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Day 13 = Kaza to Nako, via Pin Valley, Kungri Monastery, Dhankhar, Tabo & Gue Mummy.

Total 223 Kms

Ride time 7.30AM to 7:30 PM

My original plan was to stay at Mud village of Pin Valley. After having breakfast at hotel, I started at 7.30AM. Weather was sunny and clear.
The road was good with River Spiti on my right and big pillar like carvings by nature on my left.

At 8.10Am, I reached the bridge from where road to Pin Valley starts. This is called Attargo Bridge.

After crossing Spiti River, those nature’s carvings were looking more beautiful.

Just to get an idea about its size, compare those with vehicles running on road near it.

This was the sign board welcoming to Pin Valley National Park.

View of a scenic mountain on my left across Spiti River.

This is the confluence of River Pin with River Spiti.

View of road ahead of me.

Riding further ahead saw this mountain peak nearby.

There was very less water on Pin River.

At 8.40AM, saw this small bridge on Pin River.

This was view behind me.

View ahead of me.

At 8.50AM, saw these bridges, which goes to Tangti Village.

View ahead of me.

After riding 5 minutes, saw Tangti Village across Pin River.

There were lots of small plants near road with red fruits.

And view ahead was beautiful.

My next point was Kungri Monastery. This was the entry Gate.

This Monastery is at Upper Gulling Village. There road was ascending now.

I was getting good view of Pin River.

I could see some snow capped mountain on far.

At 9.15AM, I reached Kungri Monastery / Gompa.

There were lots of vehicles and huge crowd there. It looked as if some celebration was going on.

It was the birth day celebration of current Guru of Monastery. He was sitting inside and lots of people were waiting for celebrations to start.

Monastery was having lots of paintings on the wall.

Lots of Laddu sweets were kept there.

Prayer flags were also decorated in compound of Gompa.

There were lots of rooms around compound of this Gompa. In one room I saw these. It looked as if these were to be used for today’s celebrations.

Another view of Monastery.

People were waiting for the event and sitting calmly.

In another room, I saw two young girls wearing traditional attire.

They allowed me to click a picture.

It looked as if there was some time left for celebrations to begin.
There is another new Monastery just outside. So I came outside and thought of visiting it too. There was no place left for parking.

This was main gate of Monastery.

Some vendors were selling some flags and other products outside.

Entrance of Gompa.

Some details about the Kungri Monastery.

And a big prayer wheel.

View of old Kungri Monastery with scenic background from New Gompa.
Can you see my parked bike?

View of Pin River from New Monastery.

View of Sangnam Village and Pin River.

Saw these beautify items inside new Monastery. This looked like a treasure.

It looks as they have small library.

Prayer diyas were also there.

Statue of Guru / Lord Buddha.

The gate of Monastery.

Parking area of Kungri Gompa.

There was a store near new Monastery, selling lots of chocolates, biscuits, cold drink etc. Preparation was also going on for food for all the visitors nearby. Whole area was crowded.

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