar Da riding with his friend.

Hikkim Village is famous for its post office.
According to Limca Book of Records, Hikkim also has the
highest polling booth in India, along with Tashigang village.
I parked my bike on road and trekked down to reach Post Office of Hikkim.
At 12.30 PM, I saw that famous landmark of Spiti Valley.

Village children were having fun there.

How can anyone miss posing there?

It is
World’s Highest Post Office at 14567 feet.

One important point is the working hours of this post office. It opens at 10AM to 1 PM, then from 2PM to 4 PM. This is mentioned at one sign board near gate. Where as, another sign board near Post box mentioned 7.00AM to 7.30AM, then from 1.30PM to 4.00PM.

This is this post office looks from inside.

I purchased post cards from post master inside post office, and wrote 6 post cards to my friends and dear ones. But the most important post card written to my daughter never reached her. Whereas rest 5 reached destination.

I had put all the post card in post letter box in presence of the post master.

This is that post master of this unique post office at Hikkim. He is Mr. Rinchen Chhering and he is working there as all rounder since 1983. The mail is carried to Kaza. The post office is forced to shut during winter months due to heavy snowfall.

Mr. Rinchen is very shy person and speaks very less. And lots of tourist comes to this post office just to post letter from here.
I then started my ride back to Kaza. This was view of Hikkim on the way back.

This is the bird’s eye view of Kaza on the way back.

Looks a tiny town compared to the surrounding mountains.

And this is the fantastic view of Spiti Valley from here.

I wanted to stay here and enjoy the view for hours.

But it was 2.00pm already and I need to have lunch at Kaza.

During my way back my bike was having lot of noise in back mud guard. During evening there lots of vehicles in queue at IOC petrol pump of Kaza. So decided to top up petrol at noon only to avoid rush.

At 2.30PM, I reached at
Highest Fuel Station of the World at 12270 feet at Kaza.

But by that time I reached here, I lost one of nut bolt of my back mud guard.

Another important point of my ride was now covered.

This fuel pump does not accept cards. They accept cash only as the network connectivity is very poor. I topped up petrol here and asked attendant to click picture for me.

Then I went to hotel Deyzor for lunch at 3PM. This was my lunch. On that day there were lots of Mahindra Four wheelers there due to some Mahindra event.

After finishing lunch at 4.00pm, I went to bike mechanic to fit a new nut bolt for my back mud guard. I had lost one nut bolt and other one was very loose. If this second one will fall then there is chance of accident.

After that I went back to hotel and washed my bike and in the evening I just moved around the Kaza Town.
This was my dinner.

And this was my ride map of the day.

Coming up…Next….Kaza to Nako, via Pin Valley, Kungri Monastery, Dhankhar, Tabo, & Gue Mummy.

HERE for next update.
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Super!!! what a wonderful feeling of biking brotherhood !!! Being recognised!!! I'm reading your travelogue keeping the Spiti map in another window. Wish I do it someday.