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Day 14 = Nako to Kalpa with Roghi Cliff

Total 121 Kms

Ride time 9.30AM to 2:00 PM.

I woke up at 6.20AM and this was the view from my room.

And this was the Nako Lake’s view from there.

Last night I could not see my hotel and surrounding are full. I just roam around hotel.
This was the name plate of hotel.

Hotel Zambala has good parking also.

This Hotel Zamabala is recommended if you are visiting Nako. It has good views, huge parking, Flowers, Good food, and it is just opposite Nako Lake. You can see Nako Lake from each room. I got is for Rs.700 only. And you can see your parked bike from your room window along with flowers.

This is a picture collage of flowers around.

It was 6.30AM in morning and there was a pleasant calmness and weather was pleasantly cool.

I wanted to visit highest point of Nako Village, i.e. Nako Prayer Mani wheel. It is a small trek and the east end of village.
I saw a bike and tent on the way. This was the point till when I rode last night by mistake in search of hotel. And yesterday night someone came and stayed here in tent.

One foreigner couple was staying there.

This was the view of Nako Lake from the place they stayed in night.

Nako is at 12000 feet and you can see huge mountains in the background of village.

Many tourist visits Nako Prayer Mani wheel during sunrise and sunset to get best view around.

At 7.30AM, I reached Nako Mani Prayer wheel. This was view of Nako Lake from there along with Nako Village.

And this is the Nako Prayer Mani Wheel.

And this is me.

People offer toffees near this Mani Prayer Wheel.

This is short video of view from Mani Prayer Wheel.

After that I came down toward my hotel. There is a small Monastery near Hotel Zambala. There were these stones with carved Buddhist prayers.

In fact these were tiles or something in making.

This was inside that Monastery.

I ordered my breakfast the parked my bike near lake view.

This was my breakfast.

After that I packed my luggage and was ready to leave for Kalpa at 9.30AM.
Since this hotel has good view of Nako Lake, many tourists from nearby hotel come here to pose with lake. I requested a couple, who stayed in same hotel, to click picture of me.

I wanted a picture of mine fully geared and loaded with luggage.

This is Nako Heli Pad.

The view of huge mountain range called Dhar Chara Thang from there.

Now the road was on descending completely. And it was under construction at many places. But the view from the road towards the far mountain range was stunning.

I was lucky today also for the clear weather.

But in mountains you never know when the weather changes suddenly.

My favorite sign board.

At 10.35AM, I reached this place. This is the end point of Spiti River.

Just after that I crossed a big bridge.

This is the confluence of River Spiti with River Sutlej.

This place is called Khab Sangam.

River Langqen Zangbo flows down from Tibet/ China and becomes River Sutlej in India. It then merges with River Spiti at Khab Sangam near Khab Village.
So technically speaking Spiti Valley is over now. I am inside Kinnaur District. In fact from Sumdo onwards I was riding inside Kinnaur only.
This is view of mountain peaks from Khab Sangam.

There is big straight rock on my left near road.

At 10.50AM, I saw this sign board on opposite side of road. I made u turn immediately.

BRO has written “You are Traveling on the World’s Most Treacherous Road

From Kaza onwards, I was searching for the BRO sign board.

I wanted to pose with this board since I made plan for Spiti Valley ride.

It gives different king of pleasure and proud when you pose with this Bro sign board, especially with your bike from Odisha.

I felt so happy here.

There are many sign board with same information near Pooh.
A short video there.

Then a Police Check Post came near Akpa and I had to register my details there.
At 12.25Pm, I crossed Akpa Bridge over River Sutlej.

I crossed Ribba Khas Waterfall just after that and then Kharo Bridge over River Sutlej.
After riding sometimes, I took the road towards Reckong Peo, which was on the ascend.
After crossing Reckong Peo, I was riding on mountain roads towards Kalpa.
This was my first view of Shivling Mountain Range at 1.30PM.

There were clouds around mountain top.

I searched for some hotels near a bus stop and found Hotel Blue Lotus for Rs.800.

If you want good view of Shivling Mountains along with other important land marks of Kalpa, then stay at Hotel Blue Lotus near Bus Stop. This hotel has serial parking for 3-4 bikes in veranda. But zero parking for cars.
At 2.30 Pm, I had my lunch along with tomato soup.

This hotel has a big veranda in front of all rooms. And you can get this magnificent view from there.

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