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After riding Ladakh, Sikkim & Sandakphu, the next challenging ride pending for me was of SPITI VALLEY and Cliff Hanger Road. I started reading many travelogues & articles on Spiti Valley, Sach Pass etc . I read many helpful articles on these places on , & other helpful sites. Official website of Himachal Tourism Official Website was also helpful.

There was a tourism exhibition at Bhubaneswar and many States had their counters there for providing information on State Tourism. I visited Himachal Tourism counter and met
Mr . Ritesh (Tourism Development & information Officer ) (Mbl:-9736855600). |He gave me information and brochure on different spots of Himachal Pradesh. He also gave me physical map of entire State. I had detailed discussion with him regarding my bike ride and got very helpful information from him.

All these was till October, 2018. But just 5 days before my ride, sudden snowfall storm in Lahaul area spoiled my plan. Many tourists were airlifted due to bad weather & heavy snowfall from Rohtang, ChandraTal , Batal & Chhota Dara. So I had to cancel entire ride in 2018.

This is picture of my luggage before packing of OCT,2018.

I had completely checked up and serviced my bike with my Bajaj Auto Service Center at Khannagar, Cuttack by service head SABBAS BHAI. He is expert Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS mechanic also.

All these gone in vain, as I had to cancel my spiti valley ride of 2018.

I again started planning for 2019 for this pending ride. I selected September month this time, which is after rains and before snowfalls. All roads will be opened and repaired in September and I will see different color of Spiti during autumn.

I updated my itinerary also. I added Bhadrewah , Sinthan Pass, Triloknath etc in this.
I estimated this ride to be of around 19 days and 2800+ kms.

I read somewhere that Cliff Hanger Road will be closed after 2019 and Chhota Dara water crossings might not be there in 2020. These news made my ride plans more stronger.

And above two things of mine were confirmed later. I met the construction workers at Cliff Hanger Road, who were making new road above cliff hanger road and controlling traffic movement for that. They confirmed me that the cliff hanger road might be a one way road or might be totally closed after 2019.

This is news article of dt 14.10.2019 of Punjab Kesri News paper , which showed picture of bridge construction at Chhota Dara water crossings. After completing my ride, I came across this news article:-

So I felt myself very lucky that I could ride at both Chhota Dara water crossings and Cliff Hanger Road, as both would not have been possible in 2020 onwards.


I am riding since age of 16. So I have 37 years of riding experience & done many small and big rides.
These are worth mentioning:-

1) Solo ride from Cuttack to Ranchi & back: - 3 days ride for 1095 km.

2) Distance Is Not A Measurement For True Love Of A Father :- 8 days solo ride from Cuttack to Manipal & back for 3865 km, just to meet my daughter = Travelogue Link

3) Solo maiden ride to Ladakh and Zanskar for 19 days for 3987 km = Dream > Explore > Discover =Zanskar & Ladakh Bike Ride, June 2014 = Travelogue Link

4) Solo ride to Deomali -Highest peak of Odisha & Duduma - Three big waterfalls at one place - Three days ride for 1263 km = Travelogue Link

5) MahendraGiri – Second highest mountain peak of Odisha – Three days group ride for 750 kms = Travelogue Link

6) S 3 = Sohra , Sandakphu & Sikkim - 4464 KM for 19 days- Travelogue Link

7) Ride to NEHAsthan for 3630 kms for 6 days – to meet my younger daughter with a message of EDUCATE GIRL CHILD -
Travelogue Link

Also done many other rides in Odisha for 200 km to 900 km.


So booked train tickets in July 2019. 3rd September, 2019 was start date and 21st or 22nd September 2019 was return date. So I booked two return tickets taking into account uncertainty of mountain roads.

Now there were two important things to take care before start of ride.

As I was going to ride SOLO for around 2800 kms , I need to be prepared fully for the ride. So First one was to keep my Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS ready for the ride. I got my bike checked up and serviced. I fitted air seat in bike and mobile charged cum holder for GPS Navigations.

I also fitted Tibetian Prayer flags on my bike on 13th August, 2018.

Also performed puja of my bike.

Just to give an idea about the dates and months , when we should tie Tibetian prayer flags to our vehicles. This is recommended dates and months :-

Secondly I had to be fit enough to do this SOLO ride. I was doing cycling to keep myself fit.

This is picture of my luggage, before packing, for this ride of September, 2019.

Lastly, I went to SaiBaba Temple seeking His Blessings for success and safety of this ride.

Indicative MAP

Adding Map of SPITI VALLEY for travellers going there is future. This is created by Sri rkbharat (RAJIV KUMAR )ji.
(email to him at [email protected] to get a HI-RESOLUTION Copy of Spiti Valley Detailed Map.)
@rkbharat ji Thank you

SPITI lahaul-spiti-map High Reso.jpg

Spiti Map zoomed.JPG

You may download these maps for your reference/record.

Coming up next… loading bike in train and reaching Delhi

HERE for next updates.
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Well, your bicycle practice trips deserve a separate thread. Don't do such an injustice to them.
@mousourik ji ... separate thread for cycling rides ? Well Sir ...those are just 25-30 kms ride.... not that great .... not worth travelogues ... may if I do someday , sometimes in future. ... God only Knows